Report | Jun 14, 2006
Online Banking 2006

Online banking is holding steady as a mainstream internet activity, growing along with internet use generally, though not accelerating as have some other forms of online activities.

Report | Jun 17, 2005
eBay Rides the Wave

Our surveys now show that one in four internet users have tried their hand at online auctions, and that the absolute number of online auction participants has been growing along with the overall internet population.

Report | May 11, 2005
Charitable Donating Online

The number of people who make charitable donations online has roughly doubled since 2002, but there's plenty of room for growth.

Report | Feb 23, 2005
Men, Women, and Money

Our November 2004 telephone survey brought some interesting data about women, men, and financial activities online.

Report | Feb 9, 2005
Online Banking 2005

Fifty-three million American adults, or 44% of internet users and one-quarter of all adults, now say they use online banking.

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