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Social Media Update 2013

Frequency of social media use

When asked how often they visit the social networking sites they use, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter users stand out as having the highest rates of engagement.

Fully 63% of Facebook users report going on the site at least daily (with 40% logging on multiple times per day), giving it not only the highest overall percentage of users, but also the most engaged. Just 14% of Facebook users say that they visit the site less than once a week.

Instagram users visit the site nearly as frequently as Facebook users. More than half of Instagram users (57%) use the app on a daily basis, with 35% doing so several times per day. Twitter users are also frequent visitors to the site. Some 46% use Twitter daily, with 29% checking in several times per day. However, 32% of Twitter users say that they check in less than once per week.

Pinterest and LinkedIn users tend to have more intermittent patterns of usage. Just 23% of Pinterest users and 13% of LinkedIn users visit the sites daily, and around half say they use the sites less than once per week.

Frequency of social media site use
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