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When Technology Makes Headlines

Legislative Issues and Political Debate Miss the Mark

What storylines did not make it as much in the news? Compared with other topics, there was relatively little attention to policy and legislative issues, with the exception of texting while driving. The switch from analog to digital TV signals that occurred June 2009 was the sixth largest story at 3%, while the U.S. Broadband plan was tied for 10th at 2%. And even in the coverage that did appear, the focus tended to be on how average Americans would be affected. Many digital TV stories, for example, explained who needed to upgrade their televisions to accommodate the switch and how they could go about doing that.  

And the issue of net neutrality, which in the end affects the fundamental structure of the internet itself, received even less attention (1.4%).  It may be that this complex issue was still too far removed from people’s personal lives to garner much media attention.

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