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After Las Vegas attack, Democrats in Congress were far more likely than Republicans to mention guns on Facebook

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Video: How Pew Research Center surveyed 1,000 U.S. Muslims

MethodsSep 27, 2017

Many poll respondents guess wrong on their interviewer’s race or ethnicity

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Congress’ most liberal, conservative members have more Facebook followers

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Personal finance questions elicit slightly different answers in phone surveys than online

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Americans report similar news habits whether surveyed by phone or web

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Q&A: Pew Research Center’s president on U.S. polling

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5 facts about U.S. political donations

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Are Telephone Polls Understating Support for Trump?

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Q&A: Political polls and the 2016 election

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Flashpoints in Polling

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A basic question when reading a poll: Does it include or exclude nonvoters?

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Why 2016 election polls missed their mark

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Oversampling is used to study small groups, not bias poll results

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Cellphone Activity Flags

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5 key things to know about the margin of error in election polls

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Text Message Notification for Web Surveys

U.S. PoliticsFeb 23, 2017

Partisan Conflict and Congressional Outreach

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Measuring illegal immigration: How Pew Research Center counts unauthorized immigrants in the U.S.

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Data Quality Deserves an Honest Discussion

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Can Likely Voter Models Be Improved?

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Moving Without Changing Your Cellphone Number: A Predicament for Pollsters

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