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Report | Oct 25, 2010
Online Health Seeking: How Social Networks Can Be Healing Communities

This keynote will explore the Pew Internet Project’s latest findings on health searches and sharing on the internet and smart phones, as well as how digital technologies allow patient-centered communities to emerge and give care to those who are s...

Report | Oct 21, 2010
Lessons Learned: Online Patient Communities

Susannah Fox participated in a discussion of how the maturation of online social networks, patient communities, and patient blogs affects health and health care.

Report | Oct 13, 2010
Video calling and video chat

19% of Americans have tried video calls or video chat or teleconferencing online and on cell phones.

Report | Oct 11, 2010
Building a Research Agenda for Participatory Medicine

Spot the opportunity: Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the U.S. Nearly half of American adults use online social network sites. Networks magnify whatever they are seeded with, for good or for ill.

Report | Oct 7, 2010
Behavior Change, Health 2.0, and the Unmentionables

Susannah Fox will guide a discussion of a combination of tools, content, and community changes that factor into health improvement. But what actually drives behavior change? And are we even asking the right questions?

Report | Sep 13, 2010
The Power of Mobile

What will happen when the untapped knowledge of every patient, of every caregiver, of everyone who has something of value to share actually has the opportunity to share it?

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