Our Leadership & Staff

Executive Team

Michael Dimock, President

James Bell, Vice President, Global Strategy

Claudia Deane, Vice President, Research

Dan Morrison, Vice President, Communications

Managing Directors

Andrew Cohen, Director, Communications

Alan Cooperman, Director, Religion Research

Carroll Doherty, Director, Political Research

Cary Funk, Director, Science and Society Research

Alycia Kantor, Director, Legal Affairs

Courtney Kennedy, Director, Survey Research

Mark Hugo Lopez, Director, Global Migration and Demography Research

Amy Mitchell, Director, Journalism Research

Christie Moon, Director, Human Resources

Kim Parker, Director, Social Trends Research

Michael Piccorossi, Director, Digital Strategy

Lee Rainie, Director, Internet and Technology Research

Aaron Smith, Director, Data Labs

Richard Wike, Director, Global Attitudes Research

Nikolas Wissmann, Director of Financial Administration


Shajia Abidi, Associate Web Developer

Becka A. Alper, Senior Researcher

Ashley Amaya, Senior Survey Research Methodologist

Monica Anderson, Associate Director of Research

Tanya Arditi, Communications Manager

Kim Arias, Video and Motion Graphics Producer

Dorene Asare-Marfo, Survey Research Methodologist

Nida Asheer, Communications Manager

Sara Atske, Associate Digital Producer

Jacob Ausubel, Research Assistant

Chris Baronavski, Senior Web Developer

Amanda Barroso, Writer/Editor

Michael Barthel, Senior Researcher

Peter Bell, Design Director

Jesse Bennett, Research Assistant

Nick Bertoni, Senior Panel Manager

Kelsey Beveridge, Communications Associate

Carrie Blazina, Associate Digital Producer

Brian Broderick, Data Science Engineer

Anna Brown, Research Associate

Kelly Browning, User Experience Manager

Abby Budiman, Research Analyst

Alexandra Castillo, Research Methodologist

Julia Cates, Executive Assistant

Andrea Caumont, Digital Engagement Manager

Athena Chapekis, Data Science Assistant

D’Vera Cohn, Senior Writer/Editor

Aidan Connaughton, Research Assistant

Stefan S. Cornibert, Communications Manager

Mimi Cottingham, Communications Assistant

Kiana Cox, Research Associate

Andrew Daniller, Research Associate

Drew DeSilver, Senior Writer/Editor

Kat Devlin, Research Associate

Jeff Diamant, Senior Writer/Editor

Bruce Drake, Senior Editor

Amina Dunn, Research Analyst

Khadijah Edwards, Research Associate

Cheryl Elzey, Administrative Manager

Jonathan Evans, Research Associate

Moira Fagan, Research Analyst

Dalia Fahmy, Senior Writer/Editor

Janell Fetterolf, Research Associate

Naomi Forman-Katz, Research Assistant

Richard Fry, Senior Researcher

Claire Gecewicz, Research Associate

Manolo Corichi Gomez, Research Assistant

Vianney Gomez, Research Assistant

Ana Gonzalez-Barrera, Senior Researcher

Jeffrey Gottfried, Senior Researcher

John Gramlich, Senior Writer / Editor

Andrew Grant, Communications Associate

Ted Van Green, Research Assistant

Shannon Greenwood, Digital Producer

Conrad Hackett, Associate Director, Research/Senior Demographer

Hannah Hartig, Research Associate

Nick Hatley, Research Analyst

Brenda Hiler, Office Services Assistant

Juliana Menasce Horowitz, Associate Director, Research

Christine Huang, Research Analyst

Ruth Igielnik, Senior Researcher

Courtney Johnson, Research Associate

Caroline Johnson, Human Resources Coordinator

Bradley Jones, Research Associate

Calvin Jordan, Communications Associate

Michael Keegan, Senior Information Graphics Designer

Scott Keeter, Senior Survey Advisor

Brian Kennedy, Senior Researcher

David Kent, Senior Copy Editor

Nicholas Kent, Research Assistant

