Report | Feb 22, 2010
In a Diverse Week, a Stimulus Debate Drives the News

The economy was the top story last week, but it faced stiff competition from U.S. medals in Vancouver, fighting in Afghanistan, a retiring senator in Indiana and an attack on the IRS in Texas. And then there was Tiger.

Report | Dec 10, 2009
News Interest In Afghanistan Surges

Summary of Findings The public took a renewed interest in the war in Afghanistan last week as President Obama unveiled plans to send more troops there while vowing to start bringing them home in 2011. Still, as many people say they talked with friends about Tiger Woods’ troubles as Afghanistan. More than four-in-ten (43%) say […]

Report | Dec 7, 2009
Afghanistan Dominates While Two Scandals Fascinate

The President’s long-awaited decision on how to wage war in Afghanistan was the No. 1 story last week, surpassing coverage of the two big domestic issues—the economy and health care. But a scandal-scorched athlete and some White House party crashers found their way into the top stories as well.

Report | Nov 23, 2009
Polling Wars: Hawks vs. Doves

The contrast between attitudes toward military involvement in Afghanistan and Iran fits into a temporal pattern. Americans generally like their wars to be successful or short -- and ideally both.

Short Read | Nov 10, 2009
Veterans Day

While Americans across the country honor the nation’s veterans today, most do not think the government gives enough support to soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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