May 26, 2017

Muslims and Islam: Key findings in the U.S. and around the world

People at Djemaa el-Fna Square, late afternoon sun
People at Djemaa el-Fna Square, late afternoon sun

Muslims are the fastest-growing religious group in the world. The growth and regional migration of Muslims, combined with the ongoing impact of the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) and other extremist groups that commit acts of violence in the name of Islam, have brought Muslims and the Islamic faith to the forefront of the political debate in many countries. Yet many facts about Muslims are not well known in some of these places, and most Americans – who live in a country with a relatively small Muslim population – say they know little or nothing about Islam.

Here are answers to some key questions about Muslims, compiled from several Pew Research Center reports published in recent years:

How many Muslims are there? Where do they live?

There were 1.8 billion Muslims in the world as of 2015 – roughly 24% of the global population – according to a Pew Research Center estimate. But while Islam is currently the world’s second-largest religion (after Christianity), it is the fastest-growing major religion. Indeed, if current demographic trends continue, the number of Muslims is expected to exceed the number of Christians by the end of this century.

Although many countries in the Middle East-North Africa region, where the religion originated in the seventh century, are heavily Muslim, the region is home to only about 20% of the world’s Muslims. A majority of the Muslims globally (62%) live in the Asia-Pacific region, including large populations in Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Turkey.

Indonesia is currently the country with the world’s largest Muslim population, but Pew Research Center projects that India will have that distinction by the year 2050 (while remaining a majority-Hindu country), with more than 300 million Muslims.

The Muslim population in Europe also is growing; we project 10% of all Europeans will be Muslims by 2050. 

How many Muslims are there in the United States?

In 2015, according to our best estimate, there were 3.3 million Muslims of all ages in the U.S., or about 1% of the U.S. population. Pew Research Center’s 2014 Religious Landscape Study (conducted in English and Spanish) found that 0.9% of U.S. adults identify as Muslims. A 2011 survey of Muslim Americans, which was conducted in English as well as Arabic, Farsi and Urdu, estimated that there were 1.8 million Muslim adults (and 2.75 million Muslims of all ages) in the country. That survey also found that a majority of U.S. Muslims (63%) are immigrants.

Our demographic projections estimate that Muslims will make up 2.1% of the U.S. population by the year 2050, surpassing people who identify as Jewish on the basis of religion as the second-largest faith group in the country (not including people who say they have no religion).

A recent Pew Research Center report estimated that the Muslim share of immigrants granted permanent residency status (green cards) increased from about 5% in 1992 to roughly 10% in 2012, representing about 100,000 immigrants in that year.

Why is the global Muslim population growing?

There are two major factors behind the rapid projected growth of Islam, and both involve simple demographics. For one, Muslims have more children than members of other religious groups. Around the world, each Muslim woman has an average of 2.9 children, compared with 2.2 for all other groups combined.

Muslims are also the youngest (median age of 24 years old in 2015) of all major religious groups, seven years younger than the median age of non-Muslims. As a result, a larger share of Muslims already are, or will soon be, at the point in their lives when they begin having children. This, combined with high fertility rates, will fuel Muslim population growth.

While it does not change the global population, migration is helping to increase the Muslim population in some regions, including North America and Europe.

How do Americans view Muslims and Islam?

Pew Research Center survey conducted in 2017 asked Americans to rate members of nine religious groups on a “feeling thermometer” from 0 to 100, where 0 reflects the coldest, most negative possible rating and 100 the warmest, most positive rating. Overall, Americans gave Muslims an average rating of 48 degrees, similar to atheists (50).

Americans view more warmly the seven other religious groups mentioned in the survey (Jews, Catholics, mainline Protestants, evangelical Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Mormons). But views toward Muslims (as well as several of the other groups) are now warmer than they were a few years ago; in 2014, U.S. adults gave Muslims an average rating of 40 degrees in a similar survey.

Republicans and those who lean toward the Republican Party gave Muslims an average rating of 39, considerably cooler than Democrats’ rating toward Muslims (56).

Republicans also are more likely than Democrats to say they are very concerned about extremism in the name of Islam around the world (67% vs. 40%) and in the U.S. (64% vs. 30%). In addition, a December 2016 survey found that more Republicans than Democrats say Islam is likelier than other religions to encourage violence among its believers (70% vs. 26% of Democrats). While most Americans (57%) believe there is a lot of discrimination against Muslims in the U.S. today, views are again split by party: 69% of Democrats and those who lean Democratic and 40% of Republicans and GOP leaners hold this view.

About half of Americans (49%) think at least “some” U.S. Muslims are anti-American, greater than the share who say “just a few” or “none” are anti-American, according to a January 2016 survey. Views on this question have become much more partisan in the last 14 years (see graphic). But most Americans do not see widespread support for extremism among Muslims living in the U.S., according to a February 2017 survey. Overall, 40% say there is not much support for extremism among U.S. Muslims, while an additional 15% say there is none at all. About a quarter say there is a fair amount of support (24%) for extremism among U.S. Muslims; 11% say there is a great deal of support.

How do Europeans view Muslims?

In spring 2016, we asked residents of 10 European counties for their impression of how many Muslims in their country support extremist groups, such as ISIS. In most cases, the prevailing view is that “just some” or “very few” Muslims support ISIS, but in Italy, 46% say “many” or “most” do.

The same survey asked Europeans whether they viewed Muslims favorably or unfavorably. Perceptions varied across European nations: Majorities in Hungary, Italy, Poland and Greece say they view Muslims unfavorably, while negative attitudes toward Muslims are much less common in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Northern and Western Europe. People who place themselves on the right side of the ideological scale are much more likely than those on the left to see Muslims negatively.

What characteristics do people in the Muslim world and people in the West associate with each other?

A 2011 survey asked about characteristics Westerners and Muslims may associate with one another. Across the seven Muslim-majority countries and territories surveyed, a median of 68% of Muslims said they view Westerners as selfish. Considerable shares also called Westerners other negative adjectives, including violent (median of 66%), greedy (64%) and immoral (61%), while fewer attributed positive characteristics like “respectful of women” (44%), honest (33%) and tolerant (31%) to Westerners.

Westerners’ views of Muslims were more mixed. A median of 50% across four Western European countries, the U.S. and Russia called Muslims violent and a median of 58% called them “fanatical,” but fewer used negative words like greedy, immoral or selfish. A median of just 22% of Westerners said Muslims are respectful of women, but far more said Muslims are honest (median of 51%) and generous (41%).

What do Muslims around the world believe?

Like any religious group, the religious beliefs and practices of Muslims vary depending on many factors, including where in the world they live. But Muslims around the world are almost universally united by a belief in one God and the Prophet Muhammad, and the practice of certain religious rituals, such as fasting during Ramadan, is widespread.

In other areas, however, there is less unity. For instance, a Pew Research Center survey of Muslims in 39 countries asked Muslims whether they want sharia law, a legal code based on the Quran and other Islamic scripture, to be the official law of the land in their country. Responses on this question vary widely. Nearly all Muslims in Afghanistan (99%) and most in Iraq (91%) and Pakistan (84%) support sharia law as official law. But in some other countries, especially in Eastern Europe and Central Asia – including Turkey (12%), Kazakhstan (10%) and Azerbaijan (8%) – relatively few favor the implementation of sharia law.

How do Muslims feel about groups like ISIS?

Recent surveys show that most people in several countries with significant Muslim populations have an unfavorable view of ISIS, including virtually all respondents in Lebanon and 94% in Jordan. Relatively small shares say they see ISIS favorably. In some countries, considerable portions of the population do not offer an opinion about ISIS, including a majority (62%) of Pakistanis.

Favorable views of ISIS are somewhat higher in Nigeria (14%) than most other nations. Among Nigerian Muslims, 20% say they see ISIS favorably (compared with 7% of Nigerian Christians). The Nigerian militant group Boko Haram, which has been conducting a terrorist campaign in the country for years, has sworn allegiance to ISIS.

More generally, Muslims mostly say that suicide bombings and other forms of violence against civilians in the name of Islam are rarely or never justified, including 92% in Indonesia and 91% in Iraq. In the United States, a 2011 survey found that 86% of Muslims say such tactics are rarely or never justified. An additional 7% say suicide bombings are sometimes justified and 1% say they are often justified.

In a few countries, a quarter or more of Muslims say these acts of violence are at least sometimes justified, including 40% in the Palestinian territories, 39% in Afghanistan, 29% in Egypt and 26% in Bangladesh.

In many cases, people in countries with large Muslim populations are as concerned as Western nations about the threat of Islamic extremism, and have become increasingly concerned in recent years. About two-thirds of people in Nigeria (68%) and Lebanon (67%) said in 2016 that they are very concerned about Islamic extremism in their country, both up significantly since 2013.

What do American Muslims believe?

Our 2011 survey of Muslim Americans found that roughly half of U.S. Muslims (48%) say their own religious leaders have not done enough to speak out against Islamic extremists.

Living in a religiously pluralistic society, Muslim Americans are more likely than Muslims in many other nations to have many non-Muslim friends. Only about half (48%) of U.S. Muslims say all or most of their close friends are also Muslims, compared with a global median of 95% in the 39 countries we surveyed.

Roughly seven-in-ten U.S. Muslims (69%) say religion is very important in their lives. Virtually all (96%) say they believe in God, nearly two-thirds (65%) report praying at least daily and nearly half (47%) say they attend religious services at least weekly. By all of these traditional measures, Muslims in the U.S. are roughly as religious as U.S. Christians, although they are less religious than Muslims in many other nations.

When it comes to political and social views, Muslims are far more likely to identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party (70%) than the Republican Party (11%) and to say they prefer a bigger government providing more services (68%) over a smaller government providing fewer services (21%). As of 2011, U.S. Muslims were somewhat split between those who said homosexuality should be accepted by society (39%) and those who said it should be discouraged (45%), although the group had grown considerably more accepting of homosexuality since a similar survey was conducted in 2007.

What is the difference between Shiite Muslims and Sunni Muslims?

Sunnis and Shiites are two subgroups of Muslims, just as Catholics and Protestants are two subgroups within Christianity. The Sunni-Shiite divide is nearly 1,400 years old, dating back to a dispute over the succession of leadership in the Muslim community following the death of the Prophet Muhammad in 632. While the two groups agree on some core tenets of Islam, there are differences in beliefs and practices, and in some cases Sunnis do not consider Shiites to be Muslims.

With the exception of a few countries, including Iran (which is majority Shiite) as well as Iraq and Lebanon (which are split), most nations with a large number of Muslims have more Sunnis than Shiites. In the U.S., 65% identify as Sunnis and 11% as Shiites (with the rest identifying with neither group, including some who say they are “just a Muslim”).

Note: This post was updated on May 26, 2017. It was originally published Dec. 7, 2015.

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  1. kashif2 weeks ago

    i am from Pakistan and people really don’t know anything about ISIS or middle east here. i really didn’t met anyone who knew anything about isis other then its some organization in iraq. or at most someone might say they are with al qaeda.

  2. Anonymous3 weeks ago

    I would like to see a comparison of beliefs between the Shia and the Sunnis. What customs are at odds with each other sect and how do their religious practices differ?

  3. Anonymous3 weeks ago

    1.8 billion muslims were said to be in 2015 . God only know how many more in the last 2 years ???

  4. Anonymous3 weeks ago


  5. ed leahey3 weeks ago

    If immigrant muslims who come to the West as refugees were majority Christian, would they be more welcomed?

    1. R Selecttiva3 weeks ago

      How can a Muslim (follow Islam, use the Koran) be Christian (Christ and the Bible)? Each one is a religion. what you may mean is if Middle Easterners, for example, there are many Syrian or Egyptian (Coptic) Christians.

  6. Anonymous3 weeks ago

    Interesting read.

  7. Anonymous3 weeks ago

    Interesting statistic and trait analysis, would then these influence public policy and global politics towards enhancing religious tolerance? well religious groups in Africa presents interesting characteristic , some regions conservative and dominant with physical violence while others moderately tolerant with structural violence aligned to national politics , I thing PEW needs to get interested in understanding religious groups in Africa , I can see much attention in other continents

  8. Anonymous3 weeks ago

    Just a few observations. On any post i read related to Islam, there are standard predictable responses from both sides.

    The pro-Islam side refuses to accept that Islam is less than perfect or has ita flaws or that a nber of muslims, no matter how small a minority, have a very flawed interpretation of the Quran and misappropriate and twist the parts they can to serve their twisted agendas.

    The anti Islamic side of course believes that Islam is a religion overrun with barbarians, that gives no rights to women and justifies indiscriminate violence.

    First of all, all organised religions are in large part man-moulded, if not entirely man-made. All organized religions have flaws. And all men and women have flaws. But one cannot impute the flaws broadly to the entire faith.
    So there are instances of rampant child abuse in the Catholic church should i presume its a part of the doctrine, part of the Catholic faith? And must i propagandize this? Similarly there are many muslims who commit vile acts. But its not because of their faith. The problem is they themselves malign the faith by saying their actions are done “in the name of islam”.

    Secondly, Islam is neither a religion of pure peace nor of pure violence. War is justified if a muslim nation or people are under attack or oppressed. Fighting oppression is mandatory and binding. But if someone wrong you, its says clearly, Allah prefers if you forgive the wrongdoer. If he persists, try again to forgI’ve. if he still persists, try yet again to forgive. But even then if he persists in wrongdoing, then by all means counter it.

    However in Islam retaliation cannot exceed the wrongdoing done even by a hairsbreadth. If you wish to take th book literally. In a state of war, muslims cannot kill or torture women, children, elderly and even prisoners of war. In fact you cannot even burn a tree that bears fruit.

    Above all, muslims should remember the Quran says Allah is not pleased with the Arrogant. (Lucifer out of his arrogance refused to bow to Allah’s crearion of man in His image). He hates those who walk proudly and arrogantly on His earth. When any muslim says tht islam is the only true faith etc etc. they are being arrogant and hence it does not please God.

    Quran also clearly states ” Let there be no compulsion in religion. Allah guides whom He will, and does not guide whom he will”.

    But most muslims themselves dont follow this. They compel others to keep a beard of so and so length, fast during Ramzan, wear hijab, do purdah etc etc.

    Quran also says “If Allah had willed, he would have made all mankind one race (one religion). Consider why he did not. So that you may learn to live among each other in peace”.

    It clearly means muslims must respect the rights of those who do not wish to practice or conform to even a single tenet of Islam, becuse that is part of Allah’s will.

    Islam is a difficult religion to understand completely and in proper context, and even more difficult to follow. But the fact is, it is not a bad faith. It depends on which oarts of the Quran you choose to define ur life and choices by, and i choose the above.

    Humanity is more important than religion. Organized religion is less about drawing closer to a higher power and finding self realization and fulfillment, and much more about the politics of power.

    “Whosoever saves a life, saves all humanity. Whosoever takes a life, kills all humanity”…. The Quran.

  9. Paula Johnson3 weeks ago

    Interesting world view analysis.

  10. Anonymous3 weeks ago

    germany has already 8% today. your figure regarding europe in 2050 and that there will be 10% muslims by then, seems totally non credible.

    1. Anonymous3 weeks ago

      This study was not completed during the height of the refugee crisis…

    2. Rin Hoshi3 weeks ago

      maybe refugees have more effect than expected

    3. Anonymous3 weeks ago

      I assume that’s 10% across all of Europe including the bits that have almost zero muslims right now. Makes you wonder what the German % will be!

  11. Anonymous4 weeks ago

    What percentage of US Muslims want Sharia to be the law of the land?

  12. Anonymous4 weeks ago

    afghanistan people fought against taliban al qaeda and other islamists for many years and still fighting how it comes in your survey that 99% wants sharia ?? it looks like a joke

    1. Anonymous4 weeks ago

      Sharia isn’t a terrorst thing, it’s an Islamic practice

  13. Andrew Scriveley4 weeks ago

    “Muslims are far more likely to identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party (70%) than the Republican Party (11%) and to say they prefer a bigger government providing more services (68%) over a smaller government providing fewer services (21%).”
    Now we know why Dems have thrown every other group in its traditional coalition – Gay, Jewish, Feminists, Christians/Catholics and everyone else, under the bus in favor of Muslims.

    1. Anonymous4 weeks ago

      What do you mean please elobrate

    2. Anonymous3 weeks ago


      I fear you are too generous, or maybe too willing to believe in cynical practical explanations for things whose real explanation is ideological, if none the better for that.

      Leftists support Muslims, or more precisely support and run interference for anti-Western Muslims (while vilifying many pro-Western Muslims), not cynically for votes, but out of a malicious idealism. Anti-Western Muslims are thought of as part of the Global Left, or the global anti-Western front (with the West being perceived as the Global Right, the source of the world’s ills in the narratives of the Left, the enemy that leftists feel it’s righteous to be fighting against, the one they enjoy sinking their teeth into). Liberals or progressives nowadays don’t do much better, they too run interference for anti-Western Muslims, and run interference for all Muslims as in no way responsible for what Muslims militants do (even while all of us inevitable sense that they somehow are in some degree responsible for it). In the world of the deplorers, the goal is to find something deplorable in our society, and in any conflict situation, the only entity that can ever truly be to blame and deplored is the side that is seen as the more Western side. When there is an act of Islamic terrorism, our media have ruled out the very possibility of attributing it to and blaming it on its stated Islamic motivation. Progressives tell themselves the ridiculous narrative that saying any such thing would be “calling all Muslims terrorists” and “declaring war on all Muslims”, falsely accuse all the rest of us of such a horrific intention, and deduce that the terrorism has to be blamed on some specific grievance against the West — usually some act or condition of injustice imputed to the West in keeping with progressive anti-imperialist anti-capitalist narratives – as the thing that alienated and radicalized and “set off” the terrorists.

      Why, why? Why do liberals repeat this nonsense, liberals and progressives who are supposed to be a part off our society not its enemies? Liberals tend to view leftists as courageous people who act on the progressive narratives they were all brought up on, fighting against “the system”, without making the compromises that liberals feel guilty about having made with it. They speak of leftists as “the conscience of our society”. They usually take up the same orientation as the Left and follow the direction of the radicals, at a few steps remove. The Left knows what it wants, strategically: to damage the West. It is completely logical and strategic about this. Liberals feel guilty about not being leftist enough and mostly serve the same purpose.

      Muslim sectors of the progressive front do tend to be favored over all the other sectors, as you say. It’s because their militants the most militant part of that front. They’re the ones who are “doing it”, as a French scholar of Islam, Olivier Roy, put it (and he’s been a bit of an apologist for political Islam, I heard him argue for viewing the global Left not Islam as the support base for Islamic terrorism). At the same time, Muslims militants are criticized by progressives for their oppression of other minorities favored by the global progressive front, but the criticism is cautious and evasive. Correct style on the mainstream and progressive media is to call Muslims “conservative”, not “radical” or militant or Islamic, when they are oppressing other minorities; thereby equating them with the Global Right (the very same “Islamophobic” Right that is more willing to fight against militant Islam) and making them sound like proper targets for progressive criticism – but criticism limited to the specific context in which they’re being counted as on the Right, not general criticism since in general they’re still counted as on the Left.

      These strategic motivations of leftists and their progressives followers can truly count as malicious, for those of us who do not share their view of the West or “our society” as the enemy. However, they cannot count as cynical, at least in the sense of doing it for votes; the only place I could see cynicism here is in the language games that are played when it comes to Muslim issues and the disguising of the strategic motivations for what’s said, and even in this I think it’s more self-deception than deliberate deception of the rest of us. The vote-getting that comes from it is a consequence of the strategic orientation, not vice versa.

  14. Anonymous4 weeks ago

    The very first bar graph at the beginning of this page shows Muslims growing at +70% by 2060 and the growth of Buddhism is -7% (minus 7 !!). Take a moment and imagine how the world would be if the growth rates for these two groups were reversed … I think this should be a question on the next poll Pew conducts on this subject.

    1. Anonymous4 weeks ago

      I think youre mistaking percents and amounts. By 2050, according to these numbers, muslims will only be 2.1% of the US population at best. Your argument doesnt make sense for the democrats to throw everyone under the bus for a 2.1% vote.

  15. S yed4 weeks ago

    It is funny to see how non-muslims are informed about “Sharia” Law:) Sharia is just the way of muslims are supposed to live. Which is no different then US constitution. People are allowed to practice their religion. Once 2 jews came to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and wanted to be judge between them based on “Sharia” he asked what is written in your law. Islamic laws can not be imposed on non muslims. It is not a disputed issue.
    Muslims pay 1/40th of their saving ( simplified FYI) to poor etc. Pray, fast, Make Hajj etc all these are allowed so what muslims are practicing their Sharia.
    When muslims ruled Spain for 800 years they did not impose their laws on Christians and jews? Hindu in India are a proof that there was no imposition of Islamic laws on Hindu either.

    1. Anonymous4 weeks ago

      You are apparently ignorant of your own doctrine. Sharia is indeed imposed by Muslims on non-muslims – it’s called dhimmitude. According to Islamic law, non-muslims are accorded the respect by ruling Muslims of conversion, death or slavery – just like the Constitution…..

      Spain under rule by Islam? Yeah, except for the occasional massacres of Jews and persecutions of Christians – it was an absolute paradise.

      1. John Hanscom3 weeks ago

        Dhimmitude is not Islamic law. It’s actually a fairly a new word. “The term was coined in 1982 by the [Christian] President of Lebanon, Bachir Gemayel, in reference to perceived attempts by the country’s Muslim leadership to subordinate the large Lebanese Christian minority. In a speech of September 14, 1982 given at Dayr al-Salib in Lebanon, he said: “Lebanon is our homeland and will remain a homeland for Christians… We want to continue to christen, to celebrate our rites and traditions, our faith and our creed whenever we wish… Henceforth, we refuse to live in any dhimmitude!”

