Pew Research Center experts will present multiple papers at the 2020 annual AAPOR conference, to be held virtually from June 11-12, 2020

Pew Research Center at AAPOR agenda:

Thursday, June 11

Conference Kickoff: 10:00 AM EDT

What We Can Learn About Public Opinion Using Social Media Data: 11:00 AM EDT

Surveying the U.S. Hispanic Population: 11:00 AM EDT

  • Senior Researcher Ana Gonzalez-Barerra will present “Surveying the U.S. Hispanic population.”
  • Senior Researcher Ana Gonzalez-Barerra will present “Measuring Hispanic Racial Identity: Using alternative measures of racial identity in surveys of Latinos.”
  • Senior Writer/Editor Jens Manuel Krogstad will present “Latinos and the 2020 election.”

Innovations in Online Probability-Based Panels – A Look at the Last 20 Years and Beyond: 1:15 PM EDT

Accounting for, and Reporting on, Sources of Uncertainty in the Integration of Multiple Data Sources: 1:15 PM EDT

  • Senior Research Methodologist Ashley Amaya will present “Image Upload as a Replacement for Survey Questions.”

Unconscious bias, Tolerance, Inequality, and Discrimination: 1:15 PM EDT

  • Research Analyst Abby Budiman will present “Patterns and Trends of Discrimination Among U.S. Latinos.”

Telephone Frame and Address-Based Sample Frame Issues: 1:15 PM EDT

  • Research Associate Alexandra Castillo will present “To Pulse or Not to Pulse? The Implications of Pulsing in European CATI Surveys.”

Partisanship and Polarization: 1:15 PM EDT

  • Research Associate Brad Jones will present “Partisanship Across the Generations.”

Issues and Practice: Consent, Confidentiality, and Privacy: 3:00 PM EDT

  • Research Methodologist Stacy Pancratz will present “Interview Privacy and Surveyor-Respondent Gender Matching in a Cross-National Context.”

Friday, June 12

Data Quality Issues Across Multiple Sources: 11:00 AM EDT

Traditional and Non-Traditional Estimation Methods for Election Surveys: 11:00 AM EDT

  • Senior Survey Advisor Scott Keeter will present “Developing a National Benchmark for Party Affiliation.”

Inferences from Various Samples: 11:00 AM EDT

  • Research Analyst Nick Hatley will present “Measuring Differences Between Panel Sources in Online Opt-in Samples from Panel Aggregators.”

AAPI Research & Affinity Group Meeting: 11:30am EDT

  • Associate Director of Global Migration and Demography Research Neil Ruiz will host the first gathering of the newly formed AAPI Research & Affinity Group, a new AAPOR voluntary association he founded with members who are of Asian-American or Pacific Islander origin, or are interested in AAPI research topics.

Attitudes in the United States: Religion, Climate Change, and the 2020 Census: 1:15 PM EDT

Media Attitudes: 1:15 PM EDT

  • Research Associate Elisa Shearer will present “Studying How Media Habits and Attitudes Relate to Perceptions of the 2020 Election: A year-long survey series.”

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