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New York City Files Census Challenge

New York City officials filed an official challenge to the 2010 Census results today, saying that the count was at least 50,000 people short of the true number. Their detailed submission under the Count Question Resolution program argues that census-takers “erroneously determined to be vacant” many units that were in fact occupied. (The New York  Department of City Planning also issued a briefing book and press release on the challenge.)

The bureau’s census challenge process would not result in changes in the population base for congressional reapportionment, but could help cities and counties boost their federal funding because changes would be incorporated into annual population estimates used for that purpose. The census challenge program offers only a limited opportunity to challenge the numbers, and added a net 2,700 people to the nation’s population after the 2000 Census.

Bureau officials say they have received 48 challenges so far. New York City is the largest jurisdiction to challenge its count so far, but Miami and Washington, D.C., also have filed official protests.

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