    2. Anonymous4 weeks ago

      What is the punishment for apostasy under sharia?

      1. Anonymous3 weeks ago

        The hadith you’re thinking of actually refers to a group of people who lied about being Muslim to get into the army a long time ago and then started attacking the Muslims during a battle. The more you know.

  16. Anonymous4 weeks ago

    If #Islam spreads & increases in Africa (west in particular), ‘Corporate Intensity’ will face setback (possibilities of reduced oil income). ‘Currency Monopoly’ is decreasing every year. In Asia, spread is not ‘rapid’. During Moghuls in India, for 800+ years average population of Muslims were approximately 10 Crores, which is now 16+ Crores. When Muslims settled in modern India, they were 47,000 only. Main reason being that British ‘masterminded’ their decrease. Indonesia, Pakistan & Bangladesh have enormous ‘longevity’ issues related to ‘women folk’. In Europe, the spread is based on ‘urban features’ of slavery. This slavery is being shown as ‘worship’ of one’s own persona. In entire Europe 21 out of every 100 are getting close to Salaf-Islam mindset. #PewResearchCenter

  17. Oolala Mme4 months ago

    Given the sectarian violence inherent in the great, endless divide between Shia and Sunni muslims, I would like research to shed some light on reasons (such as political climate, numbers of adherents and so forth) Shia and Sunni engage in sectarian violence in non-theocratic muslim-majority and Western countries as opposed to the reasons in Islamic theocracies. Thank you!

  18. Anonymous4 months ago

    This is an interesting insight. However, in the case of India, as rightly pointed out by another commenter, the opinion of Muslims of India, seems to have been missed.

    Also, I think that the estimate of 300 million Muslims in India by 2050, is a gross underestimation.

    1. Anonymous3 months ago

      You may well be right. It’s an age old sore spot rivalry.

  19. David Harris4 months ago

    I live in a Muslim country. In four years here, no one has mentioned religion or the Koran. People do follow customs such as the fast and the Goat Bayram, but it seems to me that they do so out of tradition, not because of any deep religious feeling. The women here drive cars, are in professions, wear makeup… It’s no different from the US or Europe. What is happening is that more and more people have access to internet and satellite TV so that Western culture is largely taking over. The girls are Swifties or Beliebers, the boys play video games. It may be that Islam is “growing” because the population is growing, but how sustainable is it when it confronts modern media and people, even Muslims…especially Muslims…want Western culture? I would like to see some polling on the real adherence to this religion to see whether it is a threat to Western ideas or whether it is imploding as an ideology.

    1. Anonymous4 months ago

      Where do you live?

      1. Anonymous4 months ago

        At the moon

    2. Anonymous4 weeks ago

      Unless you’re a Muslim yourself, other Muslims will not discuss religion with you. Muslims are recommended to take other Muslims as their friends before non-Muslims.

      1. Anonymous4 weeks ago

        I am from Malaysia and Muslim. I am unfamiliar of such norm where muslims are to keep friends from among their religion first and not to discuss religion with others i see that muslims world over are becoming more narrow minded and regressive

  20. Anonymous4 months ago

    A question that is never asked of muslims regarding the acts of terrorists and should be asked is:

    Do you believe that the deaths incurred following the actions of a terrorist are the will of Allah?

    The reason is that there is a complex understanding of destiny in Islam, so even though a Muslim may express distaste at the action of a terrorist they may also simultaneously hold the view that it was gods will and was predestined so not actually a bad thing. These surveys do little to further understanding when the questions are framed from a western view of the world.

    1. Anonymous4 months ago

      Interesting suggestion for a question. I am a Muslim and a student of Islamic learning, and the question of qadr (the will of God) is a complicated issue that is not only limited to Islam, but any religion that believes in an omniscient being. However, it should be noted that an action which someone can be held responsible for, will be judged accordingly. For example, if someone stole a Muslim’s money, the Muslim won’t act as if nothing had happened and be perfectly at ease “at God’s will”. The natural reaction is anger and disappointment. How a Muslim views something as good or bad, by moral standards, is similar to any average person so bombing innocent people, despite already known by God, is still perceived as inherently bad.

    2. Anonymous4 months ago

      For the pious, God is almighty, omnipotent, omniscient. This isn’t limited to Islam. Answering yes to such a question doesn’t equate to support for such heinous crimes or monsters. It often means that one submits to God’s will and does not question the almighty.
      The question simply should be: do you support/agree with the actions of the terrorists? Bringing belief and will of God into it unfair to the unquestionable belief of the faithful.

      Disclaimer, this is coming from an atheist.

      1. Anonymous4 months ago

        i am a muslim and i do not agree with their actions

    3. Anonymous4 months ago

      If you ask someone who believes everything is the will of God if a given awful thing is the will of God, you’ll have some very incendiary data that means absolutely nothing about their ethical beliefs.

    4. S yed4 weeks ago

      Actually most muslims believe that lots of these are false flag operation by the world powers to malign muslims and Islam. In Pakistsan an Indian Army officer was caught his name is Kulbashan Jadev but he was using Mubarak Hussain Patel name to create terrorist activities. Fist Indian government claimed that he is a businessman and was kidnapped from Iran:) But they never filled a protest and police report in Iran:) Amazing thing is this proof of who are behind the terrorist activities is covered up by main stream media is indicative of the media being part of the problem and not solution and has lost all credibility.
      ISIS etc are US/Israe operations to create death and destruction that they have been creating for last 70 years and still not get the blame for it. No one blame bush for destroying Iraq and killing millions of people because it was not “terrorism”:)
      Muslims dont believe in killing non muslims because their faith is so strong (almost at the level of arrogance) that they KNOW if non muslims learn about Islam themselves they will convert to Islam anyway, even though God has blessed some to be muslims and others have chosen not to accept this blessing.

  21. Anonymous4 months ago

    Very timely information to further respect and goodwill between Muslims and the rest.
    I am concerned that there is no reference to forced marriage,honor killing or FGM.

    1. Anonymous4 months ago

      That’s actually all cultural what you just listed it’s not of Islam.

  22. Anonymous4 months ago

    Good, factual and useful overview of Islam and Moslims.

  23. Anonymous4 months ago

    Good to have data to help draw conclusion. For example, with immigrants from countries that have very high proportion of Muslim felt good to make Sharia to rule, would that follow that these migrants into the Western countries would most probably continue to have such sentiment in their host countries?
    If so, would that also follow that in countries such as France where 16million are Muslims out of 66million, in a thousand years, the majority would be Muslims due to Muslim families have high birth rate at 3.2 where as non-Muslim at 1.4?
    In short, the days of France as a democratic country can be counted. French woman would become second and third class citizens …….

    1. Anonymous4 weeks ago

      People are strongly influenced by the society in which they live.
      If they live all their life in France, they are likely to follow French mainstream culture(s).
      Hence, the idea of the Sharia law will find big resistance in young generations.
      It will mostly disappear in the course of decades in the same way similar traditional beliefs became minoritarian in the Christian population.

  24. Anonymous4 months ago

    Why aren’t the Sada Arabians included in any of these surveys????

    1. Anonymous3 weeks ago

      because they’re biased.

  25. Anonymous4 months ago

    China is not included in the research.

  26. Anonymous4 months ago

    Despite the survey being updated, the views of Indian Muslims remain excluded in the research yet again. I guess the assumption is that their views don’t count because they are a minority demographic. It is dangerous to keep the views of 12% of the world’s Muslims in the dark, because then one would not be able to see the direction in which that demographic is moving. The community would now be judged on the basis of views interpolated from neighboring countries, and would be subject to narratives by vested interests. I have seen that there are numerous Muslim communities in India, some of which have large geographic spread, while some remain endemic to certain regions. Islam was brought to India in two waves, first by Arab traders at western and eastern coasts, and then by central Asian invaders. This history affects cultural expression, cohesiveness and assimilation of Indian Muslim communities even today. Considering this, and their huge population, a separate survey altogether is justifiable.

  27. Anonymous4 months ago

    .” In the United States, a 2011 survey found that 86% of Muslims say such tactics are rarely or never justified. An additional 7% say suicide bombings are sometimes justified and 1% say they are often justified.”. So, extrapolating this: 7% of 3.5 millions or around 240,000 people would “sometimes” approve a suicide bomber; well as long as it’s “justified ” and not because of childish nonsense as a cartoonist drawing or the burning of a book.

    1. Anonymous4 months ago

      i’d be interested to see how many of those who believe suicide bombings are ‘sometimes justified’ do so in the context of occupation (Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq… etc) as opposed to targeting innocent civilians. Given that suicide is ‘haram’ in Islam, I expect that this number would be much lower for targeting civilians as opposed to attacking soldiers/military/institutional facilities in the event of an occupation. I’m excluding the crazies who justify everything with “Takfeer”

      1. Anonymous3 weeks ago

        The text states the question was about suicide bombing and other kinds of violence against CIVILIANS. This isn’t therefore apparently talking about suicide bombing against the military, it is about attacking civilians. Although you wonder if the circa 240k of US Muslims in favour in some circumstances are referring to conflict territories rather than say actual suicide bomb in the US eg two towers.

    2. Anonymous4 months ago

      I was thinking the same thing. How are people overlooking this number?

  28. Anonymous4 months ago

    “Islam fastest growing religion” This is the fear mongering they did in the 1950s also and said that Muslim population will be double the christian population by 2000 and you know what is came out to be completely untrue. Unlike the christians who cannot use contraception muslims can use it and they do when they are not threatened with annihilation.

  29. Tom Vinci4 months ago

    Bottom-line questions for me: Is there a project for the imposition of Sharia law in European countries supported by a significant segment of the Muslim population (10% or greater) in those countries? What percentage of Muslims living in in Western countries admire traditional western culture, came to the West because of that admiration and wish to integrate into that culture? What percentage of Muslims in Western countries are secularists about their involvement in public life? Answers not clear in these results. Anybody know the answers?

    1. Anonymous4 weeks ago

      Yes, that’s the real crux. Also it would be interesting to break Sharia down. I’m certain that the number of Christians who support laws based on the bible is higher than those who support banning pork and shellfish and punishing rapists with a forty shekel fine.

  30. Anonymous4 months ago

    Bahrain is also a country with a majority of Shia population.

  31. Tom Vinci4 months ago

    Re belief in God. Stats say that 97% of Muslims believe in God. Roughly the same percentage as Christians. Isn’t someone a Muslim only if they believe in the tenets of the Muslim faith, ditto for Christians? The figure should be 100% in both cases. What’s going on here?

    1. Anonymous4 months ago

      Isn’t there a percentage of people who do not believe in gods but identify with being g Christian or Muslim? Maybe these studies found a few of those in their numbers?

  32. Anonymous11 months ago

    Favorable views of ISIS are somewhat higher in Nigeria
    (14%) than most other nations. Among Nigerian Muslims,
    20% say they see ISIS favorably (compared with 7% of
    Nigerian Christians).

    I don’t see how this can be true. I am a Nigerian muslim and I declare this part of your research a huge lie. What your research never take you is; you never find out that Boko Haram is a single tribe affair which is the Kanuri tribe. They started Boko Haram and made 95% of it members. Even the Shuwa Arab dialect whom are living in the mix of the Kanuris, under the Kanem emirate of Borno were never part of Boko Haram despite the Shuwa Arab being 100% muslims. If an ISIS affiliated fake jihadist can be established in Nigeria and a minority tribe in the muslim dominated part of Nigeria will make it 95%. this shows clearly that other tribes like Fulani, Hausa that make up 75 to 80% of muslims in northern Nigeria are only being part of other tribes that make up the 5% of Boko Haram members. And this alone tells the view of Nigerian Muslims as unfavourable to ISIS. Your research is not reliable.

    1. Anonymous4 months ago

      I think they probably should have made clear that Boko Haram is mainly one Nigerian tribal area. But the statistical data smeared out across all of Nigeria admittedly gives an incorrect impression of Nigeria, which is the problem with not drilling deeper into the data for proper analysis. These technically correct but glossed quickly over statistics in past circumstances have led to dangerous misconceptions with disasterous consequences, so I can appreciate your ire. But I believe the data is reliable, it just wasn’t analyzed sufficiently here in a way that reveals the details your own experience do. Good of you to speak up.

      1. Anonymous4 months ago

        Thank you for this response, my sentiments exactly.

  33. Anonymous11 months ago

    So… how many American Muslims support Sharia Law? This report answers every question but the most important one. How is it possible for an American organization to do this much research and not include that one stat?

    1. James Amadeus Kirk11 months ago

      Because it is an irrelevant thing, seeing as they are not even 1% of the total US population.

      1. M4 months ago

        Of course it’s relevant….
        There’s a question about how the acculturate and the relation of that acculturate to their proportion of the population.

  34. Mashal-e-Rah #Justuju11 months ago

    Fantastic research Statistics are surprising

    1. Anonymous4 months ago

      The stats are fake because they do not take into consideration millions of muslims converting to other religions – data which will not be reflected on national registers of Islamic nations where you are not allowed to officially change your religion.

  35. Anonymous11 months ago

    I know more about Muslims now than I did 10:00 minuets ago

    1. Anonymous4 months ago

      Yes,very enlightening.Thank you.

  36. John Cooper11 months ago

    Winston Churchill 1899: “Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

    1. Anonymous4 months ago

      This is probably the best description not only of Muslims. but also applicable to most other religions. Religion under the control of politicians become weapons of mass destruction m

    2. Anonymous4 months ago

      This is a brilliant quote, thank you for sharing it.

    3. Anonymous4 months ago

      While I was born to a Muslim family but consider my self atheist (so I don’t have a motive to defend Islam), I must say Churchill here (and you trying to quote him) does not make any sense.

    4. Anonymous4 months ago

      then..I think winston churchill was communist supporters..why did he think islam is a barrier of any what happen to those follow christianity..

    5. Anonymous4 weeks ago

      According to Snopes fhis is the correct quote. His book which was originally 2 volumes became 1. The part in caps was omitted. “Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. THOUSANDS BECOME THE BRAVE AND LOYAL SOLDIERS OF THE QUEEN; ALL KNOW HOW TO DIE; but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.” from his book The River War published in 1899.

  37. Anonymous11 months ago

    Very well researched and written report. Outstanding presentation that is easily read giving a true understanding of the situation. Thank you for a wonderful intelligent read.

  38. Anonymous11 months ago

    The survey is missing a few VERY important countries. Considering the percentage that justifies violence in some of those countries, I can only wonder what percentage supports violence in those left out countries. This is why I’m voting for Trump!

    1. Anonymous11 months ago

      You think Trump has the tact and education to protect you from enemies in headscarves? Good luck.

  39. Anonymous11 months ago

    Outstanding report

  40. Jim Good11 months ago

    muslims are very loyal to America!

  41. Jim Good11 months ago

    A poll taken of muslims living on America finds that 51 percent think sharia law should be enacted in America.
    Another poll done by this very research company found that young muslims say they are more loyal to islam than the U.S. The percentage was 63 percent. I wonder why this didnt find its way into the article ?
    Peeeeeewww, something stinks here. !

    1. Anonymous11 months ago

      Hmmm. I’m wondering how many Christians would say they are more loyal to Jesus than this country.

      1. Anonymous11 months ago

        You can be a follower of Jesus, who preached love, tolerance, love thy neighbor, and “give unto Ceasar, what is Ceasar’s”, and loyal to United States.

        Muhammad was a military commander and prophet, who’s teachings were interpreted by Muslim legal scholars, leading to Sharia law.

        You can see the effect of these teachings today with the plight of the World refugees. Currently, majority of refugees are muslim. The refugees are seeking refuge in Christian countries. Why not seek refuge in predominantly muslim countries?

    2. Anonymous4 weeks ago

      Where’d you get that figure? I couldn’t find it. I found a reference to it in Breitbart and the Center for Security Policy, but each derived that figure from combining two sources of knowledge, one the Pew study and another unnamed.

    3. Anonymous3 weeks ago

      I’d like to see that survey reports for both polls you mentioned about. Please cite with links to their sources. Thanks

  42. Anonymous11 months ago

    Did I miss it or was it not mentioned, the percentage of muslims living on America who would like to see sharia law enacted here. They show how many in muslim countries but didn’t see it for the U.S. That would give us a good idea of how many really want to assimilate to American life. You think Pew would have asked this question.

    1. Bruce Drake11 months ago

      We did a major survey of American Muslims a few years ago. This part of the report addresses one of your questions:

    2. Joe Doucette11 months ago

      I am a white male Caucasian US citizen 52 years of age married 28 years and two kids .

      I have never once recall any problems with a Muslim’s demeanor. As far as violent ideology goes, we have more problems with our own non-Muslim US citizens committing these psychotic premeditated attacks deliberately targeting groups of innocent citizens.
      And here in the USA, MOST of these atrocities were carried out by young Single White Males!!..where there was no evidence of Sharia Law or any other radical religion as the Catalytic inception.
      Any religion is capable of having an extreme radical side. Its PEOPLE who are RADICAL not RELIGION.
      we not ONLY need to continue our fight as a whole to stop the spread of ANY radical ideology but also need to increase OUR efforts in REACHING OUT to the mentally ill.

      1. Anonymous11 months ago

        Muslims comprise less than 1 percent of Us population. Of course there are more crimes committed by white people.

        1. Anonymous11 months ago

          Thank heaven somebody finally pointed that out

        2. Anonymous4 months ago

          Yea but if you looked at the total stats for terrorist attacks that are carried out by muslims its also close to 1 percent of the total…..

  43. Anonymous11 months ago

    A lot has happened since 2011…we need an updated Pew report!!!!!!!

  44. Ben Koether11 months ago

    Good information, well presented

  45. Anonymous11 months ago

    Succinct and thought provoking , a must refer for any strategy involving study and response to population demographics and their effects on society

  46. Anonymous11 months ago

    “In the United States, a 2011 survey found that 86% of Muslims say that such tactics are rarely or never justified.”

    Why was this lumped together? If 86% think that suicide bombing can be justified I want to get the hell out of muslim neighbourhoods.

    1. Anonymous11 months ago

      Maybe because rarely and never can be considered the same thing for many.

      Is violence ever acceptable? I’d say never, however I could say rarely, because it’s acceptable in self defense. Does that mean I think violence is justified in general? No, just that I can think of times it could be.

  47. Anonymous11 months ago

    Good research as always.

    However, i disagree with one (so far) conclusion: that the sunnis do not consider the shia as muslims.

    Also, you should add the salafi-wahabi sect as a component of the research. could prove to be very eye-opening.

    1. Anonymous11 months ago

      Well I know a few Sunni Muslims, and they all do not consider Shia Sect to be Muslim or rather follower of Islam… Although they do not say that do their faces, I don’t know why, maybe to avoid confrontation…

  48. Anonymous11 months ago

    p.s. to PEW & Michael Lipka
    – – would very much appreciate PEW doing study on 2nd generation muslim immigrants; am seeing a disturbing trend. My neighborhood became predominantly Muslim approx 20 yrs ago, & nearly 100% 10 years ago. During past few years, ‘tween’ boys, Sunni, primarily afghan, most born here in U.S., harassing some of the Shia; & have also begun harassing me {I do not advertise that I’m Christian but since I don’t wear hijab, I do stand out}. the north african tweens wanted to fight w/everyone but it appears as though they were kicked out.

    I’d like to know what trends are in other enclaves around the country, as well as in Europe. Here, it’s beginning to look like the only difference immigration made is geography. {also, study the 2nd genr reliance on social services; none of the women work outside of home, only 2 that drive & walk ‘unescorted’, but not sure what % of these young mothers are 1st or 2nd genr. etc } Thank you again for your wonderful work.

  49. Anonymous11 months ago

    Thank you for this fabulous research! However, PLEASE UPDATE at least some of the 2011 data b/c I can already see the enormous skew it’s causing – –

    Ex: there are more than half a million just in Houston; I saw another comment from Chicago regarding same issue;

    Therefore, this total “2.75 million” for entire country {albeit 2011} – is still – Drastically low by anyone’s estimate, thus Heavily skews the subsequent data in the article.

    Thank you again for sharing your wonderful work – very much appreciated!

  50. Thawatch Rl11 months ago

    This is very good researched data.
    Thank you very much
    Please also send me any other data that you have

  51. Anonymous11 months ago

    Christianity, a bizarre superstition, has been tamed. Islam, a nauseating superstition spread 1400 years ago by the sword and based on the fantastic stories of a genocidal cult leader, has not been.

    1. Anonymous11 months ago

      Except for the fact that you’re far, far more likely to be killed by a Christian in the United States and Europe than you are by a Muslim.

      1. Anonymous11 months ago

        Yes but Christians are the vast majority of the population in those countries and don’t often commit those crimes in the name of god

      2. Anonymous11 months ago

        Except for the fact that you’re far, far more likely to be killed by a Christian in the United States and Europe than you are by a Muslim.


        1. Anonymous11 months ago

          Really, I don’t know of any recent attacks by professed Christians, attacking whilst yelling “Praise Jesus”. I may have missed it though please enlighten us with your data.

      3. Anonymous4 weeks ago

        Wait, you will be killed by a Christian for not believing in Jesus or not following Western values???

    2. Bob Wilson11 months ago

      More accurate to say that Christianity has NOT ONE exhortation to violence- by it’s founder (Jesus Christ), nor in the Christian Scripture (The New Testament).

      Apples and oranges.

