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Science and Scientists Held in High Esteem Across Global Publics

Appendix A: Detailed charts and tables

Chart shows trust in scientists is often higher among those with more education
Chart shows younger adults tend to have more trust in scientists in some of these places
Chart shows more educated adults often more likely to say public doesn’t know enough to understand science news
Chart shows in many European countries, men are more likely than women to rate their medical treatments, university STEM education and scientific achievements highly
Chart shows those with more education highly supportive of government investment in scientific research
Chart shows public priorities on environmental protection have gone up over the past 15 years in most publics
Chart shows those on the ideological left generally more likely than those on the right to prioritize protecting the environment
Chart shows younger people are often more likely to prioritize protecting the environment over job creation
Chart shows in some publics, stronger support for increasing renewable energy production on the ideological left
Chart shows those on political left tend to see more benefits, less risk, from childhood vaccines
Chart shows adults with more education often more likely to see these foods as generally safe than those with less education
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