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End-of-Life Issues

The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life has assembled a variety of resources on end-of-life issues, including reports, event transcripts, polling data and news clips.

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Pew Forum and Pew Research Center Resources

Oregon’s ‘Death with Dignity’ Law: 10 Years Later The Pew Forum invited two distinguished experts to reflect on the successes and failures of Oregon’s law, and where they would like to see the debate go from here.

Ten Years Later, Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act Continues to Spur Debate Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, which legalized physician-assisted suicide, remains the only law of its kind in the United States.

Press Release: First Anniversary of the Death of Terri Schiavo This Pew Forum press release marks the one-year anniversary of the death of Terri Schiavo and discusses the continued debate over end-of-life issues.

Press Release: Supreme Court Upholds Oregon’s “Right to Die” Law This Pew Forum press release examines the Supreme Court’s decision in Gonzales v. Oregon.

Poll Report: Right to Die? Legal, Ethical and Public Policy Implications A Pew Research Center poll in January 2006 found that more Americans are discussing and planning end-of-life treatment.

Legal Backgrounder: Gonzales V. Oregon This Pew Forum backgrounder traces the history of the assisted suicide debate and outlines key court cases leading up to Gonzales v. Oregon.

Event Transcript: The Right to Assisted Suicide?: Oregon Goes to the Supreme Court In May 2005, the Pew Forum, together with the Federalist Society and the Constitution Project, held an event to discuss end-of-life issues in the aftermath of Schiavo’s death.

Event Transcript: Right to Die? Legal, Ethical and Public Policy Implications In September 2005, the Pew Forum, together with the Federalist Society and the American Constitution Society, held an event on Capitol Hill to discuss current law and panelists’ predictions for a ruling in the case Gonzales v. Oregon.

Recent News

A Decade Later, Oregon Still the Only State with Assisted Suicide(The Associated Press, 10/10/07) Clergy to Help People Die(The Sacramento Bee, 9/18/07) Assisted Suicide Attacked from an Unlikely Front (LA Times, 8/6/07) When to Let Go? Medicine’s Top Dilemma (Reuters, 7/18/07) Kevorkian Speaks After His Release From Prison (NY Times, 6/4/07) Americans Divided on Whether Doctors Should Help Patients Die (AP, 5/30/07) Dr. Jack Kevorkian to Leave Prison (AP, 5/26/07) Oregon Takes Stock of ‘Right to Die’ Law (CS Monitor, 3/12/07) Death Act’s Alias has State Tongue-Tied (The Oregonian, 11/11/06) Republican Senator Seeks to Derail Oregon Assisted Suicide Law (AP, 8/15/06) Republican Senator Seeks to Derail Oregon Assisted Suicide Law (AP, 8/15/06) The Fuzzy Gray Place in the Killing Zone (NY Times, 8/13/06) Medical and Ethical Questions Raised on Deaths of Critically Ill Patients (NY Times, 7/20/06) A Medical Crisis of Conscience (Wash Post, 7/16/06) Assisted Suicide May Become Newest GOP Campaign Issue (Religion News Service 5/15/06) Fighting for the Right to Die (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/1/06) Supreme Court Decision in Right-to-Die Debate May Signal Time Out (NY Times, 2/11/06) Other States See Path in Ruling on Oregon’s Assisted Suicide Law (Religion News Service, 1/25/06) Assisted Suicide Issue Painfully Personal for Senator Who Lost Depressed Son (Religion News Service, 1/25/06) On Assisted Suicide, Gov. Says Voters Should Decide (LA Times, 1/25/06) Supreme Court Upholds Oregon Assisted Suicide Law (LA Times, 1/17/06) Supreme Court Upholds Oregon Assisted-Suicide Law (Wash Post, 1/17/06) Liberals Move Against Bill Making It Easier to Pull Plus on Terminally Ill in NY (NY Sun, 12/16/05) Living Wills No Longer to Die For (Duluth News Tribune, 11/13/05) Oregon Law Hinges on O’Connor (San Fran Chronicle, 10/28/05) Backers of Oregon Law Wince at Use of Word “Suicide” (AP, 9/28/05) Life and Death Politics (U.S. News & World Report, 3/28/05) Schiavo Case Highlights an Alliance Between Catholics and Evangelicals (NY Times, 3/24/05) Other States See Path in Ruling on Oregon (Religion News Service, 1/25/05)

Other Resources

Oregon Department of Human Services Death with Dignity Report Terri Schiavo Bill, Passed by Congress, Signed into Law by President Bush Opinion: Florida’s Supreme Court Public Agenda Issue Guide: Right to Die

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