    3. Anonymous11 months ago

      Islam is not a “superstition”, this is too nice of a word… it is a political regime disguised as a religion that is really a cult that keeps growing only because they multiply in large amounts… based on the lies of a man who had to copy from the Bible to make it seem acceptable as a religion, added stuff in there to scare people to stay and obey, had to force people to join, pirated caravans, raped children and slaves… and got the cult to grow by taxing people who weren’t “believers”, thus getting more people on board since it was easier to just join, than to pay taxes. And voila! The world now has billions of these “superstitious” people who are even able to get Buddhist monks to oust them from their midst. I think “lie” would be a much better synonym for Islam… but, hey, if you want to be a softie, “superstition” is fine with me too.

      1. Anonymous3 weeks ago

        well the prophet Muhammad was an uneducated man so how can a person who cannot read or write copy down bible and make changes to it and do it in a span of 23 years and no one ever saw so please mind a little the way you talk about anyone.

  52. Anonymous11 months ago

    I am appalled by some of the comments here. There is nothing wrong with Muslims, their agenda is the same as everyone else; to live peacefully and offer a good life for their children. Conflict is caused by social deprivation, inequality and persecution. Humans of all background and faith should unite, and recognise the real root cause of these issues, issues which are very clearly correlated in this article. Please don’t judge, love, understand and embrace.

    1. Bob Wilson11 months ago

      Seriously? Yes, I know individual Muslims who seems peaceful- do you not research the religion thoroughly before you speak on it though?

      Do you care about the welfare of homosexuals? Try that on for Islam.

      1. Anonymous11 months ago

        I suggest you first go find out who founded Christianity coz it wasn’t Jesus and leave islam to the people that follow it’s teachings

    2. Anonymous11 months ago


      And to add, the experiences from their war-torn countries, the social injustices, racism and disrimination the muslims and most minority groups face.

      If western countries could stop invading other countries; there would not be any refugees. The children of these refugees would not be subjected to total phsical and psychological trauma they are in today.

      1. Anonymous11 months ago

        Strange, I never heard of the West invading western African countries (at least in recent decades). Many thousands of people go from those nations to seek economic benefits in Europe and end up as refugees…but hardly thru an invasion.
        Although I do agree that a substantial percentage of the overall refugee situation is exacerbated by intervention by western countries.

        1. Anonymous4 months ago

          search france and mali…. and do some research Europe has been doing these since forever and still continues to do this

    3. Anonymous11 months ago

      What planet do you live on? Have you seen the video of them marching with signs in Japan outside the US Embassy calling for the death of someone who created a YouTube video criticizing them? (that’s an easy one to find) Do you know that they have already killed other critical film makers, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s partner in Amsterdam? Have you seen the video of them with their signs calling to behead a myriad of other types of people? (this is common and easy to find) Have you seen the videos of them marching in Great Britan with signs and chanting, F You police? Have you heard about ANY of the actual attacks reported in mainstream news around the world? Do you know that even Buddhist Monks have ousted them from their midst… they can’t even get along with Buddhists… how hard is that? And do you know why? But, guess what, they don’t want to get along… They want to settle around the world to establish themselves everywhere and work toward forcing the world to accept Sharia law where if a woman is raped, she must have 4 witnesses, otherwise she is an adulterous and can be put to death. They believe that all “others” are infidels and it means nothing to them to kill them. Don’t be so naive.

  53. Anonymous1 year ago

    The muslim population of Britain is doubling roughly every ten years (the national census period).They are generally young while we are generally older.In my opinion our laws are not applied equally as the authorities know that we will not riot or worse to get our way.I hope Europe is starting to wake up in a big way to this problem and I think this is happening especially in the former communist european countries: They know an invasion/occupation when they see one! I’m afraid there will be civil war in Britain by 2040/2050 if there is not an immediate stop to all immigration from majority muslim countries and ‘breeding on welfare’ is not equalized for both groups.

  54. Ed Di Giambattista1 year ago

    I don’t care what mainstream Muslims say about groups likr ISIS. I’m just not inclined to believe them.Parts of the que’ran talk of peaceful ideas while other’s clearly talk of death to those who speak against ISLAM, Allah, and Mohammand.

    The Bible is no different. The Isrealites, led by Moses were a violent band of soldiers sacking cities as they went. I don’t believe that every Muslim living in the USA would take flying lessons to eventually fly a commercial jet into a major populated skyscraper. I do believe that many more muslims than are claimed has (as president Obama would say) a “Coil of Anger” within them against the people of the western hemisphere”. And I do believe that this is fundamentally reinforced on a regular basis in mosques across the non-Muslim world, just as it’s returned by the attitudes of the west every time a claim is made by Muslims that they are ” above the law of man” or they demand that Sharia law be observed , or that western customs be abondoned in lieu of Muslim customs of diet and prayer, to name just a few.

    I also think that this attitude is mirrored by our own president. Instead of diffusing hatred, he increases it by the same methods I mentioned earlier. Proclimations that are issued quickly that appear to be against established tradition and interpreted by many (including this writer) as acts of treason, with respect to giving aid and comfort to those who would be our enemies in an eventual war that may not be able to be avoided.

    Decisions that seem to be reducing our economy, immigtpration policies that could be interpreted as building an internal army, threats of confiscating citizens guns, and a general ‘dumbing down” of the current generations of students.

    It’s hard to fight a war without money, guns, soldiers committed to a common goal of patriotism, and a leader that shares thes goals with the citizens that expect the most.

    1. Anonymous11 months ago

      “I don’t care what mainstream Muslims say about groups likr ISIS. I’m just not inclined to believe them.” What evidence do you have that hatred and violence is “fundamentally reinforced on a regular basis in mosques across the non-Muslim world?” You are worried about our economy, dumbing down of our children. Why do you think immigrants are causing this? Do immigrants have any power in our government? Immigrants generally work long hours for very little pay. They produce wealth, pay taxes, and in return they get very little. Why blame them when there are people such as the Gates, the Waltons, the Kochs who are paying politicians? Who do you think is responsible for trade deals that hurt our economy and education reforms that hurt our children? The people with no power, or the people who actually control our government? Who benefits when the working people are divided among themselves because of race and religion?

    2. Anonymous4 months ago

      Please quote me a line from the Quran where it says “death to those who speak against ISLAM, Allah, and Mohammand.” It is nowhere in the Quran. so you my friend are grossly misinformed. I would recommend taking a read from Al-Quran and see what exactly it says.

  55. Ed Di Giambattista1 year ago

    10% of all Europeans will be muslim by 2050? Does that mean current Europeans CONVERTING to ISLAM, or enough current muslims migrating to Europe by 2050 to tilt the scales to 10%? It makes a difference and if it’s the result of the latter, the remainder of Europe and the Western hemisphere should take note and factor this migration into rheir policy decisions concerning “open border issues” and an ISLAM agenda that assumes a population that considers itself “above man’s law” with respect to their radical religious teachings. When a group considers its beliefs to be directly from the mouth of god, that is a very dangerous situation. We’ve already seen the extent that this group will go to fight. Its jihad against the western world.

    If the muslims of Europe are just the muslims of Africa with a new mailing adress then the western world may be heading for the third time that Eurrope will be asking the west to bail them out. Eurooe should keep in mind 1914 and 1939 if in fact the estimates from the Pew group are accurate.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      It means that Muslim women have more babies than non Muslim women and they have plans to force people to convert by sabotaging our legal systems and civil liberties. It’s happening in Europe as we speak. This deal Germany struck up with Germany is an absolute joke. Even if Turkey suppresses immigration, the agreement to give visa free travel is just another way for migrants to come in.

  56. Anonymous1 year ago

    The assumption here, that Islam is growing, and rapidly growing, is wrong. Even key Islamic sources don’t make this claim. Saudia Arabia has been in damage control mode for well over a decade now attempting to deal with shrinking numbers of muslims, even when their reckless fertility is taken into account. The radical fundamentalism we are seeing is a chaotic response to the decline of Islam, much in the same way that in the west, and to a lesser degree, Christians have hijacked right wing political parties in an effort to coerce and force people into becoming Christian. Neither effort, as you can see, is working. Atheism is growing at such a rate that by 2050 they will number 1 in 3 on the planet. Religious violence is cited as the number one reason people are abandoning religion today. Lastly, this survey assumes that everything will be business as usual until 2050, which is utterly absurd. We can expect world wide food shortages on a regular basis by the end of the next decade. Also we can expect skyrocketing food prices, and of course the associated rioting that goes along with this. Over population will lead to conflict, the collapse of nations, wide spread starvation, and tens of millions marching into Europe, most of which will be muslim.

  57. Adam Klein1 year ago

    It is not as extreme as people make it out 3.1 vs 2.3 for others. Still a difference (expecially when compounded from multiple generations) but the Muslim rates have gone down as well have they not. Sad to see Jews to continue to be lower then the 3 biggest religions which that in itself I know a small percent that are Orthodox have a lot of kids but many leave Orthodoxy as there is a very high turnover rate and the next generation and have much fewer so the problem continues which is why the number overall are low but also very unevenly distributed which is other item among birth rates that isn’t rates. And this is standard deviations. Which high ones I would think would mean the rates may go down as others get influenced by the lower rates and sometimes when you have a high standard deviation studies are done that take advantage of this divide to give people a false sense of security that the birth rates are much higher then they based on a small subset only being included especially if the birth rate study goes by kids sent to a school which excludes anyone with no kids that is about as skewed a study you can do.

  58. Glen James McFarlen1 year ago

    In a civilized society, tolerance is a two-way street (or rather, it should be). Yet, in some American public schools, special dispensation is being allotted to Muslims regarding organized public prayer time while my kids are still denied their right to pray unless they pray to Allah. This is not in any way equitable. Despite what Mahammad may have told you in the Qur’an, it is not your God-given right to unravel the fabric of American society in order to replace it with your own. Such activity (whether directly or indirectly [fomenting]) is in violation of the Immigration & Nationality Act (of 1952). Yet like a dictator, Barack Obama is choosing to ignore that.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      I enjoyed reading your post and I thank you for being so honest. It saddens me that there are a great deal of Americans and citizens of other Western countries that refuse to open their eyes and see what actually happening around them . And we legal citizens here in America need to start enforcing the laws that separate Church from State. History has proven that countries that are run by a religious organization are always in turmoil, whether the world sees it or not.

  59. Glen James McFarlen1 year ago

    If Islam is so peaceful, can someone tell me why Muslim migrant refugees being welcomed into Europe are responding to the hospitality with signs such as this: “(insert host nation here[ie. Sweden]) can go to hell!” alongside signs which say “Freedom can go to hell!”? Why respond to offers of refuge with hate instead of gratitude? By western standards, this is not civilized. Is this the Islamic notion of peace?…of civility?

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Yeah “welcomed” to Europe … where they had to flee with nothing because Europe and the West brought war to their countries. Like someone burning down your house by then letting you sleep on his floor. Very hospitable and neighbourly!

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        I agree

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        They didn’t have to. Muslims should not accept the invitation
        If they feel that way. Join the army and fight for your rights.

      3. Anonymous11 months ago

        Sorry, but it was the reverse. Islam brought war to their countries. It has been going on for decades. Did the West cause the Algerian Civil War? The Iraq-Iran war? Invasion of Kuwait by Iraq? Yemenite Civil War? You are totally misinformed.

  60. Hugh Jass1 year ago

    72% in the UK have favourable views of Muslims? Haha wow I doubt that. Most people I know have a less than favourable view.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      of the people they asked, prolly 72% were muslim

  61. Anonymous1 year ago

    That last poll made me mad. So lets just stop sending our tax-dollars, aid packages, money out of our own pockets, and NGOs to these countries and then ask how generous Westerners are when they see how much the world does there to help them!! They obviously don’t know many westerners and it’s their stereotypes. And the US people who answered that poll clearly know little about Islam. They think that Muslims respect women? Yeah, it shows a lot of respect for women to see all these men in the EU leave their women behind in a war zone. Care to rethink that “respect of women” after Lara Logan got sexually attacked by “moderate muslims” in Cairo? Or the stoning deaths of women by mobs and not through a court, even through their backwards sharia courts. They are greedy b/c they charge extra taxes to non-muslims, haven’t taken in ANY refugees and don’t forget that their holy book allows them to LIE to non-muslims for whatever reason.

    Pew should NOT be asking Russian Muslims if sharia should be allowed in “Muslim areas.” There should be no self-governing “Muslim areas” within a sovereign nation, there are only Muslim countries. Last I checked, Russia isn’t a Muslim (Islamic) country. Neither is France, Sweden and Germany but they are working fast on changing that.

    Apparently there ARE ‘Muslim areas,” also called “no-go zones” in some EU countries, or so some claim, in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, heck the Europeans are FOOLISH to let parallel societies happen in their countries in the first place. Also, trying to make all those EU nations into a “United Countries of Europe” was never going to work, so how do they think this mass immigration is going to work? People will always have a sense of nationalism and pride in their country and it’s human nature to gravitate towards humans who are like you.

    I think letting them all in was in part to dissolve Schengen and take back border control for many countries. Turkey has no business in the EU, sorry, it’s my opinion. They are barely on the EU continent and they have blackmailed the EU into getting Turkey to be an EU member by using the crisis, by using PEOPLE. That’s my take on it, and soon 75 million Turks will be able to come in the EU with an EU passport, and expand their human smuggling network. These “refugees” are going to be good for companies, but bad for native European workers and for Brits if they don’t get out of the EU this summer.

    Now I want to work for Pew b/c I have experience in quality control, and I don’t see that reflected well in these charts. The charts also prove that Muslims, overall ( I think the US Muslims ARE different and may not agree with the ME answers) are far less tolerant when you look at how much higher the percentages are in that last chart.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Anonymous if you had ever been in a Muslim country and sampled the hospitality and sense of community you would know that its possible that in our capitalist world on average we are more consumer driven and therefore selfish. The fact that we only send 15% of our donations abroad, the majority of which goes to Christian countries, also puts a hole in your argument. If only we exported charitable donations as much as we do weapons..!
      There are a lot of human rights issues in the Muslim world and they definitely need addressing however just so you know many ‘moderate christians’ also commit sexual crimes every year. Now that I think about it, you probably know that already?!
      It’s never good to begin a paragraph with ‘Apparently” especially if you are trying to make a point. I appreciate there are some people who only “gravitate towards humans whoa re like you” and you surely fall into that box but if you have ever set foot in Ne York or London you would know that not to be 100% true.
      Thankfully like mine your opinion doesn’t count and I think its safe to say you will not be working for PEW anytime soon.

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      Hi,i am from Pakistan…your views are very prejudiced about muslims…just meet with a few Muslims who practice islam u will see a great difference in what the world portrait them and what they are actually.

      1. Abhinav Chohan1 year ago

        Ya that is coming from a Pakistan. Recently jailed a guy for raising the flag of another country after a cricket match. A military regime with powerless politicians. The biggest terrorist hub. home of Osama. where cricketers openly and publicly marry their sons to terrorists/gangsters kids. The country that does not even claim its martyred soldiers after kargil. why not…go there…at your own risk.

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          Hi, I m from Pakistan but not the same person to whom u replied. I don’t have such bad views for Indians as u have for Pakistanis. Maybe because I have lived in Saudi Arabia where Indians and Pakistanis live happily together no matter they are Muslims and Hindus. I was not going to say anything about the topic but saying because of the comment passed by u. Can u please tell me which match was that and of which country the guy raised the flag of and in which Pakistani jail is he kept. I promise if this is true, either I will give my life to give him justice or March with those against my country.but if what u said is not true, promise me by ur God to march against ur country or change the nationality to Pakistani.

      2. Anonymous3 weeks ago

        One truth about prejudiced is that it is judging with out knowing. It is surprising how many disparate people find friendship in some who are from a group they despise. lwt

  62. Soneck Harris1 year ago

    This is so well done and useful. Very clear and informative. Saves a lot of Googling time

  63. Asma Sohail1 year ago

    Just consider why Britishers and French have more favorable view of Muslims than others. It is simply because they have had more opportunities to know them and live along side them. Few things stand out in the survey regarding the perceptions of the traits of Muslims. Being fanatical, not being respectful to women and being honest and generous. Yes, Muslims can be fanatical about their religion, however, it is open to debate whether it is always a bad thing. And yes, coming from conservative patriarchal societies, Muslim men do tend to be restrictive and controlling in their behavior towards women. However, when taken together with less perceived immorality, there is a possibility that Muslim men may be more family centered. I would dare say most of them are model citizens in countries that they live in despite the few infamous incidents of terrorism associated with them. In the US, it seems you are more likely to be killed by a child with a gun than by a terrorist

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      I would make a small counter point to your first statement by looking at some of the other countries listed there. Spain has a very long history with Muslims ( refer to Moors and Ottoman influence in Spain) but the general Spanish population, especially in the north and central parts are very unlikely to support Muslim immigration to the country. Furthermore areas like Italy that have had large numbers of north Africans moving there for years are already unhappy with the effects that has had on the region economically.

    2. Glen James McFarlen1 year ago

      Asma Sohail> Since terrorist organizations are widely known to recruit children, Your argument “more likely to be killed by a child with a gun than a terrorist” is without merit/irrelevant.

      1. Anonymous11 months ago

        I don’t think you get the point.

  64. Khalid Arzo1 year ago

    Islam is a peaceful religion in general , unfortunately this last and final message from almighty God is not understood very well , but please don’t forget this fact that Muslims are under western attacks in their countries such as Afghanistan , Iraq , Palestine , Syria , Yemen and many more …. what would you do if you are under attacks ? would you complain at least or defend your self ????

    In my opinion education is the key to always be truthful !
    Another fact that there is no Shia name mentioned in Islam , this is a what people consider themselves as different groups Muslims !

    1. christian ledford1 year ago

      What about the twin towers?

    2. John Doe1 year ago

      Syria is under attack because they have been warring for 5 years and their people will not stop flooding Europe, there was no choice but to get involved. As for Afghanistan and Iraq, that is the fault of al-Qaeda who should not have attacked US embassies and then the US mainland on 9/11, and Saddam using chemical weapons on his own people while stealing Kuwaiti oil which the rest of the world relied on purchasing. Palestine has not been attacked by the west, but certainly we will support Israel and their right to defend themselves despite Palestinians’ belief that they should be exterminated. They are the only free, peaceful, advanced society in the MENA region where Christians, Jews and Muslims live together in harmony. They are an example to the rest of the region who refuse to stop living in the stone age.

    3. Mustang 19811 year ago

      so by that token, the hindus in India can kill muslims because they murdered, plundered,raped and carted wealth is it?

      why dont you see the jew blowing himself up in a german bakery? why dont you see hindus blow themselves up in mosques?do you think thats not possible?

      the truth is that ISLAM PROMISES JANNAT thru jihad and other religions dont.

      islam has a problem. period.

    4. Saty Smith1 year ago

      “…please don’t forget this fact that Muslims are under western attacks in their countries…” (comment from Khalid Arzo)

      Notice this is same argument Palestinian Arabs use to justify jihadist attacks against Israel. This justification of terrorism is now being applied more broadly. The Western world is now being painted as an aggressor against Islam, and the “evidence” is the West’s anti-terrorist actions Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, despite the fact the West would like nothing more than to be able to extract itself from these regions and leave behind peaceful, responsible, self-governing societies…just as Israel would in relation to the Arabs in Palestine.

      I hope that Europe and the rest of world will finally open its eyes and understand what Israel is up against and stop holding this perpetually-attacked country to a ridiculously high standard of non-violence that takes away its right to defend itself against jihad.

    5. Saty Smith1 year ago

      “…this last and final message from almighty God”

      This is Islamism at work. The writer is expressing a supremacist stance. To declare that Mohammed / the Koran / Islam has “the last and final message,” means a person must have enormous disdain for non-Muslims.

      Of course, all religious people, whether Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists are deluded to think their scripture is the word of “god,” but it takes particular arrogance to declare that your version is the last and final, thereby dismissing all that came before and all that will come after.

      Herein lies the problem with Islam and the core reason it has been such a dangerous and retrograde force throughout its entire 1400 history.

    6. Anonymous1 year ago

      defend themselves? why are all the young healthy men fleeing to europe and leaving their families defenseless behind? those cowards are defending no one, they are running away when they should be defending their country

    7. Glen James McFarlen1 year ago

      To quote Kharid Arzo, “Islam is a peaceful religion in general,” & “In my opinion, education is the key to always be truthful.” Well, let’s take a truthful look at some of Mahammad’s teachings:____Qur’an 3:54- “…Allah is the best of deceivers.” And now, add to that Bukhari 49:857- “He who makes peace with the people by inventing good information or saying good things, is not a liar.” There are also many other verses in the Qur’an which condone, encourage, or even command Muslims to deceive non-Muslims in order to advance the cause of Islam. As thousands of Muslims around the world are proudly proclaiming, the cause of Islam is to dominate the entire world under one caliphate, The Islam State. The Qur’an teaches that there will be never be peace on Earth until all of humanity bows down to Islam.

      Under The Islamic State, all who do not convert to Islam are to be slain, enslaved, or otherwise subjugated, stripped of basic human rights. So, Khalid, I ask you this: If you value both peace & truth, how can you remain faithful to the Qur’an without aiding & abetting the overthrow of non-Islamic nations?

