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Americans Cite War Costs as Top Reason for U.S. Debt

Six-in-ten (60%) of Americans say the top contributor to the U.S. debt has been the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to the 60% who believed that the wars contributed a “great deal” to the debt, another 26% said the commitments in those countries were responsible for a “fair amount” of the red ink. Other factors contributing to the debt ranked nowhere near as high. Four-in-ten (42%) said the condition of the national economy accounted for a “great deal” of the debt with 34% saying it resulted in a “fair amount.” By comparison increased domestic spending was blamed for a great deal of the debt by only 24% with another 38% saying it contributed a fair amount. Two-in-ten (19%) said tax cuts enacted over the last 10 years contributed a great deal to the debt with another 35% saying it resulted in a fair amount. Read More