Short Read | Oct 26, 2009
Karzai’s Rank as a Foreign Newsmaker

Afghanistan President Harmid Karzai has been much in the news lately, but he still trails far behind the top newsmaker among overseas leaders this year, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Report | Oct 26, 2009
Buzz over Bonuses Drives Coverage of Economy

The economic crisis topped the news agenda last week as Wall Street pay packages triggered anger and action in Washington. Agreement on a runoff election also generated a spike in Afghanistan coverage, and hostilities between the White House and Fox News made the roster of top stories.

Report | Oct 13, 2009
For the First Time, Afghanistan Tops the Week’s News

It was a war that often had trouble breaking into the headlines. But in recent months, with President Obama facing a crucial decision over whether to escalate U.S. involvement, coverage of Afghanistan increased noticeably. And last week, as the policy debate intensified, the story dominated finally the news.

Report | Oct 5, 2009
An Overseas Focus Drives the News Agenda

Health care and the economy generated coverage last week, but the news agenda highlighted three geopolitical problems facing President Obama—negotiating with Iran, fighting in Afghanistan and trying to convince the IOC to bring the Olympics to the U.S.

Report | Oct 1, 2009
Afghanistan and a Charge of Racism Lead the Blogs

Bloggers last week returned to two issues that generated interest in recent weeks. For the second time in a month, Afghanistan led the news in the blogosphere. And musician Dave Matthews sparked a second round of heated online debate with some comments about racism. On Twitter, for this week at least, the focus moved beyond Twitter itself.

Report | Sep 14, 2009
U.S. Image Improved in Canada

America’s ratings have risen north of the border, but differences persist over Afghanistan and U.S. economic influence

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