September 19, 2013

High rate of deportations continue under Obama despite Latino disapproval


In an interview with Telemundo’s Jose Diaz-Balart on Tuesday, President Obama said that it would be difficult to halt the deportation of immigrants living in the country illegally without the approval of Congress.

Immigration rights advocates have pushed the president to halt deportations through an executive order, especially of immigrants who haven’t committed any serious crimes.

Last summer the administration did just this for young unauthorized immigrants brought to the country illegally as children with the creation of the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program. Known as DREAMers, more than 500,000 young unauthorized immigrants have taken advantage of the administration’s program. Our 2012 survey of Hispanic adults found wide approval (89% approved of this new policy). A Pew Research Center survey of the general U.S. public found that 63% of U.S. adults approved of this program as well.

But deportations of unauthorized immigrants continue at record levels. In 2011 some 392,000 immigrants were removed from the U.S., according to the Department of Homeland Security. Among them, 48% were deported for breaking U.S. laws, such as drug trafficking, driving under the influence and entering the country illegally.

The Obama Administration has deported more immigrants annually than the George W. Bush Administration.

FT_Deport_DisapproveMost Hispanics disapprove. When asked about the Obama administration’s handling of deportations in a late 2011 Pew Research Center survey, 59% said they disapproved while 27% said they approved. According to the same survey, 41% of all Hispanics, and 55% of Hispanic immigrants, were aware that more immigrants had been deported under the Obama Administration than the Bush Administration.

The Latino vote played an important role in the 2012 presidential election. A record 11.2 million Hispanics voted, supporting the president over challenger Mitt Romney 71% to 27%, according to exit polls. For Latino voters, the issue of immigration ranks as an important issue (though in 2012 it trailed others such as the economy, education and health care).

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  1. Photo of Mark Hugo Lopez

    is director of Hispanic research at Pew Research Center.

  2. Photo of Ana Gonzalez-Barrera

    is a senior researcher focusing on Hispanics, immigration and demographics at Pew Research Center.


  1. Dennis Pitts2 years ago

    NO NATION ON PLANET EARTH allows immigrants to walk right in and dictate a its policy, PERIOD. The fact that it’s even being attempted is a clear case of America’s kindness being taken for weakness.

    They should be kissing Obama’s feet for the “Dreamers” legislation. Waaaayyyyy too kind, but “okay”, we’ll do it!

    Deportation will however, certainly continue. There’s no hope for any reverse there. It would be extremely irresponsible of the American government to let every Mexican citizen simply walk right in.

  2. Becky Covington3 years ago

    Because Obama Admin counts the numbers that are turned away at borders, or are just here overnight before being sent right back across border. Bush didn’t count those numbers. The numbers of illegals caught in the country and being deported now are NOT larger than Bush numbers.

    1. Kat Smith3 years ago

      Becky where did you find this information about Bush not counting ones that were here only over night?

    2. Ida3 years ago

      That’s cause Bush didn’t deport any at the border!! So of course he didn’t count any.

  3. Steven Riley3 years ago

    Does a country have the right to control its borders? If so, then it must have laws to control who enters, and must eject those that break those laws.
    All else is fluff.

    1. Ida3 years ago

      The laws aren’t enforced, and haven’t been enforced for DECADES. As long as businesses can pay people under the table and individuals hire cheap labor for things like landscaping, cleaning, nannys, etc… there will be no change.

    2. Dennis Pitts2 years ago

      Government officials know the answer to your question is actually “YES”. That’s why deportation continues on a massive level.

      It would be purely irresponsible to allow EVERY CITIZEN from Mexico or any other nation to simply walk in and start dictating the rules. Mexico itself doesn’t allow this practice. Why should any other nation?

  4. Renae9873 years ago

    It behoove me to see that Janet Marquia and LaRaza think that the U.S. owe illegal immirgants anything. She is a woman with a very strong and powerful influence over LaRaza which is a good thing for her people. I have a problem accepting the fact that LaRaza have any right to demand the President of the U.S. as well as congress to give anybody citizenship regardless to who they are.

    I am a 56 year old African American female that can remember vividly the marches and struggles (especially here in Birmingham, Alabama that our people had to go through to demand the respect and the ability to even vote even though our ancesters were brought to the U.S. bound in chains and against our will. Not only that, our ancesters were made to labor for over 400 years with nothing to show for it. Our situation as African descendants cannot ge compared to illegal Mexican as it relates to the Civil Right Act implemented in 1964. We were brought here against our will and we deserved everything that our parents fought for.

    There is a different: the Latinos, Mexicans and Hispanics had a choice and that choice was to invade another country illegally and break the principles of laws that were implemented by our forebearers. The DREAMERS’ parents knew they were illegal when they came here and yet they were willing to suffer the consequencies anyways.

    As stated above, Janet Murquia is a very intelligent and vocal person who is a very polished and skilled advocater for LaRaza. Why haven’t she, along with the organization of LaRaza, contacted the powers that be in Mexico and attempted to march and protest to demand democracy in their own country instead of coming to another country and demanding such.