      1. Anonymous11 months ago

        everything in the Quran is basically a continuous story from beginning to the end which is divided into chapters
        i read the entire chapter 3 and not just verse 54 . The chapter is actually about the story of jesus and it says from the previous verses that the enemies of jesus devised a plan, and Allah devised a plan too and he is the best of planners
        it is clear to anyone with a knowledge of arabic that the arabic word used there means” to plan “and not ” to deceive”
        i dont know which translation of the Quran you’re using but i recommend the one by M.A.S Abdel Haleem

  65. Hamid Bhurgari1 year ago

    How come population according to US government survey in 2000 was 6 to 7 million and now only 3.3 million. I think this research is wrong and politically motivated. There are at least 7 to 8 million Muslims in American. Only 490k are in the Chicago land area. Add Texas, California and New York and you will surpass 3.3 mark. Muslims are already bigger or equal to Jewish population.

    1. Jeremy Pike1 year ago

      So the US government is NOT motivated by politics…but Pew Research Center, a renowned source that is universally regarded as reliable (e.g., you can cite it as a source doing graduate work in the US). Have you seen the CIA World Factbook? I understand that is technically a private organization but the information they post about other nations’ demographics is at best questionable and at worst laughable. Is the US government renowned for getting things right?

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        ????? please read

  66. Melody Szabo1 year ago

    There is nothing here about the epidemic of forced conversions either by rape or by forced marriage (often following rape). Once a girl is raped she is undesirable by other men for marriage (who must typically buy her via a dowry) and this is why rape is used as part of the forced marriage and conversion. According to news reports, this is now more common than it ever has been. I’ve read reports of it in the UK, Sweden, France, Germany, Chechnya, Iran, Pakistan, India, China (the perp was executed), USA, Australia, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania. And there is nothing here to address Saudi concerns that Islam is shrinking in total membership. But they would know. Saudi Arabia provides funding to mosques world wide as part of it’s Jihad against the non-muslim world. None of this is radical, it’s quite openly available among news and government sites world wide.

  67. bootjangler1 year ago

    There is another factor in the rise of Islam and that is the death penalty for anyone who leaves it. This is of course, not followed everywhere, but when we have a preacher in London who runs Sharia courts, insisting that the death penalty is right, then we need to be concerned. When you have other organisations in the UK looking up to him, you need to be very concerned.
    I cannot believe that with the world-wide extremism going on, that the “favourable” is so high with certain surveys. I can only think that people surveyed bring it all down to the nice work colleague or the nice neighbour, who may well be in as much danger from the fanatics as everyone else.
    I have personally known Muslims who offered no problem and were just “normal” for want of a better word. I also know secular/liberal Muslims from social media these days, who are incredibly wary of the orthodoxy. And I am well aware of that orthodoxy which is a huge problem for the Western world. I cannot state that enough.
    So those surveys are a little skewed, because if I was asked what my impression of “Muslims” was, I would have to ask, “Which type?”

  68. Rock Wood1 year ago

    I fully reject the term “Muslim-American”, and I declare that there is no such thing as a “Muslim-American”, they simply do not exist, and here is why. If a Pakistani-Muslim comes to America and becomes an American citizen then they are by definition a Pakistani-American. If a Muslim comes to America from Syria and becomes a citizen, then they are a Syrian-American so on and so forth, Just as a black person is considered an African-American. And when one realizes the fact that America was founded as a Judeo-Christian Nation, I say that a “Muslim-American” is an oxymoron, and in reality does not exist. Now, if one of these people is born in america and becomes a Muslim than they are simply an American that is a Muslim. How many Christians declare themselves to be a “Christian-American”, or a Jew declares himself a “Jewish-American”? I must argue that they do not, and are simply an American that practices a certain faith, and that does not afford them the right to identify themselves specifically as that certain religion based American, it is a loaded term that should not be applied to one’s identity. I am an Atheist but I do not go around declaring that I am an Atheist-American, I am simply an American that is also an Atheist. I am quite certain that no Muslim will accept this fact simply because they are the only religion in the entire world that demands special treatment wherever they go.

    1. John Doe1 year ago

      You seem not to recognize the fact that it is Muslims themselves who identify first and foremost as Muslim. Pew has other polls showing this, particularly high among Muslim youth in Britain who consider themselves Muslim, not British, despite having been born in Britain. It’s hugely problematic and I mean their mindset, not our labels. Muslims in America have very little connection to America and readily admit this. If anything, we should only be calling them Muslims, not identifying them as citizens of any western country in which they live, as they consider themselves foremost subject to Islamic law and not the laws of the land.

      1. Saty Smith1 year ago

        He does recognize this fact. In fact, he’s making this point.

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        Well, God comes first . Don’t you think so?

      3. Anonymous11 months ago

        I see a lot of comically uninformed comments on here, like somebody went to a few websites and watched a YouTube video and now broadly generalizes Muslims with their “expertise.”

        “as they consider themselves foremost subject to Islamic law and not the laws of the land.”

        I severely doubt you have a clue what Sharia even means.

        Muslims, in their religion, are required to obey local laws.

        To most Muslims, nationalism is a poisonous, fabricated ideology invented to sew divisions among the world, which is crystal clear just by looking at European history, loaded to the brim with warfare and bloodshed.

        Muslims believe all human beings are created equal. Islam permeates race, ethnicity, nationality, etc. The only two things that seperate two human beings are piety and good deeds. A person’s character is what’s important, not where they were involuntarily born.

        God does not judge people based on nationality, he judges people based on piety and good deeds. This is why they identify as Muslim first.

  69. alexandria rider2 years ago

    Islam teaches that God has sent prophets to humanity, in different times and places, to communicate His message. Since the beginning of time, God has sent His guidance through these chosen people. They were human beings who taught the people around them about faith in One Almighty God, and how to walk on the path of righteousness. Some prophets also revealed God’s Word through books of revelation.What message have the prophets brought?:

    Muslims believe that all prophets gave guidance and instruction to their people about how to properly worship God and live their lives. Since God is One, His message has been one and the same throughout time. In essence, all prophets taught the message of Islam – to find peace in your life through submission to the One Almighty Creator; to believe in God and to follow His guidance.

    What does the Quran say about the prophets?:

    “The Messenger believes in what has been revealed to him from his Lord, as do the men of faith. Each one of them believes in God, His angels, His books, and His Messengers.

    They say: ‘We make no distinction between one and another of His Messengers.’ And they say: ‘We hear, and we obey. We seek Thy forgiveness, Our Lord, and to Thee is the end of all journeys.'” (2:285)

    What prophets are named in the Quran?:

    There are 25 prophets mentioned by name in the Quran, although Muslims believe that there were many more in different times and places. Among the prophets that Hud
    Ibrahim (Abraham)
    Isma’il (Ishmael)
    Ishaq (Isaac)
    Lut (Lot)
    Ya’qub (Jacob)
    Yousef (Joseph)
    Ayyub (Job)
    Musa (Moses)
    Harun (Aaron)
    Dhu’l-kifl (Ezekiel)
    Dawud (David)
    Sulaiman (Solomon)
    Ilias (Elias)
    Al-Yasa (Elisha)
    Yunus (Jonah)
    Zakariyya (Zechariah)
    Yahya (John)
    ‘Isa (Jesus)

    How do Muslims honor the prophets?:

    Muslims read about, learn from, and respect all of the prophets. Many Muslims name their children after them. In addition, when mentioning the name of any of God’s prophets, a Muslim adds these words of blessing and respect: “upon him be peace” (alayhi salaam in Arabic).

    1. Jack Johnson2 years ago

      I enjoyed your post. However, I must submit within your Islamic teachings and apologetics lies a problem. A glaring denunciation of the recorded words of both Jesus and John.

      Indulge me if you will…

      You know (I presume, noting that you recognise the words of the prophet John, when he spoke, “behold the *lamb of God who takes away the sins of the whole world!”) that Jesus declared Himself the **sacrifice for the sins of the world. That through Him alone all may be saved – through faith in the power of His sacrifice and resurrection. If you declare Him anything less than your personal Savior, slain for the penalty of your shortcomings and transgressions, resurrected through the power of God, and seated at God’s right-hand – there is a problem.
      If you honor the reputation of your purported prophets, you would honor their words.

      Thank you

      Merry Christmas!


      Email me @

      * John 1:36

      ** 1 Peter 1:19

      12/25/15 5:55 AM

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      There is no place on Earth where Islam has ever brought peace, unless you define peace as the slaughter of all dissenters. Islam cannot bring peace because the God of Islam is Satan himself, disguised as the Nabatean Moon God, Allah. Islam is nothing more than a revival of the ancient Moon God cult.

  70. y. yal Y2 years ago

    It’s all about demographics and backlash of living in so called “modern life” which consists of using tons of contraceptives such as birth control pills and using tons of drugs (cocaine, heroin etc.) plus individualistic mentality, me, me , me…it’s only about me! I would say go back to patriarchy and ban feminism.

    1. Melody Szabo1 year ago

      Feminism is partly why the west became so successful, and the recent backlash against women, including the total brutality against them, is part of its decline, part of the whole Fascist movement.

    2. John Doe1 year ago

      Muslim nations would do well for themselves to introduce contraception, as their problems of overpopulation are preventing them from ever emerging from the stone age.

      1. Glen James McFarlen1 year ago

        Sorry John, but that goes against the teachings of Mahammad. Out-populating us non-Muslims is part of the agenda to advance the cause of Islam. Can anyone prove me wrong(without dis-avowing Qur’an 2:106)?

  71. S Arifeen2 years ago

    I would like to congratulate PewResearh for their outstanding job! Cheers!! 🙂

  72. Tom Jones2 years ago

    Interesting how people can see the problems in other religions, yet are blind to their own.


    1. S Arifeen2 years ago

      The problem is fear of unknown, mistrust. If you have a good friend from other religion, you’ll know most of these views are just wrong! Just viewing this comment section just scare the hell out of me! The ignorance!! OMG!!

    2. Kris K Hinson2 years ago

      It depends on what you mean; dialogue will be a good start. Recently, I’ve come to know quite a few people who hide behind this ideology to criticize anyone who dares to point out what they know to be wrong with another religion.

      If your religion was different from mine and you knew for sure that what I call a religion of God really wasn’t so, would you point it out to me because yours/you are not perfect? Would you not wish that I joined your religion of God and threw myself at the mercy of God rather than worship a false god? That’s how I see it.

      The Devil would wish to magnify our imperfection to stop us from sharing the truth of God. I will share the truth and welcome criticism even from those of my religion.

    3. John Elliott1 year ago

      All religions like all roads don’t lead to Heaven. To clear the air as to what Jesus Christ has said in God’s word about the subject of how one gets there to spend eternity, we have these words “no man cometh to the Father but by me”. That being said, what Jesus was saying is that a “religion” won’t get one to Heaven. Only faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Religions, not so much. Kind of reminds one of the Jewdiesers, scribes and pharisees. They were so steeped in the law of religion they totally missed Christ’s receipt for salvation. So don’t make the mistake of thinking your “religion” is your salvation.

      1. Anonymous11 months ago

        I totally agree… and furthermore, Jesus directed his disciples and those they brought into the fold, to congregate, not “form a religion”. Their objective, as was directed to them by Jesus, was to spread the Gospel. Maybe you, John, will also agree with the following, but I also hope others will get this message… The established religion itself was an effort in unification as before (the first 3 or 4 centuries after the crucification) the followers of the way, had fragmented ideas and/or fragmented collections of writings from the Apostles about many of the teachings, beyond the gospel, given to us from Jesus. But, really, the take away message brought to us by Jesus is all about spreading the Gospel. The Bible might be helpful in achieving this and some are particularly responsive to learning about the prophecy in the Old T, but one does not need to belong to a Christian religion to have access to God’s Kingdom.
        But I really like the way you put it when you say that “thinking your religion is your salvation” is a mistake. I will likely use that.

  73. Mr.Lopono2 years ago

    This article is a lie. Muslims want sharia law implemented. Their holy book tells them too. They all want sharia law. There are no moderate muslims only moderate idiots who believe these so called moderate muslims exist. Google dearborn muslim riot. That shows you how peaceful they are to non-muslims and white people.

    1. Jake VanWagoner2 years ago

      So I suppose you don’t believe there are peaceful blacks?

      What’s going on is that Christianity met industrialism long ago, and industrialization brings secularism over generations. Islam didn’t — and in much of the world, Islam still has yet to meet real industrialism.

      Second- or third-generation Muslims have retained the fundamentals of belief in God and private practice of rituals, but are undergoing the secular transformations in much the same way Christianity has — loosening restrictions on clothing, roles for men and women, sexuality, etc. The transformation hasn’t happened many other countries yet.

      1. Kris K Hinson2 years ago

        What has race got to do with one’s beliefs? This is typical of a lot of Muslims; Islam is very important to those born in Muslim countries and parents, no doubt about it, but Islam isn’t a race. Whereas a person’s beliefs are not sacred, race is. You can change your beliefs but you cannot change your race. The difference is huge.

    2. alexandria rider2 years ago

      I would not call people who think moderate Muslims exist Moderate idiots. And by your comment i think that you think all Muslims are violent. Well that is definetely not true. I AM a Muslim and believe me I have a lot non-Muslim friends, and none of them will say anything bad about me, or call me violent. And Muslims are moderate. They give, they share, they ARE kind, they ARE generous. And YES some would even risk their own life to save a non-Muslims life. Many people are getting bad points of view of Muslims from social media. Just because of the title “Ratical Muslims” has the name Muslim in it people are thinking that all Muslims are bad. Lets say a Christian man commited some crime, us Muslims don’t go around calling all Christians bad. And like the article said American Muslims have the most number of non-Muslim friends than any other Muslims around the world. That is like 100% true. Non-Muslims who have known a Muslim person would never believe that, that person is bad because of the media. And I know Not every ones mind is not in the right place it doesn’t make all Muslims bad. Isis ha s done damage to more Muslims than any other religion, so we are in this together. All I am trying to say is if you actually knew a Muslim you would never say this.

    3. Bangle Dupree11 months ago

      Because like uneducated, illiterate, and unthinking people everywhere, “Mr Lopono,” you would rather believe that your unfounded ideas are correct than actually read the study and think through the basis for a research study and the actual data produced. No critical thinking here: just asserting your unfounded opinion, believing I suppose that if you say it often enough, it’s true. You’re apparently incapable of basic logical thinking (“if one muslim person is bad they must all be bad!” )
      This is why there’s always people who end up in the ER because they ignore the directions on the Tylenol, end up taking too much (“Because if 2 are good, 40 must be better, right?), and costing the rest of us money, time, and hospital space.

  74. Mark Colbath2 years ago

    The problem with the modern Christian Church is that we’ve made it too easy. Church is something you attend, or not, on Sunday. People are looking for more, even if it’s a false religion such as Islam. Young people need to be challenged. They are looking for a cause, a mission. Attending a weekly youth group and playing games is not enough.

  75. Salman2 years ago

    Very interesting figures! Also kudos to Michael Lipka for a cogent and illuminating summary. Holiday greetings to everyone of Pew staff and all your readers. Merry Christmas, everybody!

  76. N Wright2 years ago

    Thank you for your research. Is this going to be available for purchase in book form?

  77. Janet r2 years ago

    This survey fails to show Muslim beliefs that go directly against the US Constitution. Therefore, in formative but somewhat misleading in these difficult times of terroism

  78. chuck g2 years ago

    demography is destiny

  79. Zaman2 years ago

    Dear LIPKA,

    I give you very especial thank for your article. I would like to know, how you collect those data.

    Thank you.

    Very best,

    1. Michael Lipka2 years ago


      Thank you for your kind words. Our methods for collecting data vary somewhat depending on the study. For instance, our international surveys often use face-to-face, in-person interviews, while our surveys in the U.S. are usually conducted by phone. Our demographic research (e.g., the projections of the size of religious groups) use a variety of data sources. With each report, we publish a methodology section, and a more general look at our methods can be found through this page:

      Thanks again for your interest in our research.
      Michael Lipka

  80. Yarushua2 years ago

    There are so many things we don’t understand about this religion and its roots.. There are good and bad people in every religious group in the world and its good to research their doctrine in order to fully comprehend their actions, and why they resort to such extreeme mesures. If you are looking for answers to your questions about the identity of Allah, the doctrine of the Qu’ran and why Muslim’s are misguided into believing that Islam is the final and only true religion given to replace Christianity, then read my Blog for topics covering these subjects. ….. Don’t be fooled, Allah is no Moon god as millions think he his… his true identity is in the five pointed star not the crescent Moon..

    1. Edward Flores2 years ago

      First, Islam will never replace Christianity for several reasons:
      1. Islam began with violence and false assertions in its basic doctrines and it will end with violence
      2. Islam still means submission to Allah
      3. From a Christian worldview Allah does not even exist as a true deity
      4. Unless my research is incorrect, Islam rejects the deity of Christ
      5. Islam rejects the deity of the Holy Spirit
      Second, whether or not Allah is considered an ancient Moon god or Hubal is irrelevant since there is another objective eternal truth that Islam rejects, and that is the historical evidence proving that Jesus was crucified
      Third, Islam, as all false religions, rejects the blood atonement sacrifice of Jesus Christ as payment for a person’s sin to holy Jehovah God
      Fourth. More importantly, Islam has no sinless Savior or the grace gift of salvation. Islam’s idea of salvation does not include the Holy Trinity’s grace. No where in the 93 excellent names of Allah is the virtue of love mentioned.

      1. Yarushua2 years ago

        My brother you are wrong on point #3 Allah is indeed an ancient deity going back all the way to Genesis… Islam has tried to authenticate their religion by saying that Isa is Jesus who was send by Allah. If you really want to know Muslims you need to know the reall name of Allah, the name as you aware that simply means “The God”. If you are mindful do some research on the five pointed star.. I have already done it for you on my Blog by by the way.. Allah is an old enemy bent on distorting the truth hence the Quran was given by the angel”Gabriel”… If you think Allah as a deity is irrelevant then you oiught to hear this: Islam account of the Creation of Man

        Surah No.23, Al Muminoon, Ayats No.12 to 16
        And we created man (Adam) out of an extract of clay. Thereafter we placed him as a sperm (Nutfah) in a safe place of rest (Uterus of the woman). Then we made the sperm into a clot (coagulated blood), then we made the clot into a little lump of flesh, then we made out of that, the bones, then we clothed the bones with flesh, and then we brought it forth as another creation. So Blessed is Allâh, the Best of creators. After that, surely, you will die. Then surely, you will be raised up again on the Day of Resurrection.

        This statement give us a clue as to the identity of Allah, there is another Sumerian god who also created man from sperm by inserting it into the womb of a goddess, according to their mythology.. He is known as the Ushumgal (Great Serpent) of Heaven. Sounds familiar?

        1. Kris K Hinson2 years ago

          You’ve hit the nail on the head; that’s what I should expect from a Christian. We need to connect more and pick up the pace. In a way we’ve become lukewarm, generally. We need to accept the challenges thrown at us by the end times. Often times Christians won’t even defend our faith and if we do others will come up with that’s not Christ-like. You’re supposed to keep quiet, walk away and let the Holy Spirit do His work. Well, I disagree. We need to explain our position on important issues in love and exercise the authority given to all believers by Jesus to over principalities and powers to set the captives free not cut and run.

          Like you’ve said, we need to make our worship and witnessing a godly adventure. We need to start taking territories for Christ. If Islam is growing, we are not doing enough to offer the rest of the world the true freedom in Christ. Freedom over sin, sickness, fear, terror, ungodliness, respect and true freedom for women with responsibility, corruption, and many other beauties that can only be found in Christ. The world is hurting, the burden of sin and lack of forgiveness is weighing us down. The wonderful work of Christ’s crucifixion must be in the forefront, something which is unique and the only way by which man can be pure once again to be reconciled to a pure and Holy God. There is no other way.

        2. Kris K Hinson2 years ago

          Come on now; God will never replace Christianity if you know what it means. Islam shoots itself in several places; which is not accidental.

          Islam believes Jesus Christ is the Word of God, right? The Holy Bible is the Word of God, right? What will God replace His Word with? Islam believes God is all-powerful and can do everything, right? But He cannot look after His Word. We have a big problem. Almighty God is capable of looking after His Word unless He has a weakness that only Islam can exploit. In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word is God. Oops! But Jesus Himself said His Father sent Him, what He said it is not by Himself, His Father in heaven etc. Yes, He says all that but we forget ONE THING. He came to the world to offer Himself as the sacrificial Lamb to die in the way He did. Does any think if He had not assumed that position Satan would dare kill Him? Does anyone think that if He had NOT emptied Himself, temporarily, of His deity He could have died? No!!! Almighty God CANNOT DIE! He had to beat the Devil in his own game without sin, without a single lie because He cannot lie. But He is full of wisdom, truth and POWER.

          The prophets of old prophesied about the coming and the mission of Jesus. God sent John the Baptist ahead of Him because He is the fulfilment of prophecy. In other words, the FINAL PROPHET, the Chief Priest. Before going to the cross to die to pay for our sins with His sinless blood, the perfect sacrifice, He promised the Disciples a Comforter, the Spirit of truth, the Holy Spirit of God who will be here forever (the Holy Spirit cannot die). The Holy Spirit was the One to come after Him. Jesus Christ is “too BIG a boss” to come before any prophet. God knows about hierarchy. In Hebrews 1: 6 in the Holy Bible God orders His Angels to worship Him (Jesus Christ). Jesus Christ from time to time hinted at His deity, e.g. He said He is Al-Hoq (the truth) which is the title of God. This is just one example.

          1. alexandria rider2 years ago

            Well where you said Jesus said his father sent is not true. He said god had sent him. And Jesus is not dead when some men wanted to kill Jesus god to him in to heaven and made another man look like him and put him in his place.

