short reads | Mar 1, 2007

Young Adults Love Video Games

That's the portion of Gen Nexters -- Americans ages 18-25 -- who say they play games that can be hooked up to a television such as PlayStation, Xbox or GameCube. Roughly one-third of the preceding generation of Gen Xers (35%) play these types of games.

report | Jul 27, 2005

Teens and Technology

Today's American teens live in a world enveloped by communications technologies; the internet and cell phones have become a central force that fuels the rhythm of daily life.

report | Dec 22, 2003

America’s Online Pursuits

This report analyzes the responses of more than 64,000 Americans to phone surveys in the past three years. It finds that 63% of U.S. adults now are online and many of them have built Internet use into their lives in practical ways.

report | Jul 6, 2003

Let the games begin: Gaming technology and college students

This is a report of a study of college students’ use of electronic, video and online games. Seventy percent of college students surveyed reported playing games at least once in a while. The academic and social impacts of gaming are discussed.

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