short read | Jan 19, 2010

Discrimination Against Hispanics

More Americans now say that Hispanics face "a lot" of discrimination than say the same about blacks, whites or Asians.

short read | Feb 24, 2009

Social Segregation

While most Americans say they have friends of a different race, pluralities of whites, blacks and Hispanics say they only have a few.

report | Jan 7, 2009

Gains Seen On Minority Discrimination – But Little Else

Overview As Barack Obama prepares to take office, majorities say the country is losing ground on any number of key issues, particularly economic ones. Nearly eight-in-ten (79%) say the country is falling further behind on the federal budget deficit, far more than said that during the mid-1990s when the deficit was a top-tier policy issue. […]

short read | Jan 14, 2008

Personal Factors Limit Black Progress

Two in three Americans believe personal factors, rather than racial discrimination, explain why many African Americans have difficulty getting ahead in life.

short read | Dec 28, 2007

Blacks See Job Discrimination as Chronic

Two-thirds of all African Americans report that discrimination is commonly encountered when blacks apply for a job (67%), a view shared by only 20% of whites and 36% of Hispanics.

report | Dec 13, 2007

2007 National Survey of Latinos

The 2007 National Survey of Latinos (NSL) coincided with a period of increased local- and state-level legislative actions, and stepped-up enforcement measures that accompanied the growing national debate over illegal immigration.

report | Aug 30, 2007

The Changing Racial and Ethnic Composition of U.S. Public Schools

The 5-4 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in June to strike down school desegregation plans in Seattle and Louisville has focused public attention on the degree of racial and ethnic integration in the nation’s 93,845 public schools.

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