report | Sep 19, 2013

Cell Phone Activities 2013

50% of cell owners download apps to their phones; 48% listen to music services; video calling has tripled since 2011; texting remains a popular activity

report | Jan 4, 2013

Arts Organizations and Digital Technologies

Cultural organizations like theater companies, orchestras, and art museums are using the internet, social media, and mobile apps to draw in and engage audiences, provide deeper context, and disseminate their work beyond the stage and the gallery

short read | Jan 6, 2011

Pay for Online Content

Nearly two thirds of internet users have paid to download or access some kind of online content, ranging from music to games to news articles.

report | Oct 14, 2010

Americans and their gadgets

As the digital world has expanded far beyond the desktop, consumers can now choose from an array of devices capable of satisfying their need for “anytime, anywhere” access to news, information, friends and entertainment.

report | Mar 19, 2010

State of the News Media: Audio

Most people still listen to news, talk and music for at least a little while every week, and they do most of this listening through traditional broadcast, or “terrestrial,” radio. This is where the audience is largest. Yet this is where the profit and revenue are under the most pressure. Many stations have left the air and some owners of multiple stations have entered bankruptcy.

report | Feb 18, 2010

Charging for Content Elicits Strong Objections among Bloggers

Free versus pay? When it comes to music, bloggers last week strongly championed free. On Twitter, strong views over privacy issues surfaced when Google released its new social networking feature, Google Buzz. And a conversation between Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly attracted over a million views on YouTube.

report | Feb 13, 2009

The Future of Music Policy

The Future of Music Coalition's Policy Day brings together musicians, techies, policymakers and advocates to discuss the changing music and technology policy landscape.

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