Report | Dec 22, 2003
America’s Online Pursuits

This report analyzes the responses of more than 64,000 Americans to phone surveys in the past three years. It finds that 63% of U.S. adults now are online and many of them have built Internet use into their lives in practical ways.

Report | Jan 7, 2003
Holidays Online 2002

More than three-quarters of Internet users went online this season for some kind of holiday activity. For many email was vital for planning gatherings or sending greetings. Online holiday shopping was up slightly from the previous year.

Report | Nov 17, 2002
Online Banking 2002

Pew Internet Project surveys tracked a 164% increase in online banking and a 90% increase in travel purchases between 2000 and 2002. Convenience and cost savings were the top reasons cited by Internet users who have switched to online banking.

Report | Jan 1, 2002
Women surpass men as e-shoppers during the holidays

2001 holiday season sees more e-commerce, and more online socializing Washington, D.C.–Women topped men in holiday online shopping – 58% of those who bought gifts online during the most recent shopping season were women. This is part of a broader story about advances in e-tailing as more people spent more money this year compared to […]

Report | Jan 1, 2002
Holidays Online 2001

Online Holiday shopping grew this season from the previous, though Internet users also increasingly use the Internet during the holiday season to search for information on travel, holiday crafts, recipes and traditions.

Report | Dec 31, 2000
The Holidays Online 2000

Americans take advantage of the Internet while executing their holiday plans—from online shopping, and sending of e-greetings, to travel, party and event planning.

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