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Data Feed: GOP picked to take Senate, mortgage tax breaks favor the rich, no pay for NCAA athletes

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Politics U.S. whites more solidly Republican in recent years, Gallup In N.Y., Gov. Cuomo still leads challenger Astorino, but ratings slip, topline, Siena Americans are still unhappy with Congress, USA TODAY/Bipartisan Policy Center GOP’s very slow shift on gay marriage, The Wall Street Journal GOP picked as slight favorite to win control of Senate, FiveThirtyEight

Economy San Jose, D.C. tied for highest in economic confidence, Gallup Study: Mortgage-interest deduction mainly benefits the rich, The Wall Street Journal CEO pay for Fortune 100 executives, Huffington Post How unconventional monetary policy effected financial institutions, Harvard via Brookings New model of how education affects health, and wages, NBER

Health & Society Large majority opposes paying NCAA athletes, Washington Post/ABC News The geography of Boomer fame. as measured by Wikipedia, New York Times 29% of LGBT adults experienced food insecurity, UCLA via The Atlantic A ‘crisis’ in online ads: One-third of online traffic is bogus, The Wall Street Journal Racial disparities in preschool suspensions, Politico Worries over fines aid health-insurance sign-ups, The Wall Street Journal Only 11% of new Twitter users in 2012 are still tweeting, The Wall Street Journal Which states’ residents are most likely to have a passport? Business Insider College students can learn almost as well with fewer lectures, NBER

International China is now world’s largest importer of petroleum and other liquid fuels, EIA 59% of Europeans seldom or never exercise or play sports, Eurobarometer Large increase in asylum applicants registered in EU in 2013, Eurostat

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