      2. Preston Haas1 year ago

        And what, “Historical evidence that jesus was crucified” would that be exactly? (and you aren’t allowed to use the bible, obviously)

        1. John Doe1 year ago

          It is recorded in the Talmud. These men were Jews who did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah. They were not Christians but they documented Christ’s crucifixion.

  81. iqbal singh cheema2 years ago

    sir ; thanks for valuable information @ Pew Research Center… findings are nemesis of nature….! nobody can temper with natural law…it is better if we observe it as a silent spectator and manage our own life accordingly….? Happy , Happy and Happy Christmas day & New Year- 2016 in advance again thanks

  82. Helen Daly2 years ago

    Important article that many people should read. Was surprised to see how much the people of France, Britain, & Germany, view Muslims favorably. I wonder how that would change in a new survey after all that has happened. I surely pray that peace comes to all those country’s
    and we all can get along.

  83. Rosy2 years ago

    Think about it!!! What God would create mankind and then call for the destruction of it? AND even promise Virgins as a reward! ? Sounds more like the Devil who declared to destroy God’s creation. I am not in any way educated on religion… just making a statement from my heart!

  84. Donald Chalmers2 years ago

    Religion or Irreligion, Sharia or no sharia, here is the rub:

    I may be able to speak the languages of men and even of angels, but if I have not love, my speech is no more than a noisy gong or a clanging bell. I may have the gift of inspired preaching; I may have all knowledge and understand all secrets; I may have all the faith needed to move mountains – but if I have not love, I am nothing.
    I may give away everything I have, and
    even give up my body to be burned – but
    if I have not love, it does me no good.
    Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous, or conceited, or proud; love is not ill mannered, or selfish, or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrongs; love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth.
    Love never gives up; its faith, hope, and patience never fail.
    Love is eternal. There are inspired messages, but they are temporary; there are gifts of speaking, but they will cease; there is knowledge, but it will pass. For our gifts of knowledge and inspired messages are only partial; but when what is perfect comes, then what is partial will disappear.
    When I was a child, my speech, feelings, and thinking were all those of a child; now that I am grown, I have no more use for childish ways. What we see now is like the dim image in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. What I know now is only partial; then it will be complete,
    as complete as God’s knowledge of me.
    Meanwhile these three remain (Help, Encourage, and Comfort):
    faith, hope, and love; and the greatest of these is love.

    See also “Fervent Appeal to Islamic Scholars” linkedin Pulse blog by Suresh Kumar Soni – A man on a Spiritual Mission – at… .

    1. Edward Flores2 years ago

      Excellent scriptural reference from Paul’s letter to the Corinthians.
      My question to you Mr. Chalmers: from what part of Jehovah God’s core character do you think comes the love you describe? Once you answer that question consider the following: how does any human person develop that love you describe as part of their character?

  85. David Rodriguez2 years ago

    Education is the precursor to tolerance and understanding. Religious perceptions based on ignorance, more often than not, leads to trouble. Thank you PEW for always leading the way in clarifying and illuminating.

  86. Dennis2 years ago

    I don’t get how Muslim women would join this religion. I would like to sign up to be a second class citizen bottom feeder for the rest of my life. Won’t let my daughter be educated and forced to marry anyone my father says I have to. Please sign me up! I think the Muslim men came up with this idea because they are weak and scared of the women and this is the only way they think they can be “manly” and get away with it.

    1. C Braun2 years ago

      First off, all religions have their oddities — in things their followers are expected to believe. To a non-Christian, imagine reading about Jesus coming back to life after crucifixion. Worshipping a zombie seems just as strange to non-Christians as, say, belief in aliens from outer space (i.e., Scientology, reportedly) or a new Messiah in the US (Mormons– I think?). So, at any rate, I’d highly recommend reading biographies or even fiction set in other cultures, other religions as a way to “walk in another’s shoes” even just a little bit.

      Above all, however, DIALOGUE and getting to know one another as PEOPLE, not statistics or even stereotypes is probably the ONE most important thing humans can do to better get along. I’m Jewish, my best friend is Orthodox Muslim. We find SO much in common with our respective religions, it’s really funny. Who knew? Also, I have purposely been very open about my religion because I live in an area with few Jews. I’ve found that my many Christian (and N.O.S.) friends are often incredibly curious about Judaism. Kinda like, “All the questions you always wanted to ask, but didn’t know a Jew to ask.” I am always open to questions and heart-felt dialogue. I’ve invited many Christian friends to attend Shabbat service with me and have been truly gratified at the warm, enthusiastic responses. Again, humanizing a person, demystifying a religion, reeducating stereotypes. My favorite saying on religion: “There are many paths up, but we all struggle to climb the same mountain.” May your journey be a fulfilling one. Shalom — Peace.

    2. SHAHARIAR ARIFEEN2 years ago

      Lmao! Okay, just to let you know majority of muslim converts are woman! 🙂 Now let me tell you how my grandma would say ” I don’t understand how a woman would join Christian religion, they have no self respect, Christian man treats woman like 2nd class citizen, woman is like sex toys there, they’re uncivilized- don’t wear cloths, they don’t respect elders, they take drugs, get drunk, sleep with strangers, no morality! Our husband treat us like princess, just look at your grandpa …” See how things are different on different view? :))

      1. Abhinav Chohan1 year ago

        to start with, a big chunk of women dont have an options on account of being raped and kidnapped. As for those white European women who are converting now, are just clue less apologists burdened by white guilt. Also don’t tell us what wat your grandmom said!! Tere was a ten Afghanistan used to be the most progressive countries. wit women working and education and everything, look at it now. Also the point is not wat someone’s grand mom said, the truth is that civil liberties are quashed in islamic states. Judgement on clothes, people can live. Violence for non compliance to your regressive morality is an issue. some Muslim women have been subjugated to oppression for so many generations, they hav no clue what civil liberties feel like. Sometimes i feel Muslims just want company to their misery. also no other religion issues death threats to those who want to practice a different faith. I feel sad as a man to have to educate you on your civil rights.

    3. alexandria rider2 years ago

      Guess what that’s not true all Muslim girls have the right to accept or refuse marriege.

    4. Kash Iqbal1 year ago

      Dennis mate?
      Dear writer. If you research with an open mind, you will discover that around 66% of people that embrace Islam are women, in the U.S. and U.k

      And It’s rather Narrow Minded Approach and Comment’s Without Knowing the fact About Your Own countries Women That embrace Islam In large numbers.

      Islam gave women rights before Christianity decided to. Study your history

      1. John Doe1 year ago

        And yet, despite whatever “rights” were considered novel at the time, it would appear there has been no expansion or evolution of them over time in order to move society forward out of the stone age. Women in Islam are birthing machines, having as many children as possible and often in war-torn countries and with no way to care for them. They cannot drive, they aren’t educated, they do not work and therefore can have no independence, and meanwhile their men are having sex with other women and taking them as wive–the most degrading life a woman could possibly know.

  87. Jane2 years ago

    It so scary to read so many comments most of which are written by people whose reactions are made out of Fear!. That was the root cause of McCarthy-ism back in the 1950s when the word Communism or Communist became the big Fear words. There are so many examples in recent history, i.e., Japanese internment during WW11 that we as a country do not seem to remember or at least learn from. That for me is what is truly Scary. Doesn’t education do anything for us?

    1. layman2 years ago

      the readers of your comment owe you a lot; your clear view and honest evaluation is commendable. thanks!

    2. S Arifeen2 years ago

      Exactly my thought! I mainly blame media, because they always portray so much negativity, (because it sells) that we now have this mistrust and weird fear of unknown. We have to understand that there is always some bad guys on every culture/religion, but on general people out of geo-politics we are same 🙂

    3. Mark L2 years ago

      Education is helpful, but requires an open mind to accept new concepts. That is a challenge for people who inherently are insecure.

  88. Lic. Pierre Millet2 years ago

    In reality the United States of America is a country where all refugees around the world have the opportunity to live in democracy, and liberty in general. We haven’t discrimination
    about option political or religious. There are the regulate by law, because it’s a country where the Constitution respect the human rights. The framers of the American Constitution combined the best political ideas of the past with innovation in what The Federalist called
    an improved science of politics: federalism, separation of powers, and check and balances. Doing so, they created a form of government which had, in the words of James Madison:
    “no model on the face of earth”.
    Today is the anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, signed by Union Nations on December 10, 1948.

  89. Joe2 years ago

    I’m reading the Qoran, and I can personally collaborate everything this Scholar says about Islam. May I introduce Ayatollah Hassani.

  90. Muslim2 years ago

    Nice work…Keep it up. so that we have a better idea that what is going on the people heads about islam/.muslim/ sharia /isis/etc
    one thing more ; Plz don’t equate islam with ISIS.
    ISIS is not representing the true pic of Islam, they are killers,haters,non-compassionate etc.
    Islam believe in peace, Dawah (calling non-believers to islam through invitation/sermons etc)
    That’s all.
    isis /media is making extremely ugly face of islam, but the truth will prevail . it is something blessing in disguise ,it has brought islam in forefront, due to which people will inquire now about islam, as a result islam will spread as you studies indicates

  91. Gary Smith2 years ago

    Pew is the best place for poll type information.
    Local media is whimsical and leftward biased regarding this type of information in the Sacramento area.
    Keep up the good work.

  92. Mary2 years ago

    According to the Koran, suicide bombing is NOT acceptable. Repeat, NOT. If you kill one innocent person, it is as if you have killed all of humanity. THAT is what the Koran teaches. But People are human… look at the Inquisition. Look at the Crusades (they killed Christians in both instances, in the name (supposedly) of Jesus.)
    Look at the KKK (white Anglo Saxon Protestants… WASP we used to call them). Look at those who kill at Abortion Clinics to save fetus lives but have no compunction in killing humans once they are born, innocent or not.
    Has there EVER been a time when the world was NOT at war? What do you call all the looting and killing going on by gangs in big cities? They say 89 people die EACH DAY from guns. Compare it to Australia and other countries who have made it difficult to get anything but pistols.

  93. Ronald Myers2 years ago

    I found this article helpful for understanding of Muslims. Hopefully you may conduct another survey soon after th mos recent events of 2015!

  94. mach372 years ago

    2011 is too long ago to have much relevance in 2015, considering the major events in just the last six months. My own studies of Islam “suggest” that most Muslims outside of the middle-east are non-observant apostates. IS would not hesitate to behead them if they had the manpower, except IS realizes they are outnumbered by infidel police forces.

  95. Daniel Michaels2 years ago

    The government of Saudi Arabia still beheads people in the name of Islam. That’s all I need to know about Islam.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      What’s the difference in the US and killing many innocents by lethal injection or beheading your victim.. Answer no difference- they all end up dead. Life is hard enough but the added burden of living in a mostly white community and being black or a Muslim or being a black Muslim

  96. Grace2 years ago

    “Rarely or never justified” is a misleading option to give in a survey regarding violence/suicide bombing against civilians. There are miles between rarely and never. Shame on you Pew. I am sure if given the choice, most Muslims would say that suicide bombing is NEVER justified. This is a misleading report.

    1. John Doe1 year ago

      I think you would be surprised to find that, if given the choice, most Muslims would NOT say that, hence why the results were not reported that way.

  97. Samuel J. Alano2 years ago

    I found the research paper to be informative and easily understood by those of us who may not be as familiar as we should with demographic statistics as they relate to Muslims in general. I would strongly suggest that America’s leadership, education institutes and media become familiar with the contents of the aforementioned research. Great work to all who contributed to this research. Merry Christmas to all.

  98. Mark2 years ago

    I appreciate your work, but when you ask /poll a Muslim , they are encouraged to lie through their religious doctrine, so how do you know they are being truthful? Food for thought? I’m just saying……..

  99. Guy7 Coffee2 years ago

    Great study. Keep p the good work. Seasons greetings.

  100. Ann Pickett2 years ago

    Very imformative. Thank you

  101. jo2 years ago

    what a shame this world is getting,its scarey for the younger generalations. hope god comes back quitely before it gets realy worse.god bless the united states please.

  102. Jason Smith2 years ago

    A few months ago I asked a good friend of mine what he knew about Islam. He loaned me The Generous Qur’an by Usama Dakdok. It’s a very literal translation with annotations. Wow. It really opened my eyes. When I read the words “Allah is the best deceiver” I was floored!!! No one ever taught me in my childhood that GOD is a LIAR!

    I’m a teacher and we have probably 10 – 15% Muslims in our school. How am I supposed to react when I find out that their culture tells them God is the best liar and that they can lie to non-Muslims?

    That was really all I needed to know, but I have continued reading it from time to time when I have the strength to handle that much sad and depressing truth. It turns my stomach, but I encourage everyone to read the book because that’s the only way we will know what our politicians are getting us into (like it or not) by importing the third world to America.

    1. Eugenia2 years ago

      That is true! They are allowed to deny they are muslim if it means their life or death. Ask your friend about the book of hadiths. Supposed saying of muhammad. That’s an eye opener. The ONE TRUE GOD never lies! What this fight is really about is whose God is right.

      1. Chris Collins2 years ago

        I’m don’t think of this as splitting hairs. There is either one God or not so the point about which God is correct isn’t really a question. It was the debate/lecture about the rationality of God that the former pope Benedict was addressing in his speech to students at his former alma mater in Regensburg. Quoted out of context and widely propagated in the Muslim media it was addressed summarily in a wonderful document composed by the nephew of the King of Jordan. I highly suggest a quick read of the document formally produced by this scholar of Al Ahzar University in Alexandria titled “A Common Word Between Us and You” or a quick glance at the wiki article concerning the same. Religious tolerance is predicated on trust. Friendship on trust. Trust on understanding. Lasting peace predicated on religious tolerance.

      2. francis mcanarney2 years ago

        I guess you do not remember the Crusades do you.

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          Francis Mccarney, Don’t forget that the crusades happened when Muslims conquered the Holy Land which included Jerusalem. Christian kings in Europe sent armies to the Holy land to beat the Muslims and free Jerusalem. The Crusaders did beat the muslims and made Jerusalem and the area around a Christian country That was the Crusades: Crusaders against Muslims became free Jerusalem and Christian country!

    2. Mary2 years ago

      SHAME on you ! That book is written by Muslim HATERS… The translations are FALSE !!! Read the translation done by, say, the Noble Koran. I had never heard of your rendition of translation of the Koran, so looked it up, and before you even buy the book they are saying they will show how evil the book is… Is that what you want to read before you buy a Bible? That it is a false book, etc.?
      The Koran is NOT like the Protestants do with the Bible, where they take things out of context and decide it means this or that… The reason I say this is because the Orthodox (original) Christians have their Priests go to a Seminary to learn what the anecdotes and analogies MEAN…
      That is why a Muslim is supposed to learn Arabic and be taught what the verses mean, and to know which verses were history, which were etiquette ! Your comments made me sad, and I was reminded of a quote by Dear Abby : Anyone’s religion, other than yours, is usually seen as a Cult.

      1. Leonard Church2 years ago

        I have a Quran given to me by CAIR as part of an ecumenical outreach program several years ago. I was speaking with some devout Muslim friends of mine and showed them the beautifully bound and illustrated book. As they read it their faces were getting redder and redder. One finally told me through clenched teeth that the book I had was a blasphemy that it had altered entire passages and several key versus about the Prophet were entirely changed making the resulting indicative false. They encouraged me to burn the book and would not enter my home if the book was still in the room. I have since moved it to a different room. But if we are to accept Islam as a religion of peace …. which Islam are we going to compare it too. The false one presented by CAIR in an effort to say ‘look we are just like you’ or the one that my friends present with warts and all … both the good the bad and the horrendous truths about its origins.

      2. Kris K Hinson2 years ago

        What you’ve written is so beautiful except it’s contradiction of events on the ground. Islam has spawned so many terrorist groups who insist they are the real Muslims. We often hear of radical Imams, radical this and radical that. We also hear of “strict interpretation” of Islam but you are telling us about how perfect the learning of the Qur’an is. Something is amiss here. It could be called a lie, but for now I wouldn’t.
        Yon make a point of casting the first stone at Protestants…. You may have a point but it doesn’t make Christianity false. And, I do not see any reason why the Qur’an should be translated into any other language or languages if God only speaks and Angels only narrate in Arabic. There’s a problem here, Mary.

        1. Mark L2 years ago

          Terrorists are mis-using the Koran to justify their violent actions. It is their translation of any document which should be scrutinized. Terrorists claiming to be guided buy the Koran are a tiny fraction of the billions of Muslims on the earth. That’s like claiming that all Christians are violent extremists who support the indiscriminate bombing of abortion clinics. Only a small fraction of Christians do, the vast majority believe that taking anyone’s life is wrong. The same logic applies to Muslims as does Christians.

          1. John Doe1 year ago

            The major difference here is that the Jesus never carries out, condones, permits, nor encourages violence, but rather condemns it fully and consistently, and any one individual who would attack an abortion clinic is acting in strict disobedience of the Christian faith and of our God, whereas those terrorist groups who carry out violent extremism are doing so while resting on firm, solid doctrine. This is the unfortunate truth.

    3. ola2 years ago

      This translation is wrong. We translate the meaning not the word . The word here means good planner .. who want to kill the prophet plan to kill him and God plan to protect his prophet

    4. Isaac Bean2 years ago

      I feel I should remind us all that the Bible is not a book filled exclusively with love and roses. It commands things that we consider absolutely horrible today, but most modern christians don’t follow those rules – just as most modern muslim don’t follow their rules of that nature.

      Your role as a teacher should be concerned with ensuring your students are able to get a good education in a safe environment; their religion should not impact your ability to teach them. Do you look at christian children and think of how their God commanded his people to demolish every city and kill every person and their livestock who wasn’t jewish? No, because his religion is not relevant to his education. Prejudices should not be allowed regardless of the student or their religion.

      1. Kris K Hinson2 years ago

        Please when we talk about violence in the Qur’an try not to mention the Holy Bible, it won’t work unless you are hell-bent on distorting the truth. You must learn to compare like for like. The God of the H Bible gives specific instructions of the kind to specific person / persons for specific period and seasons in almost every instance. One striking worrying trend in the Qur’an is the business about folks murdering those who dare to draw cartoons about the prophet of Islam. It is for all times and all seasons. Please correct me if I’ve got it wrong; I am always learning to be a better follower of Jesus Christ, my hope and aspirations are to be perfect as our Father in heaven. Jesus Christ said, we should be perfect as our Father in heaven; He cannot lie.

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        Kris K Hinson You conveniently omit that the bible is made up of the Old and the New Testament. The New Testament is separate from the Old Testament, and the New Testament verses align itself with the life of Jesus and the death on the cross, and his teachings which ONLY teach of love and forgiveness. When you make any mention of the bible and what it teaches, you best point out that the New Testament is the teachings to Christians, and that the history of the Old Testament has nothing to do with the teachings of Christians that Jesus wanted us all to abide by.

    5. Alistair McMillan2 years ago

      Very interesting, Muslim character in keeping with this belief (generally speaking). Truth is not important to them, but whatever they see as expedient, is.

      1. C Braun2 years ago

        See, I have a problem with anyone who starts using a blanket “them” when speaking of another people, religion, nation, race. That’s the start down a path of “us versus them” thinking that is never productive.

    6. Bayk2 years ago

      You are right my beloved friend Jason. It is “a very literal translation” of that verse. Don’t take my word but keep reading yourself. I can also recommend Yusuf Ali translation which is one of the first translations into English and very well-known. As you said we need to read the rest so we can come with a better analyses of a single verse. You will also find two other main sources. One is already mentioned by Eugenia. Muhammed(pbuh) himself interprated Qur’an by his words and actions in his life time. Ex. He said refering to God : ” I am as my servant things of me” meaning that if we believe that God is Most Merciful and Most Compassionate we are more deserving to receive his mercy(this is my undertanding, I am not a scholar”. This could be just one of those “hadith” that she referred to which may help further. Second one is the thousands of “exegesis” on Quran which explains the roots of the words, the revelation time and society and event of the verse. Then it can only be possible to come with a balanced understanding of a universal text which is shaping lives of 1.5 billion people all around the world.

    7. Yusuf Keskin2 years ago

      Hey i am a muslim and that’s funniest thing i have ever heard 🙂 Please, tell me where is it so I can see.
      Your quota is also out of context. What is the context then?

      If i say “i will corrupt your seed and spread dung upon your faces” from bible? -You can check, god says that, according to bible-. But i don’t know the context of it. For some parts of bible, you can’t even speak them in front of open public.

      Please, you are reading a translation and it can be anyone’s corruption. So check from somewhere else for example Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s translation. Or just find a guy knows arabic. We have the newer changed original script of it for over 1400 years.

      No more hatred please. Every society has their own black sheeps. We all people are just misreading, misunderstanding and misleading ourselfs and dragging the world to destruction.

      If you believe all you heard and read you’ll be just supporting that head cutter bloodthirsty middle east animals, because the remaining of muslim society will see you an insulter.

    8. Gloria Landron2 years ago

      As a teacher you must know you have to keep your personal thoughts and feelings to yourself and not try to influence your students with your own personal views. That being said, here is an eye-opener: ALL children lie!

    9. Dan2 years ago

      I read and studied the Koran thoroughly and logically. I can speak Arabic fairly well so I cross referenced when something was one sentence in Arabic and multiple in English or vice versa. The book literally tries to scare you into believing it as the truth or else suffer the wrath of Allah… I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is not strong mentally and emotionally as they will accept it out of fear of the claimed consequences. Allah lies, deceives, swears, contradicts, and apparently doesn’t have a good concept of time and history. The writing is very reflective of the Arab culture of its day and a lot of what radicals and extremists hold on to mirror that. The positive parts of the Koran are spread out and are often contradicted in other Surahs. The preaching of Mohammed in Mecca is very different from that which he preached after he became militant in Medina. If you read the Koran in the order that the Surahs were written, you’ll see that it parallels his life events. Of course the book is assembled completely out of order to hide what would otherwise be very obvious.

