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Privacy in the Digital Age

The social changes and consequences of the networked society are still being measured. Nonetheless publishers must evaluate and respond now to rapid technology change with policies that will not only protect the ideals that underpin independent and ethical journalism and press freedom but also business sustainability.

As a consequence, it seems that in 2015 publishers, Internet giants and private citizens find themselves engaging more and more passionately in debates around media policy, with alliances changing dramatically depending on the topic.

To help consider appropriate policy responses, WAN-IFRA’s first World Media Policy Forum gathered legal experts, international institutions and practitioners to help clarify where we stand and where we are headed.

Lee Rainie, Pew Research Center’s Director of Internet, Science and Technology research delivered a keynote address. Rainie is one of the world’s top academic researchers on the internet and the social changes triggered by information and communication technologies (ICT.) He talked about what research is showing us about privacy strategies and statistics.

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