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Cities Online: Urban Development and the Internet

Appendix B

List of Interviewees


Mike Andrews, Enterprise Foundation

David Biedermann, Information Technology Department

Vanessa Blake, Portland Chamber of Commerce

Rob Bole, Enterprise Foundation

David Bragden, Portland Development Commission

Molly Cooley, Neighborhood Pride Team

Hansford Hair, Neighborhood Pride Team

Mary Beth Henry, Office of Cable Communications and Franchise Management

Hugh Mackworth, Smart Forest Ventures

Meg Merrick, Portland State University

Andy Miller, Portland Bureau of Housing and Community Development

Gary Oldenburg, Portland Development Commission

Michael Ogan, Portland Development Commission

Marshall Runkel, Office of Council Member Erik Sten

Robert Skelton, Portland Cable Access

Erica Waldon, Neighborhood Pride Team

Linda Weston, Oregon Entrepreneurs Foundation


Lon Berquist, Office of Cable and Regulatory Affairs, City of Austin

Jim Butler, Interactive Industries Development, City of Austin

Terry Dyke, Office of Cable and Regulatory Affairs, City of Austin

John Fitzpatrick, Capital Area Training Foundation and Austin Chamber of Commerce

Paula Fracasso, Austin Entrepreneurs Foundation

Kristen Gossett, Austin Idea Network

Jon Hockenyos, Texas Perspectives

Paul Hilgers, Neighborhood Housing and Community Development, City of Austin

Rhondella Pugh, Office of Cable and Regulatory Affairs, City of Austin

Lodis Rhodes, University of Texas at Austin

Jon Roberts, Angelou Economic Advisors

Margaret Shaw, Neighborhood Housing and Community Development, City of Austin

Ana Sisnett, Austin FreeNet

Kristen Vassallo, office of Mayor Kirk Watson

Toni Williams, Austin Learning Academy


Bill Callahan

Roy Church, Lorain County Community College

Michael Ciccarello, Department of Community Development

Jim Cookinham, Northeast Ohio Software Alliance

Kevin Cronin, Digital Vision

Keith King, Cleveland Growth Association

Jack Kleinhenz, Cleveland Growth Association

James Kroeger, Cleveland Growth Association

Bob Sadowski, Cleveland Growth Association

Lou Tisler, West Side Community Development Corporation

Chris Warren, Office of Economic Development, City of Cleveland

Charles Webb, Cleveland Growth Association

Washington , D.C.

Lara Belkind, D.C. Office of Planning

Al Browne, Edgewood Terrace

Susan Cummings, Columbia Heights Development Corporation

David Domenici, SeeForever Foundation

Elliot Frutkin, Doceus

Judi Greenberg, Office of Deputy Mayor for Economic Development

Debony Heart, Byte Back

Ben Hecht, One Economy Corporation

Jennifer Steingasser, D.C. Office of Planning

Gail Williams, SeeForever Foundation


Peter Chapman, Metro Davidson Office of Economic Development

David Condra, Nashville Technology Council

Doug Eckert, Department of Information Systems

Chris Ferrell, and Nashville City Council Member

David Fox, Nashville Post

Rebecca Foy, CWA-Cayce Learning Center

Kelly Garrett, XOR, Inc.

Martha Gregory, Metro Davidson Housing Authority

Jody Lentz, eConception

Anita McCaig, Metropolitan Planning Commission

Teri McElhaney, Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission

Richard McKinney, Department of Information Systems

Richard Mitchell, consultant to Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission

Ed Phillips, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

John Stern, Neighborhoods Resource Center

Thomas L. Turk, Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission

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