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Data Set Policy Change

The Pew Internet Project has always strived to be an “open source” research group, posting our reports for free and uploading the complete data sets to our site on a regular basis. For the last seven years, we have observed a waiting period of six months between the publication of a report and the upload of the data set. No more. Because of the consistent demand by our audience for faster release of the data, we will now try to upload the files the same day we release the final report based on a particular survey.

The first example is the August 2006 survey, which generated two major reports on how people use the internet to connect with health resources:

Online Health Search 2006 (October 29, 2006)

E-patients With a Disability or Chronic Disease (October 8, 2007)

We appreciate the interest which prompted this policy change. Please let us know if there are other ways we can serve the public interest.

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