report | Mar 31, 2006

73% of Americans go online

A new survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that 73% of American adults (age 18+) go online to use the internet or email.

report | Jan 25, 2006

The Strength of Internet Ties

The internet helps maintain people's social networks, and connects them to members of their social network when they need help. 60 million Americans have turned to the internet for help with major life decisions.

report | Apr 14, 2005

Virtual VOA

There is a new online cat-and-mouse game between the United States and China, the two internet superpowers.

report | Apr 10, 2005

Spam and Phishing

More than a year after the CAN-SPAM Act became law, email users say they are receiving slightly more spam in their inboxes than before, but they are minding it less.

report | Mar 7, 2005

The Politics of Spam

Data on how Americans' feel about emails from politicians or interest groups.

report | Feb 1, 2005

Canning Spam

The campaign against pornographic spam gains momentum.

report | Jan 17, 2005

Email and the 2004 Campaign

One in ten internet users signed up for political newsletters and news alerts during campaign 2004.

report | Jan 14, 2005

Canning Porn Spam

The first Federal Trade Commission complaints against pornography spammers will be cheered by email users.

report | Oct 10, 2004

Prescription Drugs Online

One in four Americans has used the internet to look for information about prescription drugs. Other topics covered: prescription drugs purchases online; drug-related spam.

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