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More Americans Disapprove Than Approve of Colleges Considering Race, Ethnicity in Admissions Decisions


Categorizing respondents based on views across four dimensions

In addition to their overall approval or disapproval of considering race and ethnicity as a factor in admissions decisions in order to increase racial and ethnic diversity, survey respondents were asked additional questions about four areas of potential impact:

  1. Whether the consideration of race and ethnicity in admissions decisions makes the overall admissions process of these colleges more or less fair (more fair=positive, less fair=negative, neither/not sure=neutral)
  2. Whether the students who are accepted to these colleges are more or less qualified (more qualified=positive, less qualified=negative, neither/not sure=neutral)
  3. Whether this makes students’ overall educational experiences at these colleges better or worse (better=positive, worse=negative, neither/not sure=neutral)
  4. Whether this is good or bad for ensuring equal opportunity for Americans of all racial and ethnic backgrounds (good=positive, bad=negative, neither/not sure=neutral)

(See topline for full question wording.) In addition to analyzing each of these questions individually, the report includes a discussion of a summary measure.

Summary measure of positive and negative views of the consideration of race and ethnicity in college admissions
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