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James Bell is vice president of global strategy at Pew Research Center. He plays a leading role in guiding the international research undertaken by the Center. Bell helps to design survey projects, develop questionnaires, analyze data and write reports. Prior to joining the Pew Research Center, Bell worked at the U.S. State Department for nearly a decade, most recently as director of international opinion research. Bell earned his doctorate in geography from the University of Washington in Seattle. He is an author of The World’s Muslims: Unity and Diversity, Global Opinion of Obama Slips, International Policies Faulted, Russians Back Protests, Political FreedomsEgyptians Remain Optimistic, Embrace Democracy and Religion in Political Life and Religion in Latin America. Bell has appeared on CNN, CNBC, and BBC World Service Radio, and has presented internationally, including at the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations annual conference.

Fact TankAugust 29, 2014

Russian poll: Putin faces limited opposition from his public on Ukraine

Despite criticism from the West on his actions in the Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin faces far fewer questions from a public that draws a distinction between support for separatist rebels and having a direct role in the continued violence in eastern Ukraine.

Fact TankJune 16, 2014

In countries near Syria, widespread fear about the spread of violence, extremists

Middle East worries about spreading violence and a possible triumph by extremists in Syria have been evident in Pew Research surveys the past two years.

Fact TankMay 8, 2014

Q/A: How Pew Research tracks public opinion in countries stricken by violence and unrest

Fact Tank sat down with James Bell, Pew Research’s director of international survey research, to discuss how the center designs and implements its surveys in places of conflict like Ukraine.

Fact TankMarch 6, 2014

Regional polls show few Ukrainians, Russians want a united, single state

Most in Russia and the Ukraine favor the free movement of people and goods between the two nations, and relatively few support the wholesale merger of Ukraine with Russia.

Fact TankMay 10, 2013

Pakistan to hold historic election, but Pakistanis are skeptical about democracy

Pakistanis will go to the polls Saturday in parliamentary elections that mark the first democratic transition from one elected civilian government to another in their country’s 66-year history. But support for democracy is thin in Pakistan, according to a Pew Research Center survey of Muslims around the world. By a nearly two-to-one margin (56% to […]