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Claudia Deane
Executive Vice President
Michelle Hudgins
Vice President, Communications
Courtney Kennedy
Vice President, Methods and Innovation
Neha Sahgal
Vice President, Research
Alan Cooperman
Director, Religion Research
Carroll Doherty
Director, Political Research
Cary Funk
Director, Science and Society Research
Science and Society
Kim Parker
Director, Social Trends Research
Lee Rainie
Director, Internet and Technology Research
Aaron Smith
Director, Data Labs
Data Labs
Richard Wike
Director, Global Attitudes Research
Amy Mitchell
Former Director, Journalism Research
Becka A. Alper
Senior Researcher
Monica Anderson
Associate Director of Research
Sarah Crawford
Research Assistant
Jonathan Evans
Research Associate
Richard Fry
Senior Researcher
Jeffrey Gottfried
Senior Researcher
Conrad Hackett
Associate Director, Research/Senior Demographer
Juliana Menasce Horowitz
Associate Director, Research
Brian Kennedy
Senior Researcher
Science and Society
Jocelyn Kiley
Associate Director, Research
Stephanie Kramer
Senior Researcher
Clark Letterman
Senior Survey Manager
Samirah Majumdar
Research Associate
Katerina Eva Matsa
Associate Director, Research
Andrew Mercer
Senior Research Methodologist
Besheer Mohamed
Senior Researcher
Patrick Moynihan
Associate Director, International Research Methods
J. Baxter Oliphant
Senior Researcher
Jacob Poushter
Associate Director, Global Attitudes Research
Neil G. Ruiz
Associate Director, Race and Ethnicity Research
Laura Silver
Senior Researcher
Gregory A. Smith
Associate Director, Research
Galen Stocking
Senior Computational Social Scientist
Alec Tyson
Associate Director
Science and Society