Report | Apr 14, 2010
Does anyone ever click on all those online ads?

Senior research staff answer questions from readers relating to all the areas covered by our seven projects, ranging from polling techniques and findings, to media, technology, religious, demographic and global attitudes trends.

Short Read | Nov 20, 2009
Have Gone Shopping Online

Two thirds of online Americans say they have purchased a product online, such as a book, toy, music or clothing.

Report | May 22, 2009
Online Classifieds

The number of online adults who use classified ads websites, such as Craigslist, more than doubled from 2005 to 2009.

Report | May 18, 2008
The Internet and Consumer Choice

The internet plays an important role in how people conduct research for purchases, but it is just one among a variety of sources people use and usually not the key factor in final purchasing decisions.

Presentation | Feb 22, 2008
Online Shopping: Frictions, Frustrations, and Fixes

Most internet users view online shopping as convenient and a time-saver. At the same time, they worry about the security of sending their credit card information over the internet.

Report | Feb 13, 2008
Online Shopping

Most online Americans view online shopping as a way to save time and a convenient way to buy products, but most also express discomfort about sending personal or credit card information over the internet

Report | Jun 18, 2007
China’s eBay-MySpace

In China, there is a virtual meeting place for people who have social connections to buy or sell.

Presentation | Jan 25, 2007
Demographic Realities & Consumer Behavior Online

The base of the internet is broadening to include more people with less education than ever before, while older Americans are still overwhelmingly offline. Internet users who have experienced spyware act differently online from those who have not....

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