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Amy Mitchell

Director of Journalism Research

Expertise: News Media, Social Media, Technology Use

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Amy Mitchell is director of Journalism Research for the Pew Research Center and oversees the center’s Journalism Project. This includes responsibility for the center’s various research efforts around news and information, including working to understand how people get the information they need to be effective citizens as well as how news is reported, produced and disseminated. Mitchell also oversees the staff budget and project agenda for the center’s Journalism Project. She has expertise in research design, methods evaluation, analysis and writing, including for the annual report on the State of the News Media, research into how technology is changing the flow of news information today and what this all means for the way news outlets gather and report the news. Prior to joining Pew Research Center, Mitchell was a congressional research associate at the American Enterprise Institute, where she researched public policy and the relationship of the press, the public and government. She has authored and co-authored several works, including Thinking Clearly: Case Studies in Journalistic Decision Making. She has also won awards for the Journalism Project’s groundbreaking research, including two SPJ awards and the Bart Richards award. Mitchell, who has been with the Journalism Project since its inception in 1997, speaks frequently to groups, including the New England Newspaper Association, U.S. Federal Judges, Pontifical Council on Social Communications, Edward Jones and European Union Press Counselors. She also makes regular appearances in the news media, speaking on research findings and the broader trends in news information.