Amid debates about the role social media has played in spreading misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, roughly half of Americans say that they have been getting some or a lot of news and information about the vaccines on social media.

And about four-in-ten Americans say social media is an important way to keep up with COVID-19 vaccine news.

The share of Americans who get news about COVID-19 vaccines on social media, and who say that social media is an important source for getting this news, increases among those who regularly go to social media platforms for news.

About four-in-ten Americans who regularly get news on Snapchat and Instagram, and about a third who regularly get news on Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, say they have been getting a lot of vaccine-related news and information on social media.

Demographically, younger Americans and women are more likely than older Americans and men to get COVID-19 vaccine news on social media and to say it’s an important way for them to get this type of news.