    10. layman2 years ago

      it is unfair to quote a supposedly Islamic document rendered by a man who says clearly that his publishing company specializes in the publication of material that equips Christians to be effective witnesses of Jesus Christ. see for yourself what he publishes at

  103. Fran Atkinson2 years ago

    All the moe reason to start having alter calls again in all Christian churches. Many have stopped them and think they are possibly even harmful. We are not God or the judge who decides whether they are sincere or coerced. God has ask us via way of Bible examples by telling how many were added to the number of believers after His sermon.

    1. Mary2 years ago

      I have friends who are Protestant missionaries, but they are trying to convert other Christians all over the globe rather than non-Abrahamic people or atheists. If you believe in Jesus Christ, you would think they would be happy and try to introduce Him to those who do not know Him, rather than go after those who “sing different hymns”…

    2. Danni H2 years ago

      Thankfully I attended a bible believing church and our pastor does an alter call every Sunday. Too many pastors are afraid to talk about sin, confession and repentance.

  104. Kathy Cook2 years ago

    Recently Sheriff Arpaio that runs “Tent City” in Arizona made a speech asking
    all responsible citizens that own guns, to take a stand if they (we) see any
    suspicious terrorist activity and keep ourselves aware. I made a comment,
    saying, I don’t own a gun, but I’m thinking about getting one due to all the
    violence going on. Especially against women with all the violence against them
    (us). Within 1 day I received 3,000 likes. In the 1st hour I received 500 likes.
    This tells me I’m not alone in feeling this way!

    1. Mary2 years ago

      But out of the over 300 mass killings (meaning 4 or more died) in the last year ALONE, in the USA, only @ 7 were related ti Islam… the rest were Domestic Extremists… Some days there were THREE in one day… So who do we fear? Anyone who buys an automatic rifle that can shoot thru armor scares me !!!

      1. John Doe1 year ago

        The rest were “domestic extremists” if you consider inner-city gang violence to be in that group, as this comprises the majority of shooting deaths. We have little control over this, and the argument that other people kill people too is a weak excuse to avoid confronting the major threats associated with a problem growing around the globe and spreading rapidly across 6 continents.

  105. Denise Kelly2 years ago

    Frightening numbers. My recent 25th Wedding Anniversary was a Stainless Steel S&W 38 Revolver. Now looking at a 9mm small Glock. This is what our lack of Leadership on both sides of the aisle has forced on American Citizens. Sad!!! But well armed and trained.

    1. Robert2 years ago

      Good for you and Kathy both!. Stay safe and aware out there. I agree that the citizens of our country are no longer represented by either party. It’s shameful really.

  106. Frances2 years ago

    Just to further my earlier question, I guess so much depends on the wording of the question — if it was “Is suicide bombing acceptable if one knows with 100% certainty that it would save the lives of 100 people…?”

    1. Steve2 years ago

      I’m honestly just asking, also. So, are asking if it would be OK to be a suicide bomber, that would kill 100 people, if you could be 100% sure that 100 other people would live..?

    2. RevRickMcAfee2 years ago

      We had the top Christian to give his life for the entire world to have opportunity to eternal life. He did not blow himself up in the mist of hundreds or thousands of people putting them in harms way. Will a Christian give his life to save others? I believe we still have Christians that without a doubt would give their life to save others if they knew for sure it would. I said if they knew it would because Christianity is not an ignorant belief.
      Now, how many muslims have given only their own life to save others?

      1. Gloria2 years ago

        Actually, Jesus was a Jew.

      2. WBG2 years ago

        Jesus was a Jew, not a Christian.

      3. Debby T.2 years ago

        Reverend… really?? The top Christian? The Messiah, the Savior of the World, was a Jewish man, from the line of David. Worship in spirit and in Truth !! A Jewish man, the one who came only for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. WHO is Israel?? The moment we decide to believe and follow the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob … who was renamed Israel… we become Israel. We are grafted in, adopted, accepted as the native born… the wild branches grafted into the Olive Tree, of which our Messiah is the root and the sap. Israel is, and has always been a People (a mixed multitude that were brought forth out of Egypt). Israel has never been a piece of land. That is biblical Truth.

  107. Frances2 years ago

    I’m honestly just asking this. Did this survey ask Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc. about what percentage of the time such tactics are justified? How many Catholics said “suicide bombings are sometimes justified?” etc. I’m just curious. It seems important. Did the survey ask these questions of other religious groups? Seems crucial.

    “86% of Muslims say that such tactics are rarely or never justified. An additional 7% say suicide bombings are sometimes justified and 1% say they are often justified…”

    1. Gregor Lammer2 years ago

      There is virtually not a single Atheist, Jewish or Christian suicide bomber in history. Nobody of these faiths / non-faith would get the stupid idea to blow themselves up.

      1. zak2 years ago

        you must be forgetting the first one at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, by the Israelis against the British.

        1. poop2 years ago

          even if Atheist, Jewish and Christian views are just as bad that dose not make it OK that most Muslims have these veiws

        2. Jacob Foster1 year ago

          Actually the King David Hotel attack was a) not a suicide bombing – the bombs were planted so as not to endanger the lives of the perpetrators. and b) the British authorities were called multiple time beforehand and warned of the bomb attack, which goal was not to kill or injure british military personnel but rather to bring attention to the peace process.

      2. Rebekah2 years ago

        “There is virtually not a single Atheist, Jewish or Christian suicide bomber in history. Nobody of these faiths / non-faith would get the stupid idea to blow themselves up”.
        The above from Gregor Lammer : This above statement of yours is totally untrue! There are extremist people and a variety of groups that have used terror/suicide particularly and this does not belong to the Islamic Jihadist mantra alone… The history of such groups or and/persons has been presented to an extent: but here are a few who have: Another frequently examined precedent is that of Japanese Kamikaze pilots in World War II: There are, for example, those who have immolated themselves to protest government actions and wars. A most recent example is that of Malachi Ritscher, a Chicago musician who immolated himself on November 3, 2006 to protest the war in Iraq. And, don’t forget Timothy McVeigh and his sidekick who were willing to die for their delusional cause (they came out of the bible belt)-and managed to kill/or and maim several US citizens in 1993 or 95 was it (the Oklahoma bombing)!! The world leader in suicide terrorism is the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka – they’re a Marxist group, a secular group, a Hindu group. The Tamil Tigers have committed more suicide terrorist attacks than Hamas or Islamic Jihad both. Instead, what more than 95 percent of all suicide terrorist attacks since 1980 have in common is not religion, but a specific secular goal: to compel modern democracies to withdraw military forces from the territory the terrorists view as their homeland. From Lebanon to Chechnya to Kashmir to Sri Lanka to the West Bank, every suicide terrorist campaign since 1980 has had as its main objective to compel a democratic state to withdraw combat forces from territory that the terrorists prize.

        1. C Braun2 years ago

          Are we conveniently overlooking the so-called “good Christians” who bomb Planned Parenthood clinics and murder doctors and patients there? Absolutely no difference in the violent extremism.

          1. Christopher Shaker2 years ago

            I love the false equivalence between mentally ill white people, like the most recent murderer in the Planned Parenthood in Colorado, and Jihadis. That man was convicted of atrocities against animals, too, and was muttering to himself as he shot people. Or, are you contending that ALL Jihadi’s are also mentally ill?

            I’m not sure that Muslims would like your comparing insane white people to Jihadis

    2. Steve2 years ago

      For God’s sake Frances, the only acceptable result to the question should be 0% to either sometimes or always justified. Your position that allows you to “just ask” is why this is getting out of control.
      Treasuring life – including one’s own – over glorifying death, is the difference between what is taught in all other religions.
      There will never be lives saved by suicide bombings as demands will never be met by this tactic.
      So your “just asking” question is not only idiotic but very dangerous.

    3. Clayton2 years ago

      Does this mean 94% think rarely, or more often, it would be acceptable? That would mean only 6% think it would never be acceptable.

  108. Shoaib2 years ago

    99% of Afghans favor Sharia to be the law of the country??
    Such a conclusion is definitely wrong and dangerously misleading.
    Let’s forget about the impossibilities of conducting reliable surveys in a highly insecure country like Afghanistan, I wonder in what context the researchers asked people about Sharia and who were the respondents. Before this survey, Pew should have conducted a research to find out what percentage of Afghans really understand Sharia’s stand on issues like state, government and public law. A large majority of normal afghan people perceive Sharia merely as a holey part of Islam, without understanding what it exactly says about a system of state. Therefore, it is very possible to get a “yes” answer when one asks an ordinary person in the street “do you want Sharia to rule?”. The same person will also say “yes”, if one asks him “do you like democracy to be the systems of your government?”.

    1. steve2 years ago

      I do need to ask, what exactly are the Afgans used to. I believe Taliban did rule before the US went in. Are they based on Sharia?

      1. Gautam Singh11 months ago

        Smart point, Steve

  109. Justin McCarthy2 years ago

    A core problem is Salafism and Wahhabism within Islam which are reform movements or return to a fundamental, the correct, or pure Islam promoting living in a manner consistent with the the Prophet Mohammed and the first Muslims (the pure ones or “best” examples of how to live the true Islam for Muslims). Note that much of the money flowing into the United States and the world to promote Islam and support Islamic Mosques flows from Saudi Arabia or Salafist sources.

    Read the history of Mohammed and compare his words and deeds to those of Jesus, Buddha, Baha’u’llah, the founder of the Bahai faith, or Patanjali’s work “How to Know God” in yogic philosophy. Or, even read the works of Rumi a Sufi Muslim mystic. Read their concepts versus Mohammed’s and draw your own conclusions.

    Google and watch the speech by the current President of Egypt regarding Islam’s need to not be such a threat to the rest of the world and look closely at the response of the Islamic clerics.

    Islam like many religions began to be influenced by other religions as it expanded. However, there was a successful rejection of what were considered “innovations”.

    Visit the Gatestone Foundation website and read up on a new reform movement of Muslims who wish to reform Islam in terms of its compatibility with secular values and other religions. So there are indications that many Muslims understand the challenges within their religion.

    Read up on the concept of “Abrogation” in Islam in which the later words of Mohammed are deemed to supersede earlier teachings if there is a conflict or inconsistency. Unfortunately many of the “Sword” verses are later teachings. This appears to be a significant theological and philosophical challenge vis a vis other religions and a Muslim reformation process.

    Also, understand that Islam has a concept of deception in regards to dealings with other religions which may or may not influence how Muslims respond to the PEW surveys.

    We are going to be dealing with Islam for a long time. Educate yourself.

    1. layman2 years ago

      friend, I hope you try sincerely to get a balanced view about the matter. please visit the blog of professor Juan Cole “the informed comment”. you will do yourself and the readers a good service. cheers!

      1. Clayton2 years ago

        I wouldn’t want to rely on the perspective of one living person. I started reading about the coming Islamic Invasion back in the early 1990’s from a book by Dr. Robert Morey. The Quran speaks for itself, and it’s not a pretty picture, nor are the activities of many modern day Muslims.

      2. Chris2 years ago

        Juan Cole is financed by Wahabbis, as are most Middle East Studies programs at colleges and universities. Any leftist is going to side with islam against Christianity and the United States and its principles. Muslims are allowed to lie to shield themselves from scrutiny. Their prophet said, “War is deceit.” Islam is in a perpetual state of war with non-muslims (dar al-Harb vs dar al-Islam). Their idea of “peace” is not the same as Western thinking. Muslims see peace as when the whole world is converted or brought into submission to Islam.

        1. layman2 years ago

          balanced view implies you listen to people on both sides then you try your best to reach an honest conclusion. citing professor Cole in my comment is just an effort to open your eyes to the other side. it is up to you to embrace any creed or dogma you like but, please, maintain integrity and do not tarnish the whole nation or group of people just because you do not like them.
          as for lying, I will leave it for you to imagine this and decide for yourself whether you would lie if you were living couple of centuries ago and were in the hands of witch-hunters in Salim, or in the middle ages and were in the custody of the inquisition office in spain

    2. Narendran Cp2 years ago

      Patanjaly’s god is not spelt with an upper case ‘G’. The reason is very simple: his god/s never gave a divine command such as ‘ye shall have no other gods before me’.

  110. A. Turan2 years ago

    I have been raised as sunni muslim . Muslims rate westerns as immoral because their morals mostly around woman sexuality. If you cover woman, pray 5 times and fast during Ramadan, you are a good muslim. Otherwise everything is alright. In Turkey majority of conservatives vote for Erdogan. They accept he corrupted government but says he steals but hard working and probably will use that money for muslims..See it is very easy to justify their religion.

    1. Chris2 years ago

      Explains why they would vote for Obama or Hillary Clinton.

  111. theBuckWheat2 years ago

    You cannot understand the Muslim worldview and mindset until you accept that they believe that the Koran is the word of God in a far more strict sense than any fundamentalist Christian might. Muslims are told that nobody can question the meaning of a passage in the Koran. Any Muslim who says in public that they disagree with a passage marks himself as an apostate who is worth of death, knowing that other faithful Muslims will then be obligated to murder him to protect the honor of Islam.

    If we demand that Muslims must give up the idea that they must slay the unbeliever as a condition of living in western liberal societies, we are asking them to declare themselves to be apostate and worthy of death, which in itself is ironic.

    The same goes for the requirement to assimilate into western society.

    Islam is fundamentally hostile to liberal western values. That will be true for as long as it is a capital offense to disagree with the plain words of the Koran.

    1. anakbetawi2 years ago

      Hmm – this is a typical, ill informed, megaphonic view of Islam. The first sentence is a fair comment, but the rest is sheer nonsense and only “makes sense” to someone who knows nothing of Islam. Muslims debate the meaning of the Qur’an all the time! There are entire conferences devoted to it! It is by no means written in “plain words”, but a complex document written in an archaic and florid literary style, which enables a great deal of leeway in its interpretation, not dissimilar to the Bible or the Torah. What is not debated is whether it is the literal word of God, as conveyed through Mohammed. Few Muslims would argue that it is otherwise. Death by apostasy is only a risk in a very small percentage of Islamic theocracies – notably Saudi Arabia, Iran, and some of the more remote and lawless parts of Africa, but even there it is rarely carried out. It is hardly a risk in the majority of the Islamic world, providing you don’t make a public point of announcing it. Discretion would certainly be the better part of valor in that context. Assimilation into Western society typically occurs with second generation immigrants – do not expect first generation immigrants to do as you do. Would you immediately adopt the shalwar kameez and learn Urdu if you emigrated to Pakistan? Probably not, but your kids might. Most second and subsequent generation Muslims are a highly integral part of society – no less so than any other group with distinct cultural traits, of which there are very many in the United States. As with most things, reality is much more nuanced – a concept that conservatives often seem to struggle with.

      1. ForemanJF12 years ago

        Good retort. However, this still sounds like a theocratic restriction of 1A free speech rights.”… providing you don’t make a public point of announcing it.” With regards to challenging of a teachings interpretation or meaning… within these Muslim theocracies.

        So that is still a fundamental compatibility issue.

      2. Michael2 years ago

        Yes, there are some debates as to the passages; however, the book does claim to be clearly laid out in its meaning: Quran 11:1 “(This is) a Book, with verses basic or fundamental (of established meaning), further explained in detail,- from One Who is Wise and Well-acquainted (with all things)”; 12:1 “These are the symbols (or Verses) of the perspicuous Book.” 26:2 “These are verses of the Book that makes (things) clear.” And many others.

      3. steve2 years ago

        I would like to ask you then, which Koran are you talking about, the original or the revised that came out after mohammed’s death? It is a fact that the koran has changed, although many leaders will deny it. I am not attacking the koran, simply saying it is changed.

        1. layman2 years ago

          It would be very helpful to cite the source which confirm your assumption that Quran has changed after the death of Muhammed.

      4. mach372 years ago

        If I were to immigrate to Pakistan, or any other country, I would do my best to learn the local language and customs and live by them. Even if my immigration was involuntary, for simple survival I would do those things. What turns off most Westerners is the apparent reluctance of Muslims to assimilate into cultures that they have moved into.

      5. Chris2 years ago

        It is often second generation muslims who choose the orthodox, and what Westerners call “radical”, islam. Not always though, as we saw from the jihadi woman who slaughtered Christians in San Bernardino. There is also the Times Square bomber; another Pakistani, and refugees like the Tsarnayev brothers. The guy in Idaho who claimed to be a Christian to gain access to the US.

    2. Clayton2 years ago

      I agree with most of what you say, especially regarding Muslims. Now, your comment about Christians and what they believe in: I’m assuming you’re referring to the Holy Bible. Since the age of 12 yrs. when I was “born-again” (John 3:3) I have believed that the Bible is the word of God, not the same god as inspired the Quran.

    3. Mark2 years ago

      The ‘Quaran teaches them it’s okay to lie, so how do the Pew people know if the Muslims they polled were lying? Interesting, eh?

    4. Chris2 years ago

      Outstanding summation BuckWheat.

    5. Peter2 years ago

      @anakbetawi @theBuckWheat
      There are radical differences between Islamic and Christian interpretation of revelation. The differences are anthropological as much as theological and present themselves historically and temperamentally.

      The Islamic conviction is that the Qur’an and Sunnah comprise the complete and final revelation of Allah, and that interpretation (tafsir) is done primarily by taqlid, or following a scholar. The practice of ijtihad, or independent scholarly reasoning all but died a millennium ago. Many prevailing interpretations of the Qur’an are rightly seen as highly legalistic, further muddied by the concept of abrogation or Naskh (نسخ). A core Islamic conviction is that Allah’s will is ultimately a mystery.

      Christianity is in stark contrast. Their core conviction is that God reveals Himself as a man; born, died, and resurrected in first century AD. In this, they see God and His will as intimately knowable. Their scripture presents itself as a grand narrative, a textual representation of the Word, and the beauty and wisdom of the cosmos as a material representation. The essence of God, as seen by traditional Christianity is a mystery, but his energies, or material revelations, may be experienced.

      Christians and Muslims alike have struggled with the apparent contradictions in their traditions, theology, and lived experience. Most of the West is utterly ignorant of Islam, its leaders included. It seems that the same may be said of Christianity. The dual ironies seem that when (nominally) Christian societies fail to follow their religious proscriptions, Bad Things® happen. When Muslim societies follow theirs…

  112. Dr Noswal2 years ago

    Shariah is good? Go to youtube nad search for “Woman stoned to death”. If you dare.

    1. layman2 years ago

      I can’t imagine a serious debate is based on youtube search! furthermore, do you accept that fanatic militia-men in the southern bible belt represent the American way of life or they are the embodiment of the constitution of United States?

      1. Gregor Lammer2 years ago

        the KKK is truly a minority.

        check and see how many muslims according to the statistics support the sharia. 99% in Afghanistan. Thats not just a minority.

        1. layman2 years ago

          What Sharia law means to Afghani country man is different of what you perceive. give it a thought.

          1. mach372 years ago

            Do you KNOW what sharia means to Gregor, vs what it means to an Afghani man? Give THAT a thought.

          2. Alper Korkmaz1 year ago

            I am raised a muslim in Turkey. It is a muslim majority country and Sharia is sharia. It means Laws of god and it is the same in entire world. That is the point. Islam itself is a very dangerous and awful religion. It is very surprising and silly to me seeing people trying to make it look all pink while heavily critisizing other religions or lack of. Seems like hypocrisy.

  113. Dr Noswal2 years ago

    I don’t think Americans hate or are fearful of Islam or Muslims. But they don’t want to commit suicide to prove how open and accepting they are. Look at the Tsarnaev family, they came here as persecuted immigrants. They took public assistance, schooling, housing, etc., and all the while planned to kill. As did the Farook family in Ca.
    A free society is not compatable with Islam and Sharia.
    Iknow that the vast majority of Americans will still welcome anyone who wants to come here to become Americans, but not those who want to turn America into the Caiphate.
    We should help them by creating a safe zone in their region, and let them “shelter in place”.
    I am educated, in my mid 60’s, and love the USA.

    1. itsme2 years ago

      I agree with what you say.

    2. Jeff2 years ago

      I feel like a major conclusion of the data presented is that Islam can be compatible with a free society. One of the reasons time and effort is invested in aggregating statistics is that you are forced to look beyond the sensationalized case studies and think critically about what motivates an entire group of people. To list two families and then claim that an entire religious group is incompatible with a free society is a disingenuous generalization, and further more it defeats the whole point of this article.
      I am smart more often than I am stupid, much younger than you are, and am considerably well hung.

