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Have Gone Shopping Online

While the validity of “Cyber Monday” has been questioned, there is no doubt that countess Americans are getting a head start on their holiday shopping from their desks instead of jumping back into work after a long weekend today. Online shopping has been embraced by most online Americans. In a February 2008 Pew Internet Project survey, two-thirds of internet users said they had made a purchase online, such as a book, toy, music, or clothing — all holiday favorites. (In a separate January 2009 survey on generations, the Pew Internet Project reported 71% of online Americans had “bought something online.”) Most internet users (78%) say that shopping online is convenient and 68% agree that buying products on the internet saves them time (a little Web browsing on the company dollar certainly beats a trip to the mall). However, at least in early 2008, many Americans continued to have reservations about online shopping. Three-fourths of internet users say they did not like giving out their credit card or personal information online and 43% are frustrated by the lack of information about products online. Read More