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Most Americans Say State Governments Have Lifted COVID-19 Restrictions Too Quickly


This report is a collaborative effort based on the input and analysis of the following individuals:

Research team Carroll Doherty, Director, Political Research Jocelyn Kiley, Associate Director, Political Research Andrew Daniller, Research Associate Bradley Jones, Research Associate Hannah Hartig, Research Associate Amina Dunn, Research Analyst Hannah Gilberstadt, Research Assistant Ted Van Green, Research Assistant Vianney Gomez, Research Assistant

Communications and editorial Nida Asheer, Communications Manager Calvin Jordan, Communications Associate David Kent, Senior Copy Editor

Graphic design and web publishing Peter Bell, Design Director Sara Atske, Associate Digital Producer Carrie Blazina, Associate Digital Producer 

Methodology Nick Bertoni, Senior Panel Manager Arnold Lau, Research Analyst Sono Shah, Computational Social Scientist

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