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In Taiwan, Views of Mainland China Mostly Negative


About Pew Research Center’s Fall 2019 Survey

Results for the survey are based on telephone interviews conducted under the direction of Kantar Public UK. The results are based on a representative sample of adults in Taiwan. More details about our international survey methodology and sample designs are available here.

Country: Taiwan
Year: 2019
Survey: International Science
Sample design: Random-digit-dial probability sample of landline households (50% of sample) and mobile phone numbers (50% of sample). Landline samples are stratified by region. Individuals within landline households are selected using the Rizzo method. Interviews in the mobile sample are conducted with the person who answered the phone, if age 18 or older. For both landline and mobile samples, up to seven phone calls are made to complete the interview with the selected respondent.
Mode: Telephone
Language(s): Chinese (Mandarin)
Fieldwork dates: Oct. 16-Nov. 30, 2019
Sample size: 1,562
Margin of error: 3.2 percentage points
Representative: Adult population 18 plus
Primary vendor: Kantar Public UK
Weighting variables: Gender, age, education, region and probability of selection of respondent
Design effects: 1.68
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