Pew Research Center received invaluable advice on the development of the focus group discussion guide from Erica Anderson, clinical psychologist at Anderson Health Strategies, LLC; Leonardo Kattari, LEO Lecturer at University of Michigan; Shanna Kattari, assistant professor of social work and assistant professor of women’s studies at University of Michigan; Lain Mathers, assistant professor of sociology at Indiana State University; C. Riley Snorton, professor of English language and literature at University of Chicago; and Ben Vincent, research coordinator at the Trans Learning Partnership.

This report is a collaborative effort based on the input and analysis of the following individuals. Find related reports online at

Kim Parker, Director of Social Trends Research
Juliana Horowitz, Associate Director, Research
Anna Brown, Research Associate
Rachel Minkin, Research Associate
Kiley Hurst, Research Assistant
Stella Sechopoulos, Former Research Assistant
Travis Mitchell, Digital Producer, Copy Editor
Michael Keegan, Senior Information Graphics Designer
Tanya Arditi, Communications Manager
Gar Meng Leong, Communications Associate

In addition, the project benefited greatly from the guidance of Neil G. Ruiz, Sunny Shao, Alycia Kantor, Laura Lewis and Mikaila Wilson-Miyoshi, as well as the PSB Insights team: André Sanabia, Shawnna Mullenax, Sarah Tmimi and Colleen McCauley.