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Amy Mitchell

Amy S. Mitchell is director of journalism research at Pew Research Center. She is responsible for the Center’s research related to news and information, including how the public accesses, engages with and creates news, what news organizations are providing and how technology is changing all of these elements. Signature publications include The Modern News Consumer, Political Polarization and Media Habits and the State of the News Media fact sheets, as well as continued studies analyzing the role of social media in news and the use of new research methods to explore emerging trends. Mitchell is an expert in research design, methods evaluation, analysis and writing. She specializes in how technology is changing the flow of news information today and the influence of political identity on news choices. Prior to joining Pew Research Center, Mitchell was a congressional research associate at the American Enterprise Institute, where she researched public policy and the relationship of the press, the public and government. She speaks frequently to national and international audiences, including government leaders, news and information providers, technology companies and fellow researchers. Mitchell also makes regular appearances in the news media to discuss the Center’s research findings.


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