report | Jul 2, 2004

Email in Court

A federal appeals court decision handed down on June 29 has the potential to change the way ISPs monitor email – but how many Americans will hear about it? And how many will u...

report | Jun 3, 2004


A lot has happened in the world of spam since we issued our major report in October, 2003

report | Mar 17, 2004

The CAN-SPAM Act has not helped most email users so far

The impact of the CAN-SPAM legislation is mixed, but not very encouraging so far. A new survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project between February 3 and March 1, 2004 shows the following: 29% of email users say they have reduced their overal...

report | Dec 22, 2003

America’s Online Pursuits

This report analyzes the responses of more than 64,000 Americans to phone surveys in the past three years. It finds that 63% of U.S. adults now are online and many of them have built Internet use into their lives in practical ways.

report | Oct 22, 2003

Spam is starting to hurt email

WASHINGTON (October 22, 2003) — The recent explosion of email spam is beginning to take its toll on the Internet world. A new nationwide survey shows that 25% of America’s email users say they are using email less because of spam. Within that group, most say that spam has reduced their overall use of email […]

report | Jul 16, 2003

Internet Health Resources

Half of American adults have searched online for 16 health topics ranging from disease information to smoking cessation strategies. Health seekers go online to become informed, to prepare for appointments and surgery, to share information, and to see...

report | Mar 20, 2003

Email is now a main channel for politics

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 20) – Email has become an increasingly popular and potent tool for political communication in America. Two-thirds of politically engaged Internet users during the 2002 election cycle sent or received email related to the campaign. But campaigners said they had more success using the Net to communicate with the press than with […]

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