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Blog readers hungry for more than words

In light of our recent findings on the increase in blog creation and readership over the course of 2004, we decided to take a closer look at the blogging audience as a unique segment of content consumers. Not surprisingly, those who read blogs are much more likely than non-readers to seek and share other types of media content online:

  • 44% of blog readers say they share files from their own computer such as music, video or picture files compared to 17% of non-readers.
  • *32% of blog readers say they download music files to their computer compared to 13% of non-readers.
  • *30% of blog readers say they download video files to their computer compared to 9% of non-readers.

It seems the blogging audience is ripe to take advantage of the growing number of music and movie blogs popping up online. One indication of the popularity of music blogging has emerged right here in Washington, D.C. This weekend four music bloggers and their fans are leaping out of the virtual world and taking their conversation to the dance floor at a local nightclub. The music blogger DJs will play their favorite songs for the crowd (probably from a laptop or iPod) and, of course, blog about it afterwards.

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