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An image of teens competing in a video game tournament at the Portland Public Library in Maine in 2018. (Ben McCanna/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

Teens and Video Games Today

85% of U.S. teens say they play video games. They see both positive and negative sides, from making friends to harassment and sleep loss.

Race & Ethnicity


Asian Americans, Charitable Giving and Remittances

Overall, 64% of Asian American adults say they gave to a U.S. charitable organization in the 12 months before the survey. One-in-five say they gave to a charity in their Asian ancestral homeland during that time. And 27% say they sent money to someone living there.

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A headshot of Neil Ruiz, head of new research initiatives and associate director of race and ethnicity research.

Methods 101 Videos


Methods 101: Random Sampling

The first video in Pew Research Center’s Methods 101 series helps explain random sampling – a concept that lies at the heart of all probability-based survey research – and why it’s important.

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