Patrick van Kessel, Senior Data Scientist

Maya Khuzam, Research Assistant

Jocelyn Kiley, Associate Director, Research

Hannah Klein, Communications Manager

Rakesh Kochhar, Senior Researcher

Stephanie Kramer, Research Associate

Jens Manuel Krogstad, Senior Writer/Editor

Arnold Lau, Research Analyst

Gar Meng Leong, Communications Associate

Clark Letterman, Senior Survey Manager

Laura Lewis, Operations Associate

Michael Lipka, Editorial Manager

Jesse L. Lopez, Associate Panel Manager

Brenna Mahon, Executive Assistant

Samirah Majumdar, Research Associate

Gracie Martinez, Administrative Coordinator

Katerina Eva Matsa, Associate Director, Research

Colleen McClain, Research Associate

Martha McRoy, Research Methodologist

Isaac Mei, Associate Social Media Strategist

Andrew Mercer, Senior Research Methodologist

Rachel Minkin, Research Associate

Travis Mitchell, Digital Producer

Besheer Mohamed, Senior Researcher

J.J. Moncus, Research Assistant

Lauren Mora, Administrative Coordinator

Mara Mordecai, Research Assistant

Patrick Moynihan, Associate Director, International Research Methods

Kate Musica, Senior Finance Officer

Reem Nadeem, Associate Digital Producer

Luis Noe-Bustamante, Research Analyst

Haley Nolan, Communications Associate

Justin Nortey, Research Assistant

Valerie Nottage, Executive Assistant

Julia O’Hanlon, Communications Associate

Erin O’Connell, Senior Communications Advisor

J. Baxter Oliphant, Senior Researcher

Dana Page, Associate Director, Communications

Stacy Pancratz, Research Methodologist

Jeffrey S. Passel, Senior Demographer

Andrew Perrin, Research Analyst

Margaret Porteus, Information Graphics Designer

Jacob Poushter, Associate Director, Global Attitudes Research

Talia Price, Communications Assistant

Dennis Quinn, Computational Social Scientist

Meera Ramshankar, Senior Administrative Coordinator

Emma Remy, Data Science Analyst

Gonzalo Rivero, Associate Director of Research

Molly Rohal, Senior Communications Advisor

Stacy Rosenberg, Associate Director, Digital

Seth Rubenstein, Lead Web Developer

Michael Ruhl, Associate Data Analyst

Neil G. Ruiz, Associate Director, Race and Ethnicity Research

Neha Sahgal, Associate Director, Research

Ariana Monique Salazar, Research Analyst

Aleksandra Sandstrom, Senior Copy Editor

Katherine Schaeffer, Research Analyst

Alissa Scheller, Information Graphics Designer

Anna Schiller, Senior Communications Manager

Rebecca Schmitt, Senior Legal Affairs Officer

Shannon Schumacher, Research Associate

Elizabeth Podrebarac Sciupac, Senior Researcher

Stella Sechopoulos, Research Assistant

Victoria Semaski, Communications Assistant

Sono Shah, Computational Social Scientist

Elisa Shearer, Research Associate

Anne Shi, Senior Researcher

Alison Flanders Shwayri, Senior Human Resources Officer

Laura Silver, Senior Researcher

Gregory A. Smith, Associate Director, Research

Alison Spencer, Research Assistant

Kelsey Jo Starr, Research Analyst

Galen Stocking, Senior Computational Social Scientist

Rachel Sweeney, DevOps Engineer

Christine Tamir, Research Analyst

Cary Lynne Thigpen, Research Assistant

Yunping Tong, Research Associate

Alec Tyson, Associate Director

Virginia Villa, Research Assistant

Emily Vogels, Research Associate

John Wade, Office Services Manager

Tobi Walker, Chief of Staff

Mason Walker, Research Analyst

Bill Webster, Senior Information Graphics Designer

Rachel Weisel, Senior Communications Manager

Regina Widjaya, Computational Social Scientist

Kirsten Worden, Research Assistant

Benjamin Wormald, Senior Web Developer