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Internet Access Among Older Adults

Pew Internet Project data is quoted in an AP story about how John McCain is not a frequent internet user, so I thought I’d highlight some sources for people who want to explore the numbers for themselves:

Home Broadband 2008 (report based on April-May 2008 survey data, which is quoted in the AP story)

  • check out the chart on p. 3 to see home broadband access trends among various demographic groups for the last 4 years
  • check out the chart on p. 13 to see the demographic profiles for home broadband, home dial-up, and non-internet users (median age for home broadband = 40; median age for dial-up = 45; median age for non-users = 61)
  • Who’s Online (our fall 2007 survey data)

    Internet Activities (our fall 2007 survey data)

  • displays a list of online pursuits ranked by popularity
  • Generations Online (report based on 2005 data, not to be confused with Generations on Line, which provides internet training and tips for older adults)

  • check out the chart on p. 3 to see the popularity of internet activities among various age groups
  • And, of course, we have data about The Internet and the 2008 Election

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