      1. Ellen2 years ago


    3. Welliam2 years ago


  114. F.R. Newbrough2 years ago

    I have no personal animus towards Muslims. I’ve worked with many Muslims and I even have a female friend who converted to Islam whose wedding I attended. I’ve never in my time working with Muslims heard them promote violence in anyway though in my friend who converted she became very sympathetic to Hamas and somewhat anti-Semitic after converting. I also spent some time studying Islam as well as other religions in college. I’m by no means an expert on every detail of Islam but there is a BIG glaring difference in Islam compared to most other religions and that is the promotion of killing in the service of religion as general practice. The prescription is fairly consistent, you insult or commit blasphemy against “Muhammad” and or Allah you are to be executed, you commit apostasy (leave the religion) you are to be executed. Recently in Saudi Arabia (the birth place of most of the 9-11 attackers) a 20 year old man was sentenced under Sharia Law to death for apostasy. He had renounced his faith and tore up a Quran hitting it with a shoe. This is not an abnormal thing in Islamic countries. This illustrates exactly the incompatibility of Islam with the West. Its not that all Muslims are bad but its also true that the vast majority support the idea and goal of implementing Sharia law in their new host societies not just for themselves but ultimately for everyone. The Quran is not just the “Good news” of Islam to be accepted freely to achieve salvation in the afterlife it is a revolutionary tome meant to transform and unite all in a worldwide Caliphate governed under Sharia. While there are many Muslims who do not wish to be ruled under Sharia or Caliphate only a fool could deny that those things are core features not exceptions of Islam. I personally believe we should exclude any and all refugees that are sympathetic or support Sharia or Caliphate and terrorism to accomplish those goals. Refugees and Immigrants should have to pass an interrogation including a lie detection test to determine if they support such things and a zero tolerance rule should be applied. We CAN NOT be importing people who believe killing people because of cartoon insults is normal. The people we want as immigrants and refugees are people who want to ESCAPE sharia and the nut jobs pronouncing death sentences on Pregnant women who renounce Islam.

    1. anakbetawi2 years ago

      Lots of nonsense being spoken here. Saudi should never be held up as a poster child for Islam as a whole. It is an extremist theocracy with extremist views and an extremist legal system, supported solely by the West’s addiction to oil. If we chose not to support them by buying our oil elsewhere, they would disappear from the world stage overnight. While it’s true that the majority (about 70%, not the VAST majority) of Muslims would prefer to be judged by Sharia law, the VAST majority (and now I mean >90%) would not be adversely affected by it at all. It is not an arbitrary system, and like most of us, they would not be subject to prosecution unless they did something criminal! While the VAST majority (and now I’m talking 98%) of American citizens are non-Muslim, it is absolutely a non-issue. No Muslims support implementing Sharia law to rule non-Muslim-dominated societies, since it is a religious legal system and isn’t intended for that purpose. There are several highly populous Muslim majority countries with secular governments (Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia) which do not care to implement Sharia law, because it would require parallel legal systems – one for Muslims and one for non-Muslims, with all the associated cost and overhead.

      1. steve2 years ago

        The muslim would not be affected by sharia law, but the believer in Jesus Christ sure would. This is the distinction between Christianity and Islam. One has a God that they need only to believe in with all their heart and they attain salvation, the other one has a god that they need to work for, to earn their salvation if it is gods will. I believe this is the simple reason so many turn to Christ when they learn of Gods love.

      2. Pat2 years ago

        You should check your facts before you make a comment. Indonesia and Malaysia recognize Sharia for many cases (divorce, apostasy, family, inheritance) for Muslims (the vast majority of citizens). Islam is the state religion in Malaysia and only Muslims can be Malays. A large part of Malaysia recognizes Sharia as the law of the land and states have the power to implement it. In the UK, muslim communities are seeking the implementation of Sharia for sharia based cases (such as family issues), thereby creating a dual system. Another point, in statistics, 70% represents a vast majority, highly significant, since 50% is the threshold.

    2. Clayton2 years ago

      Very well written. Also, since Taqiyya , or deceiving, is taught in the Quran even a lie-detector test may not be enough. So, they should be monitored for a period of time.

  115. Al Maki2 years ago

    The key point for me is the one about birth rates. I recall reading a study that said the best indicator of the rate of violence in a society was the percentage of unemployed young males. Having lots of children in countries with almost no economic opportunities is a recipe for violence and in my view the primary cause of problems in the middle east today. Until birth rates in Muslim countries come down the spiral of desperation and violence will continue. But there’s no motivation to bring them down so the violence will go on.

  116. Dr. Ahmed2 years ago

    American Muslems are Americans, Russian Muslems are Russians, Indian Muslems are Indians and so on just like Russian Christians, German Christians and American Christians. Some believes are shared and yet different. American Muslems are different than American Muslem immigrants. Just like it if the religion was Christian. Please note that the above information in the article is about ISLAM and that does not mean that other groups around the world don’t have the goods and bads as well. The media over expose the criminal and terrorist actions by Islamic terrorists yet under cover such actions done by Christian or Jewish terrorists or any other groups. Yet, the numbers killed by non Muslem Terrorists is much greater than those killed by the former. Terrorists are our enemies so we can’t side with any terrorist or any criminal group for political or cultural gains.

    1. Caitlin2 years ago

      Please try to find me statistical evidence on here, and show me of the most recent 27,000 acts of terror committef world-wide (just because we need a cut-off point somewhere) that shows any of it committed in the name of Judism or Christianity. And let me remind you, not the religous background of the suspect, but where the religion was the motive to commit the atrocity. Done in the name of the murderer’s religion. Done for that religion’s advancement. I have a hard time finding any of that hardcore evidence anywhere of Judeo-Christian ‘Jihad’ terrorism (if any) out-weighing Islamic terrorism whenever that statement is brought up. Please help me understand your line of reasoning.

  117. Dr. Ahmed2 years ago

    i am an American Muslem, devoted, and studied ISLAM. The U.S. Is my country and my home and most of my friends are not Muslems. I am strong believer in the American way of life, yet I never had any conflict with Sharia Law. I believe that the American constitution and Sharia Law are parallel and guarantee human rights, peace, equality and social justice. That is the reason ISLAM spread so fast around the world 1400 years ago during the most savage and lawless time in human history where killing people was a sport all around the globe. Yet , some people like Trump may quote parts of the U.S. Constitution out of context to promote their hate to others . You can’t describe global population in few numbers mentioned above. But we can say that bad people are bad, good people are good regardless of ideology or religion.

    1. John M Coffey2 years ago

      It would be interesting to see how the Constitution & Sharia law are parallel, except that they are law? Your definition of human rights, peace, equality & social justice would enlighten & help understand your comment.

      1. steve2 years ago

        Great point, sharia is intended for muslims, while our constitution is for everyone.

        1. anonymous2 years ago

          No, no, no , you’re understating is not entirely accurate. Actually, it’s for everyone on this earth including you and me, whether we like it or not. That’s the ultimate goal of the majority of Muslims as this survey clearly shows. Islam means total submission to Allah, Muhammad, and now his Caliphate Al-Bagdadi of IS. Who appointed him? Allah did. Allah is some sort of I-do-not-really-know-what thing, and Muhammad is dead, and therefore, it’s the duty of the Caliphate and his decibels to subdue the earth. This is main-stream Muslim thought, not only advocated by the terrorists, but by the “Think Tank” of the Muslim Brotherhood which originated in Egypt in the 1930s. And that organization is all over the world.

    2. Phil2 years ago

      ‘The American Constitution and Sharia Law are parallel?” Really? You actually think that? Sharia Law flies in the face of the 1st Amendment completely. I would say that American Constitution and Sharia Law are obtuse at best. Please do yourself and others a favor and read the Bill of Rights. I mean what the hell…! Only Muslims choose to follow Sharia Law. So basically what your saying is that we could replace the US Constitution right now….but…..everyone would have to convert! Just stop. Please.

      1. layman2 years ago

        Man fears what he ignores!
        reading few pages about Sharia laws written by an ill-informed, academic-like sources negates your genuine search for authentic knowledge.
        Sharia, in a nutshell, is a comprehensive set of principles yet dynamic enough to accommodate changes of time and cultures. those who interpret these principles are by the end of the day are humans and vulnerable to all human ills. claims by this or that to be the only source of Sharia’s understanding is baseless.
        Please keep seeking the other point of view and the truth shall free you!

        1. Clayton2 years ago

          So, am I correct in assuming this dynamic Sharia law now no longer equates a Muslim man’s testimony to two Muslim women’s testimonies and a multitude of infidel men’s testimonies.

          1. layman2 years ago

            Regarding testimonial equivalency. what you referred to is applicable mainly to Business and financial activities. Centuries ago it was very uncommon for women to be involved in these jobs, this limited their skills in this field. the confusion stems from copying what has been prevalent at that time and applying it now.
            indeed, in many areas woman’s testimony was regarded as more relevant and higher in the scale than man’s one, such as questions pertaining to family matters and women’s affairs where an absent, busy man has no clue.
            for the “infidel’s” testimony, again the issue at hand is what type of testimony and the status of this person in terms of his alliance to the state where the law is applied. However, most of this discussion belongs to the realm of the “ever-changing” not the “written-in-stone”.

    3. A. Turan2 years ago

      I am raised as Turkish sunni Muslim. 98% of Turks are muslim but constitution is secular and not based on Sharia LAW at least for now. Sheria Law is based on Quarn and Muhammad sunnah or teachings. These teachings currently are not even justifiable in a country with majority muslim like Turkey. I had a laugh when you said USA constitution and Sheria Law are compatible. Let’s start; a) man can marry with multiple woman in specific circumstances-in practice tough these circumstances very open for justification b) if you are a girl only your brothers can get a sharing from parent’s wealth c) woman cannot leave their marriage without husband’s will . Our exemplary profit Muhammad married to his step son’s ( ZayD’s) wife but a bit scared at first from people’s reaction. Then the GOd sent the verse in Quran to make it easy for him. Open the Quran and find the Al-Ahzab Verse No:37.” Say to the person to whom you and God have granted favor, “Keep your wife and have fear of God. You hide within yourself what God wants to make public. You are afraid of people while it is God whom one should fear.” When Zayd set her free, We gave her in marriage to you so that the believers would not face difficulties about the wives of their adopted sons when they are divorced. God’s decree has already been issued.”
      For non-believers, Quran has many conflicting information. In one verse says leave the nonbelievers alone in another killing them would bring you heaven & so on..Finally Jihad-Greater jihad and lesser. Jihad justify killing to spread your religion. Let’s be honest here about our religion muslims.

      1. layman2 years ago

        I wonder if this comment is truly written by a “Turkish sunni Muslim”.
        Many knowledge gaps are there in the stories and “facts” provided. They may appeal to those who are unfamiliar with Quran and Muhammed’s life, but a fair dialogue needs authenticity and better efforts to find more about what you attack.

    4. sweetie232 years ago

      You’ve studied Islam and consider it peaceful? Tell us then, just how many war verses there are compared to peaceful ones. Equality? Flat out lie. If you really think Islam is about equality, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell to you. Tell us all about the jizya you people levy on those that are non Muslims, then tell us how ‘equal’ we all are. AND – your religion does most certainly speak of the 72 virgins in heaven. Tell me something, that sounds great if you’re a man – what happens to you if you’re a woman, hm?

      Tell us how many times the story of Exodus is retold in the Koran – Mohammed really liked that story huh? Tell us how you’re allowed to lie to further the goals of Islam, right up to and including denying Mohammed himself if it’s necessary. It’s WRITTEN in your own religion that you can, funny how you people always seem to skip that part though.

      The very word “Islam” means “to submit” and “Muslim” means “the submitted.” Funny, that doesn’t sound very peaceful to me right off the bat. Also, since you know SO MUCH about Islam, please tell everyone how many times a day you’re supposed to pray – as in, WHERE IS IT WRITTEN? In the Koran? The hadithes? The answer is, you don’t know, because it’s not written down anywhere in your false religion. They usually tell people around 5 times a day maybe? The truth is, you and the rest of the Muslims have absolutely no idea how many times you’re supposed to pray to get into heaven.

      Your ‘god’ is not the Christian God of the Bible. If He was, then he would be contradicting Himself left and right when you compare the Koran and the hadithes to the Christian Bible. God’s names are listed in the Bible – “Allah” is not one of them, nor is it found in any of the translations.

      Everything I have said here can be proven if people care enough to do the research. Don’t fall for the Muslim lies!

      1. layman2 years ago

        please by a copy of English translation of the Quran and read it for yourself instead of making short cut in trying to approach the field of comparative religion. you will have a clearer view and stronger argument.

    5. itsme2 years ago

      You may have citizenship but you are not American. You said it yourself. If you were American you would call yourself a muslem American. Instead you refer to yourself as an American muslem. So no, you don’t get it. You’re not part of it. You’re just a dam tourist. Oh one last thing, “No” sharia law is not compatible with the Constitution of the United States of America.

    6. anonymous2 years ago

      “The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the one who cannot read them.” -Mark Twain

      I better read that constitution again, because my memory is failing here: So the US constitution imposes flogging, amputations, stoning, and beheading in public as the folks emerge from church? Does it also behead apostates who have a dose of common sense to question myths, superstitions, and lies in the Bible? Or, my daughter will get half the inheritance while my son gets twice as much? and I can also marry 4 wives? And when I divorce them, yeah those four wives, I can marry 4 more, AND keep the children and throw out the wives on the street with nothing? And a woman can’t be in the jury box because she’s only half the man and her memory is too weak and she’s not that smart AS the man? And the wife must be obedient to her husband and follow his lead? How about this one? This constitution of ours is very interesting now that I am learning about it from the enlightened: that my wife is filthy when she’s having her monthly time, she can’t pray, go to church, or touch the bible? And this is the one I really like: she can’t leave the house without my permission and guardianship? …

      I had no idea this was in the US constitution. I feel so enlightened. I am so proud of this constitution.

    7. anonymous2 years ago

      The US constitution and Sharia law are indeed parallel: they never meet. Just because you believe something, it doesn’t make so. For, there is a huge distinction between belief and truth. A good book my help in this regard, it’s abstruse philosophy though: Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding by Hume. Your parallelism is an oxymoron, just like the miracle of reason.

    8. Clayton2 years ago

      You certainly haven’t convinced me. What does Sharia require in the relationship between a husband and his wife? …all of it!

    9. mach372 years ago

      The First Amendment is totally opposite to what the Koran teaches. The Koran is so schizophrenic, it is hard to find a verse that doesn’t conflict with itself between the opening passages and the concluding passages.

  118. Dolph Bowers2 years ago

    Some comments say this has addressed Sharia law but I don’t read that here. Feels like Sharia law is the elephant in the room.

    1. Kari2 years ago

      This report is small. Pew did a large study which contains 226 pages in 2013. You can view part of the study from this website or you can download the .pdf which contains all of the study results. The 2013 study does contain information on sharia law in detail.

      Report entitled: The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society. Report dated: April 30, 2013.

  119. Dolph Bowers2 years ago

    I confess, I know little about Muslims. I would like to understand Sharia Law. Once thing seems clear and that is difficult to find a reputable source for this.
    From the little I’ve read, it does appear that Sharia law is in conflict with our laws, and violent.
    I don’t feel this article addresses Sharia Law.
    There is so much fear now, and it is difficult to determine the truth.
    I wish Pew would address this.

    1. Sadia2 years ago

      Having just written a research paper in Sharia law, I may be able to offer a little insight. Sharia literally means “the way” in Arabic, thus it is the way of God, or his divine will. That divine will encompasses the basic concepts of justice and equality for Muslims. Fiqh, on the other hand is the human attempt to interpret and understand sharia. Muslim jurists attempt to use primary sources(Quran), secondary sources, and the consensus of the community to agree upon Islamic law or fiqh. Because interpretation is involved, and because legal derivation is a human construct, there is room for error and need for change. There is no such thing as one universal Islamic law being applied in every single Muslim nation, and most Muslim majority nations have multiple legal systems and civil courts. Sharia law is no more in conflict with democracy as Canonical laws are, however fiqh, as implemented in some countries can be viewed as patriarchal and predated.
      Here are some sources that I am deriving my post from:
      Islamism and Islam by Bassam Tibi
      Muslim Women’s Quest for Equality: Between Islamic Law and Feminism by Ziba Mir-Hosseini
      Sharia Incorporated: A Comparative Overview of the Legal Systems of Twelve Muslim Countries in Past and Present edited by Jan Michiel Otto

      I hope this helps on your road to understanding one aspect of Islamic jurisprudence, thank you for attempting to understand.

    2. Wri79132 years ago

      For those looking for information on Sharia Law and what it states, check out a book called “Reliance of the Traveller” which describes in detail. It is the authoritative book on Sharia for Muslims who are non-arabic speaking and speak English.

      1. layman2 years ago

        the book you are referring to is written the 14th century. it deals mostly with one school of thought in sunni islamic laws “Shafei school”. you may need to read further in more recent books and Sadia’s comment above is a sure help.

  120. BBC2 years ago

    Can you imagine any “religion” where 14% of followers (14 out of 100…. 140,000 out of 1,000,000, etc) condone violence against civilians? What can possibly justify this?

    1. MF2 years ago

      No justification. But I can imagine another “religion” whose followers condone violence against civilians. I don’t have any percentages but I know too many “christians” who believe that Israel is completely justified in killing any/all Palestinain civilians. I was told that “God’s chosen people can do whatever they want, they will answer to God in the end” Pretty sick if you ask me.

    2. A. Turan2 years ago

      I absolutely agree! Majority muslims are not Arabic and follow an idolized version of Islam. Quran is written in Arabic and muslims pray in Arabic even tough they do not know Arabic. They just memorize the words or learn decoding in Arabic. So they do not understand any word of it. My mom prays 5 times a day with purest feelings. The other day she confessed” I do not want to read Quran in Turkish because I am afraid I can lose my faith. ” She tried reading a few verse & was very disappointed with the true meanings of them. Therefore thanks GOD majority of muslims does not understand Quran. Otherwise, those numbers would be even more. The ones who understand & internalize word of Quran began to be radicalized. Have you thought why Arab muslims are the ones more fundamentals than others in general? That is why.. they understand the QURAN at a very young age and internalize it.

      1. layman2 years ago

        Sorry to say this. it is quite opposite to what we just said. those radicals who attacked innocent people in coffee-shops and theaters in Paris lately were all French-raised and educated. I guess if they were raised bay a kind Turkish mother like yours and were well-educated about their religion they would have been quite different

  121. TP2 years ago

    1.8 million of 2.7 million Muslims in US are adults.

    In the United States, a 2011 survey found that 86% of Muslims say that such tactics are rarely or never justified. An additional 7% say suicide bombings are sometimes justified and 1% say they are often justified in these circumstances.

    7% and 1% of 1.8 million – say that above tactics sometimes justified or often justified.

    105,000 and 18,000 Muslims living in US sometimes or often justified.

    Did I interpret this incorrectly and what if any concerns and/ or conclusions might be drawn re potential threat if some folks are “radicalized”?

    1. John Consiglio2 years ago

      That’s a pretty high horse you’re riding on…didn’t our country drop a couple of gigantic bombs on Japan? I wonder how many Americans thought that was justified? I’d say more than half.

      1. Wri79132 years ago

        Certainly the bombing was justified. We bombed Dresden Germany and many innocent people were killed but the Germans at that time were the ENEMY.

        The same was true with the Japanese who were the ENEMY. We certainly were justified to bomb them to end a bloody war.

        1. McG2 years ago

          Their government was the enemy! Not the innocent people that were killed.

        2. Jack2 years ago

          You make his point.

      2. Clayton2 years ago

        My niece-in-law’s grandmother was injured in Hiroshima, but I to believe ending the war as we did saved a million Japanese lives and a quarter million Am. lives.

  122. Jeff2 years ago

    Rather than the complete Islamaphobia exhibited by Mr Trump, maybe it is worth considering accepting Muslims but also placing some “reasonable” restrictions on how they practice their religion in America? Such as no Apostasy (I consider that more like gang behavior where they will kill you if you choose to leave a gang: people here should be able to freely choose and change religions), and maybe a few others (I assume somebody has a list of Muslim practices incompatible with U.S. democratic societal norms). We impose restrictions on the Mormons (monogamy, etc). Maybe that would be an acceptable compromise?

    1. Wri79132 years ago

      We can attempt to place reasonable restrictions on Muslims and their practice of Sharia in the US. It won’t matter in the end though because as many terrorists state, they simply don’t follow man made law and would rather follow Sharia.

      So we have people who commit honor killings because their Mosque tells them its ok. We have people who kill apostates because the Mosque tells them its ok. We have Muslims who commit acts of terror because the Mosque actively encourages them to do so.

      Where do you draw the line?

    2. steve2 years ago

      Islam, as defined means “complete submission to allah” I guess I qualify as an Islamophobe, because I do fear complete submission to a god I have to work for any salvation if he feels like it.

  123. Kerry2 years ago

    Where does Trump’s info come from? that 25% of US Muslims justify Jihad-related violence against the US? is it a total lie?

    1. Will2 years ago

      Trump’s info came from a survey done by the Center for Security Policy. But there are problems with it.

      1. The Center is infamous for being an extremist think tank with very negative Muslim views. The founder is known as a misinformation expert, has dabbled in conspiracy theories, and has made false rumors before.
      2. Georgetown’s Bridge Initiative has stated that the poll was an opt-in online survey. Which, if true, means that pretty much anybody can take the survey. Even non-Muslims.


    2. Craig Pennington2 years ago

      It comes from an online opt-in “poll” of 600 self-identified muslims claiming to live in the US commissioned by The Center for Security Policy (run by noted conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney — see… for an idea of exactly how wacky the guy is.)

      In addition to the 25% number, said “poll” claims 39% of American Muslims think that US Muslims should not be subject to American courts.

    3. Kari2 years ago

      Pew did a large study which contains 226 pages in 2013. You can view part of the study from this website or you can download the .pdf which contains all of the study results. It is a very illuminating report. Report entitled: The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society. Report dated: April 30, 2013.

  124. Robert2 years ago

    You didn’t think it was relevant to show what percentage of American Muslims want or support sharia and suicide bombings?

    1. nno2 years ago

      umm… that’s what the whole middle of the report deals with.

