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Chart of the Week: A minute on the Internet

Keeping up with what people do online is no easy task — just ask the researchers in our Internet Project. Nor is it much easier for those seeking ways to make money off online activities — they’re changing almost too fast to keep up with.

But the folks at Quartz, the  business-news site from Atlantic Media, have given it a good shot. They pulled together data from Intel, investment bank GP Bullhound, and a Facebook-led consortium called to create this neat summation of what happens in a minute on six of the Web’s biggest services — and how that’s changed in just one year:


Here’s another way of looking at the same numbers:


Part of the reason each “internet minute” is busier is, simply, because more people are online: 2.75 billion, or 38.8% of the global population, according to the International Telecommunication Union. But as Quartz notes, another reason is that faster connection speeds are enabling users to do a lot more, and a lot more quickly, than ever before: Average global broadband speeds are 17% faster than last year, according to the publication.