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Growing Share of Adults Have Heard Something About the 2020 Census Recently


This report is a collaborative effort based on the input and analysis of the following individuals. Find related reports online at

D’Vera Cohn, Senior Writer/Editor Anna Brown, Research Associate Scott Keeter, Senior Survey Advisor Mark Hugo Lopez, Director, Global Migration and Demography Research Kim Parker, Director, Social Trends Research Juliana Horowitz, Associate Director, Research Deja Thomas, Research Assistant Jesse Bennett, Research Assistant Luis Noe-Bustamante, Research Assistant Abby Budiman, Research Analyst Christine Tamir, Research Assistant Tanya Arditi, Communications Manager Michael Keegan, Senior Infographics Designer Travis Mitchell, Copy Editor, Digital Producer

In addition, the project benefited greatly from the guidance of the Pew Research Center methodology team: Courtney Kennedy, Andrew Mercer, Nick Bertoni, Joshua Ferno, Dorene Asare-Marfo, Nick Hatley and Arnold Lau.

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