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Don’t Shove My Job!

The vast majority of self-identified middle class workers (89% overall) are either completely or mostly satisfied with their job. These high levels of job satisfaction registered by virtually all types of workers demonstrate that worries about employment in the future doesn’t translate directly into dissatisfaction with the current job. Among workers who are worried about job loss or cutbacks of benefits or wages, eight-in-ten report high job satisfaction. Variations in job satisfaction by demographic groups within the middle class are quite small. There is no real difference between male and female workers and few differences based on age. In terms of income, 81% of workers in families with incomes below $30,000 are satisfied with their jobs, as are 92% of those in families with incomes above $100,000. Finally, 89% of blacks express job satisfaction, while the figure is 90% for whites and 88% for Hispanics. Middle class workers are not unique in their high levels of job satisfaction: 91% of upper class workers are either completely or mostly satisfied with their jobs, as are 78% of lower class workers.Read More