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Mobile is the Needle, Social is the Thread: How Information Today is Woven Into Our Lives

Kristen Purcell will share Pew Internet data on the rapid growth of mobile connectivity and social networking in the U.S., focusing on how information consumption patterns are changing in light of these two technological developments, at the annual Radiodays Europe conference in Barcelona, Spain.  Understanding how mobile devices and social networks have changed our relationship to time, space, and information is critical for all organizations, as these shifts represent a significant departure from traditional media consumption patterns.  Information is now seamlessly woven into our lives, constantly available and enveloping us.  And while we are all impacted by these changes, the behavior and expectations of young adults and teens in particular signal a marked transformation in how information is communicated and consumed.  This has important implications both now and in the coming years.

Radiodays is Europe´s largest and most important radio conference, with over 700 participants from 45 countries last year.  Attendees include both public and commercial stations, and the conference covers a range of topics including the changing behavior and attitudes of the public and especially the young “connected” generations. Follow along on Twitter with #rde12.

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