Pew Research Center assists journalists by providing timely information on the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world. As a neutral source of data and analysis, we do not take positions on policy issues. All of our reports are publicly available online. Interviews can be conducted at our office in Washington, which includes an ISDN line for broadcast-quality radio interviews.

For general inquiries or to sign up for press alerts about new reports, please contact the communications office by emailing or by calling 202-419-4372. See our experts guide to learn more about our researchers who are available for interviews. You can also sign up to receive new reports and analyses through our email newsletters or social media.

If you have a specific question related to a particular research area, you may direct it accordingly:

U.S. Politics & Policy

Bridget Johnson: | 202-419-4468

Journalism & Media

Rachel Weisel: | 202-419-3602
Hannah Klein: | 202-419-4567

Religion & Public Life

Anna Schiller: | 202-419-4514

Social & Demographic Trends

Jessica Pumphrey: | 202-419-4383

Internet, Science & Tech

Shawnee Cohn: | 202-419-3680

Hispanic Trends

Jessica Pumphrey: | 202-419-4383

Global Attitudes/Global Migration & Demography

Stefan Cornibert: | 202-419-4517

Research Methodology & Data Labs

Rachel Weisel: | 202-419-3602
Hannah Klein: | 202-419-4567