    I was raised by both parents, along with 6 other siblings, and were taught by both parents not to beg anybody to like you. I certainly hope Ms. Murquia don’t think that she can change the average American’s opinion as it relates to amenesty. Even if she’s successful in removing Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, Pat Buchanan and others off the air, it’s still not going to change the public’s mind as it relates to citizenship. As an African American, we still haven’t overcome (even being educated) and; thus, still have to fight to be respected on our jobs and on the streets. Our young boys are still being murdered by white civilians and police officers just for being black. Notwithstanding, with this being said, good luck on the pitfalls that LaRaza will still endure.

  5. Thomas O3 years ago

    The spin is always misleading – many people stating how many more people are being deported in this administration is BS – its smaller percentage-wise base on the numbers entering – And lets not forget about Obama spearheading suing Arizona for ENFORCING OUR EXISTING NATIONAL IMMIGRATION LAW – because the federal government could not or would not do so.

    1. Jack3 years ago

      You post is very odd! Even when can see the facts in front of you, you believe someone is trying to trick you.

      A record number of deportations have occurred during Obama’s time in office. You can easily research this for yourself, you find the information is correct.

      Do you even know the exact reason the U. S. Justice Department sued the state of Arizona?

      Let me inform you: The Federal lawsuit says Arizona’s new law is unconstitutional because:

      “The Constitution and federal immigration laws do not permit the development
      of a patchwork of state and local immigration policies throughout the country.”

      Virtually anyone should be able to understand what a legal nightmare could develop by allowing states and local jurisdictions to enact their very own immigration laws.

      1. Eric LaPrarie3 years ago

        Manipulated, Misleading Facts Might i add and here is why.…
        This is why the numbers are so high. There is another chart that shows the numbers of NON-counted data and the numbers are about 1/3 of what you see on this chart posted here. its ridiculous how they can manipulate the way people think by changing statistics from one presidency to another.

  6. RK93 years ago

    I am so sick of seeing this.

    A middle eastern 8-month pregnant women flies to the North Carolina and gives birth there. Stays there just three weeks then flies back.

    A few years later, she is again 8-months pregnant and flies to Florida and gives birth there. Stays there for three weeks then flies back.

    I am sick and tired to see my hard earned tax dollars go to illegal foreigners’ advantage. They hold US passports like it’s nothing, insulting our US economy and our proud US history. They don’t even know anything about US history nor have the courage to serve in the US military – they are just taking advantage! Their should be a strict law that grants the baby citizenship ONLY IF BOTH PARENTS ARE US CITIZENS. The US government MUST strip away citizenship from foreigners attempting to give birth and arrest them for interrogation. If anything suspicions, they should be put in federal jail until further notice. Then they won’t do it again.

    It is only for the good benefit of our US economy and our proud US history!

  7. alexis3 years ago

    It’s astonishing to know how people dissaprove the way Obama is handling deporations

    1. Ida3 years ago

      If Boehner would bring the immigration bill to the floor that’s been sitting their for almost a year and a half… then Obama wouldn’t have had to do anything. It has in it all the things that the Repubs put in it, and that the Dems said ‘ok’. So just bring the bill up for a vote and it will take priority over this temporary action that only keeps families together.

  8. CitizenKane3 years ago

    Apparently the Pew “research” stinks = Pew Research should really stop shilling for liberal causes and the Obama agenda !

    “New documents reveal Obama administration ‘cooking the books’ to achieve record deportation numbers”………..

    Read more:…



    1. Mark L3 years ago

      Immigrants in the US illegally can no longer be held indefinitely awaiting deportation to their home country, including those that were convicted of a crime. The immigrant’s home country is responsible for the delay, not the US. So does the admin disobey court orders or should we just send the immigrant via missile to their home country ? As for analysis of deportations, I prefer to rely on better sources of accurate information.

      Cheers !

    2. John3 years ago

      Yes CitizenKane because the dailycaller and breitbart are so impartial and more factual just like Fox News…

    3. Jack3 years ago

      The and are both fountains of right wing propaganda.
      How could you not be aware of this?

  9. RK93 years ago

    I strongly approve of Obama’s strict immigration control. I think all Hispanics who are criminals should be deported back to their home country and never allowed on US soil again. This is only to protect our US citizens, the US and it’s territories. The Department of Homeland Security should enforce more tighter border protection.

  10. James Dick4 years ago

    With legal immigrants topping one million a year,there is a need to deport those who are here illegally,with some exceptions and the Dreamers law is one of those exceptions.Those entering the country illegally and staying after their visa has expired should be deported.The offspring on illegals are automatically citizens if born in this country,but parents of these children should file for legality by going to the end of the line and paying all taxes that are due.

  11. C.D.Lesniak4 years ago

    The stories regarding deportations by the current administration strike me as somewhat intellectually dishonest. It is not current policy to round up undocumented people. So why are these people being deported? Does it involve felony convictions through the legal system? I suspect as much.

  12. Manny Menendez4 years ago

    A new report by the Center for Immigration Studies shows that deportations by Immigration and Customs Enforcement are in fact at record lows, not the record highs claimed by Obama administration officials.

    This has occured because a shift in routine Border Patrol casework to ICE has allowed the latter to artificially increase deportation numbers.

    “It was astounding to discover that ICE has been arresting and removing so few illegal aliens from inside the country, considering that they have better tools and more resources at their disposal than ever before, and considering that there is an abundance of criminal aliens and illegal workers who should be removed,”

    said Jessica Vaughan, Director of Policy Studies for the Center.