report | Oct 14, 2008

Modding: Games and Web 2.0

When scholars discuss elements of gaming that hold promise for engaging youth and connecting games to learning, one thing they often point to is modding.

report | Oct 6, 2008

One third of video gaming teens use cheats

Deep in our recent report Teens, Video Gaming and Civics was a nugget about cheats. Not cheat-ing, but the use of "cheats" or codes to open additional content in the game

report | Sep 16, 2008

Teens, Video Games and Civics

Nearly all American teens play computer, console, or cell phone games and teens' gaming experience is rich and varied, with a significant amount of social interaction and potential for civic engagement.

report | Sep 16, 2008

New Pew Internet/MacArthur Report on Teens, Video Games and Civics

I was sitting in my friend's living room, watching his daughters play with the family's Wii. In many way these girls are living examples of some of the main findings of a new research report issued today in partnership with the MacArthur Foundation

report | Feb 6, 2008

Virtual World Continuum

All virtual worlds are 3-D internet tools where people interact and communicate using avatars, however, some virtual worlds track more faithfully to the real world than others.

report | Oct 24, 2007

Online Games

Ed Castronova offers insights into the rise of virtual identities through online games and raises questions about the future of interpersonal communication.

report | Sep 24, 2007

Teens, Video Games and Time Use

An article in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine asks how adolescents spent their time, specifically looking at gaming in relation to other online and offline activities, and the relationship between time spent in various ac...

report | Mar 12, 2007

Internet ferment in China

In China, how three big issues -- digital divides, internet cafes, and online games -- are spilling into each other.

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