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Many in U.S., Western Europe Say Their Political System Needs Major Reform

Appendix A: About the focus groups

Pew Research Center conducted a series of focus groups to better understand national identity and globalization. We conducted 26 focus groups from Aug. 19 to Nov. 20, 2019, in cities across the United States and United Kingdom, grouped by political and geographic attributes as described below in the table (for more, see the methodology). All groups were asked questions about their local communities, national identities and globalization by a trained moderator. The questions were based on a discussion guide designed by Pew Research Center.

Table showing focus groups in the U.S. and UK

In the UK, four groups each were conducted in London, Birmingham and Newcastle, and two groups were conducted in Edinburgh, Scotland. These groups took place Aug. 19 to 29, 2019. In the U.S., four groups each were conducted in Seattle, Houston and Pittsburgh from Oct. 28 to Nov. 20, 2019. Participants in both countries were recruited using a screening questionnaire designed by Pew Research Center. All participants were given financial renumeration for their time.

The data from these discussions was primarily analyzed for a data essay exploring local, national and globalized identities in the U.S. and UK. But, throughout this report, we have also drawn on these discussions and included quotations to illustrate how some of the topics of this report – such as democratic satisfaction and attitudes toward elites – were talked about in these groups.

Quotations were chosen to provide context for the survey findings and do not necessarily represent the majority opinion in any particular group or country. Quotations may have been edited for grammar and clarity.

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