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The Commons of the Tragedy: How the Internet was used by millions after the terror attacks

Voices from the commons

Personal accounts

An eyewitness account

johnreinan on The Well

Tue 11 Sep ’01

This is an eyewitness account from a friend of mine. He e-mailed it to another friend, who forwarded it to me.  I’m not able to contact my friend to get his permission to post this, so I’m leaving off his name. But I know he won’t mind if I pass it along.


A grief shared

LadyMarchHare on

9/30/01 4:22 PM

I cry at strange times in strange places and at the strangest triggers. Today I went grocery shopping and started crying when I noticed the biggest selling Halloween costume: A rack of Firefighter costumes. Kids want to be like their heroes and many kids have seen and decided that wrestlers and cartoon characters, comic book characters aren’t heroic enough for them anymore. I cried while I watched a little boy try on the helmets. Right there in the store. Is it just me?

A call for revenge

musicman on the Well


Uno what, heres how I’d repay the act. For each floor on the WTC towers – a total of 220 floors right ? ok one nuke for each floor. Thats 220 warheads, lets get rid of the evil in this world – The Middle East!  Come on George W, show us your Texan attitude and make them pay!!!!

A call for calm

app2bcom on the Well

Tue 11 Sep ’01 (11:33 AM)

I fully expect we will be living under martial law before the sun sets and perhaps for an extended period of time.  Now THAT is scary.  Please don’t join the knee-jerk, hell-bent-on-revenge lynch mob that is already boiling up.  In fact I would suggest that we all do whatever we can to quell any such continuing escalation of blind terror.  Keep your heads, people. Get the facts. Don’t believe the Corporate Media. Seek out independent investigative journalism.  It Does Exist!

A warning against discrimination

master of spergulismo on the Well

Tue 11 Sep ’01

So how do you expect this to be accomplished without giving the control addicts in our government the tools they want to suppress whoever they feel like? Whose civil liberties are going to have to go so that we can all be safe?   Who gets to choose who’s in a “terrorist” organization, and therefore may be suppressed?   Remembering that our response to Pearl harbor was to lock up every American citizen with Japanese ancestry.  And this suppression was used by many businessmen as an opportunity to buy up their homes and businesses at pennies on the dollar. Are we now going to blame all Palestinians (including the couple who own the store across the street from me and who are just as appalled as I am)?   Are all Muslims now suspect? When you so eagerly call for the “elimination” of certain people, don’t we first want to make sure they were involved?   Once again we see how easy it is to blame all of the “other” for the acts of a few.   And we don’t even know who those few are.

A word of consolation from afar

Psanner on the Well

Sept. 11, 2001

Deepest condolences to you

Hi there, i am german, and following the news since 1pm CET. I was sleeping as this is the second day of my long awaited vacation. When i wake up and switched on the tv the first thing i saw was the first tower collapsing. My first thought was “hey guy – wake up from that bad dream here”. Me and my wife still can’t believe it. We hope that the tragedy does not spread any further as already enough hurt has been produced. Our deepest fears are that extreme counter reactions will happen now! Can this be the first step to a war? OK, let’s stop that thought!

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