    2. Rudy2 years ago

      The biggest questions for liberal democracies are about Shariah, which defines what tolerance looks like within Muslim-dominated societies, and answers questions about legitimate violence. One source for the missing information is here

  125. Mohamed2 years ago

    France Gave 72% Favourable views of muslims.From that we can easily understand Why ISIS Targeted Paris.And we already know their next target is London (Britain 64%).And that it will be Germany.

  126. Pete2 years ago

    Please publish stats on minority % in muslims dominated countries. Hindus, Christians, others are murdered in Pakistan, Bangaldesh, entire Africa and there are almost none in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan etc. Wake up everyone. All other religions need to unite

  127. Dowell Myers2 years ago

    What a great set of facts are provided here, both about the count of how many Muslims and where they live, and also their opinions on many matters. Such a range and such clarity! In our current political moment your “fact tank” is a vital resource. Thank you.

  128. benross2 years ago

    Dear People of the word,
    People of the world…..
    Do you know the truth about….. Islam?
    Or do you think it’s about
    Bombing planes and killing innocent people…..?
    Forget about the lies…..
    I’ am here to tell you how it really is…..
    You deserve to know the truth
    About this beautiful way of life…..
    People of the world
    Islam is all about peace
    Terrorism it doesn’t teach
    Its all about love and family and charity
    And praying to one God
    This is Islam
    It’s something you should know…..
    I know it’s really helped me grow
    It does away with greed, filth, arrogance
    And teaches us morality
    A perfect way to live…..
    So don’t believe all you see and hear
    Too many people wear a title of a Muslim…..
    But they don’t practice Islam…..
    People of the world
    Islam is all about peace
    Terrorism it doesn’t teach
    Its all about love and family and charity
    And praying to one God
    This is Islam
    And it teaches us the creator’s made this life for us a test…..
    And if we follow truth and do good deeds, He’ll reward us in the Next…..
    If we remember God & teach each other the truth and patience in His way
    Together we can live… peace…..
    This is Islam
    Please Google Islamic research foundation and visit the FAQ section for answers to questions you may have about Islam.
    I am sure that you will find that Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, justice, kindness, charity, love and worshiping one God.
    Best regards.

    1. Benito Barres2 years ago

      Christianity is a religion of peace, tolerance, love, forgiveness, charity and worshiping one God. There are some who call themselves Christians who are intolerant and judge others. But it’s not for us to judge others. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, but through his son, Jesus who gave his life to cover the sin debt of all mankind, we may be forgiven, and experience eternal life. All we must to is repent and believe in what he did for us. Excepting Christ into one’s life changes a person. It fills ones heart with peace, directs us to serve others and strengthens us to withstand the difficulties in life. I know that Islamic customs vary from country to country, and the case can be made that the majority of Muslims are not terrorists who claim that Islam instructs them to wage a holy war on all non-Muslims and kill infidels. However, the majority of peaceful Muslims are not at all vocal in condemning the radical terrorists that are trying to hijack and pervert their religion. In fact for being the majority, there are far fewer peaceful Muslims speaking out than terrorists committing atrocities. I have heard your description of Islam and have no reason to doubt that you believe with all your heart what you are saying, but as a peaceful Muslim can you please explain the following. Why do Muslim women in many countries; Saudi Arabia, Iran, countries in Northern Africa, and Afghanistan, experience such a lack of human rights? Why are they so devalued within these societies? Explain or defend honor killings, stoning for female adulterers and rape victims, killing of homosexuals, using children for sex and the description of the afterlife. Is it based on men being given virgins? So there is no heaven for women? It’s difficult for many westerners to understand, and I have heard many supposedly moderate Muslims confirming and condoning these acts.

      1. layman2 years ago

        My friend, the last few lines of your comment tell how confused a person might get if he listen to one side of the story, especially “right-winger” side.
        if it makes you feel better I would keep condemning this horrible lack of rights all the day long. But how can you judge the whole society based on any abhorred act done bay some o its members (e.g. honor killing). Is it fair to consider the all American people are bigots based on what we hear everyday from the islamophobic talk-shows or the absurd nonsense of mr. trump? I don’t.

      2. DelivererofNews2 years ago

        Excellent question and I have an answer…

        The Quran does in fact say the man is somewhat over the women but does not state a women has no rights. Women are to be treated equally as told in the Quran. Now, what you see in Saudi is NOT islam it is actually a cultural thing! That practice comes from preIslam bedouin times. Islam states that both men and women need to just dress modestly and dont try to be provocative. Saudi Arabia is the equivalent to Iran in extremeism and should not be made as an example of Islam. They believe in a reformist movement called Wahhab. Anyway, what you see on the news about people getting killed for protests are not because of religion it is culture. Also the mass unemployment, crime, and destability has left many young men angry, hungry and looking for a scapegoat and they turn to the West. I am a Syrian American, born here. My dad is Syrian my mother is a white American. My father explicitly blamed his own culture as backwards and that it is not Islam.

        Also, let us not alienate Islam for this. These events have only occured throughout the last 60 years. People USING religion as an excuse for crimes against humanity are everywhere and are evident in history. The pope allowing the inquisition after the reconquista of Spain. King Mehmet II(who claimed to be ruler of the Muslim world) brutally massacred the people of Constantinople. The Jewish kingdoms of Israel…etc. Leave religions alone, judge the PEOPLE. The more we generalize, the more hatred from both societies increase. If you have any questions im happy to answer! Reply ori can give you my email if youd like

        1. layman2 years ago

          you really summed the whole debate in your comment! what we see is more cultural than religious. East and West have their load of historical atrocities, they need to admit courageously their respective responsibility of pain and suffering done to others. However, let us shy away from judging people based on their heritage. you, as Syrian descendent are not responsible for the crimes done to your fellow citizens, the way any American fellow is not responsible for the mass killing of vietnamese or the drone attacks on poor villagers of Afghanistan while attending a wedding party.
          have a pleasant day.

    2. Klp2 years ago

      Thank you for your comments. I really want to believe that Muslim is a peaceful religion. You must understand that as a woman growing up in the US who sees Muslim women and how they must dress, it’s confusing especially when I read about the law of Islam as taught from the Quran. How will this peaceful religion assimilate into American culture? I believe in women’s rights and don’t see Muslim as being peaceful for women.

    3. Rudy2 years ago

      Thank you for the testimony, Benross. I would suggest to all that reading the Muslim holy book for themselves is a good way to determine what Islam teaches. Then compare the history of Islam with what you read there.

      1. Anonymous4 weeks ago

        I agree

    4. Clayton2 years ago

      Are you saying Allah is the same as the God of Abraham, Jacob and Joseph who said: “This is My beloved Son (Jesus) in whom I am well pleased.” If reading this causes a strange feeling in your being, simply say: “God of all creation, guide my path way.” And, really mean it!

      1. Rae2 years ago

        God is good and his love is real! All you have to do is believe with all your heart and soul to be saved.

  129. Michael2 years ago

    From what I’m reading (and the research never gives an overall percent) the percentage of Muslims who view ISIS favorably is about 5 or 6% worldwide. Let’s do the math here: 5% of 1.6 billion = 80 million Muslims who view these murderous radicals favorably. That’s equal to roughly 10 times the population of New York City. And there’s where word play comes in with polls like these to make things seem better than they really are: “Relatively small” numbers or “most… Muslims… have an unfavorable view of ISIS”. The list goes on and on.

    1. DelivererofNews2 years ago

      Out of how many did you ask? In order to be accurate you need to interview a larger number

  130. John Maxwell2 years ago

    You conducted an interesting survey about attitudes of Muslims worldwide, but you did not produce an answer to a very important question — what percentage of the U.S. Muslim population advocates the adoption of Sharia law in the United States? This is very important because Sharia law is antithetical to American constitutional law, as well as maintaining basic human rights, liberty, and religious tolerance. Those U.S. Muslims who advocate the adoption of Sharia law in the United States fundamentally reject the basis of our country.

    1. FAHRİ BAHADIR GÜLDİKEN2 years ago

      I think you don’t know about Islam or its history. Religious tolerance existed in Islam since the very first moment. Jews,Christians lived freely in Jerusalem(see Saladin), Istanbul during Ottoman Empire, Granada under Sharia etc. In Ottoman every religious group has its own courts & laws for trials between them. Umar(r.a.) one of khalifa of Rashidun(2nd after Prophet Mohammad(pbuh) visited a church & bishop after capture of Jerusalem etc

      1. Jebediah Springfield2 years ago

        And I think you are deliberately not telling the truth.
        Religious tolerance has never existed whenever islam came.
        Historically, there has always been islamic supremacy and discrimination of non-muslims, in the lands where muslims ruled.
        Defining that some people “lived freely” doesn’t mean that the islamic system was tolerant. Non-muslims had to pay a special tax (jizya), had to be humiliated, didn’t have the right to fix their churches or build new ones, etc.
        Islamic religious tolerance is a myth.

        1. layman2 years ago

          quick note. If muslims were not tolerant you would have never seen a single non-muslim in islam-dominated countries. they would have vanished the ways jews and muslims were eradicated from Iberian Peninsula in the middle ages.
          Are muslims, everywhere and every time, angels? certainly not, however they are not mere devils as well.
          Why do we see so much intolerance and violence in the islamic countries these days? that is another story, however, like any multifactorial problem, it can not be ascribed to on cause.
          but rest assured that the basic tenet of tolerance is deeply rooted in the most authentic source of Islam, the Quran. Please read it!

      2. Derek Bauer2 years ago

        But more importantly, does religious tolerance exist in Muslim countries today? For the most part, no.

      3. mach372 years ago

        According to the Koran, Christians in particular are allowed to live in Muslim lands only if they pay the “poor tax” and submit themselves to Muslims, and do not build new churches, nor repair old ones as they fall into disrepair. Christians must be submissive to Muslims. The alternative is for them to convert to Islam or Muslims will fight them, whatever that means. It is clear in the Koran.

    2. Michael Lipka2 years ago

      Thank you for your question. Our 2011 survey of Muslim Americans did not ask respondents if they favor making sharia the official law of the land in the U.S. You can read more about the methodology and other aspects of our survey of Muslims in this FAQ.

      Michael Lipka

      1. Hocking Hick2 years ago

        The link to your FAQ doesn’t work.

        In addition, the question can be distilled down to one: Why did you not ask American Muslims the same questions as Muslims in other countries, including of course, the question on whether Sharia Law should be the law of the land.

        1. Bruce Drake2 years ago

          Try this link: It works for me

        2. Michael Lipka2 years ago

          Here is the full link:…

  131. Astral2 years ago

    The CFR estimated in 2012 that there were 2 million to 7 million Muslims living in the U.S.…
    5 million people is one heck of a difference. This article estimated 2.75 for people of all ages. Other articles choose different numbers. But they all admit that since religious data isn’t collected by Census, then it’s all just a guess.

    The truth is they really don’t know how many Muslims are living in the U.S.. And honestly, with all the Muslim haters in the world, some for good reason and some not, many Muslims may not admit their faith when asked anyway.

    Not to mention that I am 43 years old and have never participated in a single poll that our government and other researchers like to get their figures from, no matter what the poll is for. If you look at much of the so called “research” data that they use, it’s usually from a ridiculously small sample of the population and usually twisted to show the results that the researcher desired rather than actual facts.

    All of these articles like to throw around so called “facts” like 70% do this and 60% do that. If they don’t even know how many there are, then they are just spinning political nonsense trying to sway public opinion. This one quotes a whopping 1,033 people…. 1k out of several million. Just think about how unfounded these percentages really are.

    The proof of that is when they try to say that 70% of Muslim’s in America are American citizen’s. For starters, they don’t know that because they don’t even know how many are here. In 2012 there was a 5 million person gap in their guesses. Second, it’s frightening that they try to say that 70% is a good thing. That means that almost 1/3 of Muslims in the U.S. aren’t even citizens. That adds up to millions of people and that is what needs to stop.

    I know that Trump’s words aren’t realistic when it comes to illegal aliens and Muslims, but when you really start to think about how many illegals we have in this country, from all over the world, it is pretty alarming. I personally think that anyone here that has not started the process of becoming a citizen within 1 year of arrival should be deported, regardless of country of origin, race, religion, sex. etc. . if they stop the process at any time, they should be deported as well. I know that the process sometimes takes many years to complete, but if they havn’t even begun the process in one year, then they need to go back where they came from, because they are not here to be American citizens, they are here to mooch of the American system.

    1. Sam2 years ago

      There are already more than 7 million Muslims living in he USA

      1. johanna benting2 years ago

        i thank the president is alto to blame on all this fightening and poeple going to war.becuase he lets these musliums and other races into the united states.they behing in disease and take jobs away from the united states people who live here .this world going to hell.becuase of the president .there only one god ,and god doesnt believe in killing,

  132. Francis2 years ago

    very sad…Buddhism is dyeing in the world. world is going to hell

  133. L.Carlton2 years ago

    For Muslims in America, why does this survey shy away from important questions that Pew asks Muslims in other countries, such as: is Sharia law above national law, must a wife always obey her husband, are you in favor of stoning/dismembering/death for adulterers or homosexuals or apostates, etc. It seems as if this report mainly wants to assuage people’s fears about what Muslims believe: for example, it says that a 2011 survey found that 86% of Muslims in the US say that suicide bombings are “rarely or never justified” – but you could also have written that 14% say that suicide bombings are indeed justified. And 14% of 2.75 million (your figure) is 385,000, which to my simple mind sounds like a whole lot.

    1. Matt Zale2 years ago

      This is one of the smartest, most poignant posts I’ve read in a long time

    2. Michael2 years ago

      I agree wholeheartedly with your comment. I’ve noticed that most polls like this use percentages to claim that only a small percent of Muslims favor ISIS or suicide bombings etc…, but real numbers are never shown (most likely in hopes that your average reader will look only at the ratios). It’s good that some of us are doing the math and seeing that the situation isn’t as flowery as some would have us believe.

      1. Wri79132 years ago

        15% to 20% of 1.4 billion people is still quite a lot of people to be concerned with.

        If the numbers are correct, that would be approximately 300,000 people believe the same views as ISIS. That is the almost equivalent to the current population of the US!!

        Not a small number at all!

        1. Kieran McCusker1 year ago

          14% to 20% of Nigerian Muslins, not the global 1.4 billion that see ISIS favorably, 7% of Christians in the same country believed the same, showing Nigeria is obviously not representative of the world. Do 7% of Christians in America view ISIS favorably? No, because the views of Nigerians are obviously not the views of the rest of the world. It’s Nigeria for gods

    3. Hocking Hick2 years ago

      You didn’t ask the same questions of US Muslims as Muslims residing in other countries.

      Why is that?

      What is the percentage of US Muslims who believe Sharia should be the law of the land?

      It’s simple, and it’s also evident that you did not want to publicize the answer.

      Honesty. How can anyone trust your polls if you knowingly leave some results out in order to skew the results?

    4. autumn leaf2 years ago

      ask an american if collateral damages in iraq were important or not…
      because america killed thousands of civilians in irak.
      so a break with your double standards !

      1. Sam2 years ago

        I agree, 40% of Americans think that if civilians die during an invasion is an acceptable loss, that would make the number more than 120,000,000. Double standard much?

      2. Rudy2 years ago

        Autumn: No double standard until someone is (a) defending collateral damage, and/or (b) admitting we are at war with Islam. I do not see either of those positions stated above, except you seem to imply the latter by your claim re double standard. Are you taking the position that jihad has been engaged against the West, US, etc?

    5. layman2 years ago

      Now it is your turn to tell me.
      What percentage of “peaceful” founding fathers condoned the slavery of the “pagan” blacks and the eradication of the “infidel” race of native Americans?
      That was a very far history! OK, let us get to 20th century.
      Could you tell the percentage of educated, refined Americans who disapproved bombing Japanese civilians with the “trinity” atomic bomb? or those who cared very much about gassing the villagers in rural Vietnam and carpet-bombing of Cambodia country side on the eve of christmas?
      It is your house that is of glass!

      1. Hocking Hick2 years ago

        And that makes everything ok.

        Two wrongs DO make a right.

        Thank you for your enlightenment.


        1. layman2 years ago

          Sorry, I don’t mean to offend anyone in this respected forum. I agree that “two wrongs do NOT make right”. all I wanted to say and make clear is that inferences driven from these percentages are misleading. In every nation on earth you will find hate-mongers and xinophobes. cheers!

  134. jenlawjen2 years ago

    Alarming. But you have excluded data from India on “Support for Sharia”, which as far as other research has found is an outlier (marginal support). Somehow Muslims in India are far more tolerant and cultured than elsewhere. Is it because their Bollywood actors are all Muslims and hence portray an acceptable post modern world to the masses?

    1. Indian Guy2 years ago

      Who told you Muslims in India are “far more tolerant and cultured than elsewhere?”

      Just a week back, offices of Lokmat newspaper in India were attacked by Muslim mobs for publishing a cartoon about ISIS.
      The successive Indian governments led by Congress political party have been consistent Islam appeasers. Out of 14 federal/gazetted holidays in India, 4 are for Muslims (Hindus constituting 80% of population have only two!). Indian muslims have had their haj trip to Mecca subsidised by the Indian tax payers. India was the first country in the world to ban Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses to placate the protesting Muslims. Muslims already have sharia-based personal laws (marriage, divorce, inheritance) for themselves as part of Indian constitution.

  135. Syed Kamal2 years ago

    a. Besides cultural factors and religious teachings the reason for population growth among Muslims is lack of education and poverty. This has been proven true in population studies that poor and the poorly educated have more offspring.
    b. The shocking thing to me is the level of support for Sharia Law in Muslim majority countries inspite of adverse consequences (loss of freedom of thought and expression, loss of freedom of religion, curtailment of women’s and children’s rights, bizarre ideas on crime and punishment etc.) of its enactment in at least 2 countries Saudia Arabia and Pakistan.

    1. Kat2 years ago

      I would assume this level of support might be a result of fear – maybe survey respondents were afraid that if they said they did not approve, they would be thrown in jail. In these countries, like in the US, the government monitors online and phone conversations. I know a guy who was kicked out of UAE for posting a joke about the government online. Survey respondents may have been afraid to answer truthfully if the survey was administered through any electronic format. If it was administered through a person, they may have not trusted the person to not be from the government or to keep their responses confidential. People would much rather answer a survey untruthfully than be thrown in jail or kicked out of their homes.

      1. Sam2 years ago

        That answer is repulsive. Maybe you need to educate yourself about how polls are conducted. People with hate yourself can never bridge communities together.

      2. A. Turan2 years ago

        Not In Turkey. people in Turkey would not afraid to answer it because there is not sheria Law but number of Sheria Law supporters increased. After President Erdogan’s administration of 13 years, even the most moderate muslims are becoming more religious. In the past Sheria supporters was very low in Turkey. Government had strong preventative measures for this. Now cemaats, kaltz or religios groups are spreading, opening schools, dorms, praying rooms in universities and doctrine very young children. It was forbidden before Erdogan or required a difficult permission process to open up such schools in Turkey.

      3. A. Turan2 years ago

        In my opinion, muslims are using your values of freedom and mutual respect to teach Islam and eventually hate. However if you truly understand Islam it has no respect to non-muslims at all. Quran has stories of how non-muslims will be punished & so on. However there needs to be ethnographic serious studies (not surveys) to understand what is the % of muslims do not value non-muslims, hate them, and would support violence against them. I predicts based on my observations of muslim society, numbers would be much higher than this survey results. I am not trying to create a generalization about muslims (because all of my relatives are muslims) but I know many dislike westerns and do not accept western values.This does not mean they support violence are not that crazy yet. Having said that that dislike is reinforced & became stronger by quietness of Westerns countries about Israel and Iraqi war. So, islam itself is problem but this hate is fed by western countries double standards and international policies. I am a muslim born and left my religion recently. Now I am infidel so my interpretations has no value for my muslim friends anymore so does yours! the latter is a summary of Islam.

    2. Dallas Montgomery2 years ago

      Thank you – then two peoples can co-exist when one clan is hell bent on killing the other. I’m not sure how that works. Maybe someone can convince some but not I.

      My cultural factor is different than any other in the United States much less the rest of the world so I won’t even go there.
      But on a more important note, I too received religious teachings from a very early age. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Since then we have talks on a regular basis. He’s brought me and my family through some tough times and saved my life on numerous occasions. You know, Jesus said, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life… No one can come to the Father except through Me.’ All you have to do is ask Him to forgive your sins and that you believe He died on the cross for your sins and rose in three days to go and prepare a place in heaven for you. I talk to others about Him and I hope some got through to them. I pray that anyway. I see how some can see the negatives on the population growth among Muslims and blame the lack of education and poverty. My difference is my faith in God over the population studies about the poor. The propaganda any person is subjected to, be is as negative as what the Muslim people are forced to, well I just wished they knew Jesus like do. Maybe if they did there wouldn’t have to be adverse consequences (loss of freedom of thought and expression, loss of freedom of religion, curtailment of women’s and children’s rights, bizarre ideas on crime and punishment etc.) of its enactment in other countries as sharia law expands.

      1. Anonymous3 weeks ago

        Abubakar Sidick Ahmed, Islam is against all evil act, worship of one God. Is our motto, peace and love, is our teaching. We don’t false anyone to love islam, Islam is a true religion from God. Islam means submit your self to God. You can do more research about islam from Islamic scorriers, we have Ismail mufti mink, Dr zikil naike, Muhammad Aware, Rahim Green from London, and many more Google and see. Is amazing, I was a Christian Alhamdulillah today I am a Muslim inshallah, my name kwabena Amponsah has changed to Abubakari Sidick Ahmed, Allahu Akbaru