August 24, 2015

What Americans want to do about illegal immigration

A gap in the fence near the U.S.-Mexico border overlooking Tijuana, Mexico, in 2014. (Photo by Charles Ommanney/Reportage by Getty Images)
A gap in the fence near the U.S.-Mexico border overlooking Tijuana, Mexico, in 2014. (Photo by Charles Ommanney/Reportage by Getty Images)

The debate over the future of the nation’s estimated 11.3 million unauthorized immigrants is on the political front burner once more.

President Barack Obama set the stage in November when he announced new executive actions (now tied up in court) to prevent the deportation of millions of unauthorized immigrants, expanding 2012’s original program aimed mostly at providing relief to those brought to the United States as children. Illegal immigration has dominated the Republican presidential campaign, particularly after Donald Trump’s call for deporting all undocumented immigrants in the U.S. and building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Others have called for a changing the constitutional amendment that guarantees birthright citizenship.

Among the public overall, there is little support for an effort to deport all those in the U.S. illegally, but surveys in past years have found greater support for building a barrier along the Mexican border and for changing the Constitution to ban birthright citizenship.

Republicans have long been conflicted over U.S. immigration policy. On the one hand, consistent majorities of Republicans favor providing a path to legal status for people in the U.S. illegally. Yet most Republicans also worry that granting legal status to undocumented immigrants would amount to a tacit reward for illegal behavior. And in the past, nearly half of Republicans supported changing the Constitution to bar birthright citizenship, and a majority supported building a fence along the entire U.S. border with Mexico.

Here’s a breakdown of public opinion on some key immigration issues:

Stay or deport? In a Pew Research Center survey conducted in May, a solid majority (72%) of Americans – including 80% of Democrats, 76% of independents and 56% of Republicans – say undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S. should be allowed to stay in this country legally if they meet certain requirements. Last year, we asked a follow-up question of those who opposed granting legal status to undocumented immigrants: Should there be a “national law enforcement effort to deport” all immigrants here illegally? Just 17% of the public overall favored such an effort, including about a quarter (27%) of Republicans.

Moreover, in a 2013 survey, 76% of Republicans said that deporting all immigrants in the U.S. illegally was “unrealistic.”

One measure of public sentiment is how Americans have felt about the record number of deportations of unauthorized immigrants during the Obama administration – and an early-2014 survey found the public was divided. Overall, 45% of Americans called the increase in such deportations a good thing and the same share said it was a bad thing. Republicans (55% good thing), especially Republicans and Republican leaners who agree with the Tea Party (65%), were more likely than Democrats (37%) to have a positive view of increased deportations.

A majority (60%) of Hispanics saw the increase in deportations as a bad thing. In another survey of Latino adults in 2013, nearly half (46%) said they worry “a lot” or “some” that they, a family member or a close friend could be deported. And 56% said it was more important for undocumented immigrants to be able to work and live in the U.S. without the threat of deportation than to obtain a pathway to citizenship, according to our 2014 poll.

Birthright citizenship: One of the proposals raised in the current Republican presidential campaign is whether to change the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment, which states, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” On that issue, a majority of Americans (57%) in February 2011 said that the Constitution should remain as it is, allowing any child born in the U.S. full citizenship; 39% favored changing the Constitution to bar birthright citizenship. (Also, we found that 87% of Americans were aware of this birthright.)

At that time, the idea of ending birthright citizenship drew broad opposition among Hispanics (73%), young people (73% of those under 30) and Democrats (66%). However, Republicans were divided: 49% wanted to leave the Constitution as it is, while 47% favored a constitutional amendment to bar birthright citizenship.

In 2012, at least 4.5 million U.S.-born children lived with at least one unauthorized parent, according to our analysis. Some 4 million unauthorized immigrant adults lived with their U.S.-born children.

Build a wall, or a fence: Our most recent survey on this issue was in October 2011. At that time, 46% favored building a fence “along the entire border with Mexico,” while 47% were opposed. Republicans (62%) were far more likely than independents (44%) or Democrats (39%) to support the construction of a border fence.

Overall views of immigrants: Views about immigration policies are often shaped by views about immigrants themselves: Are immigrants generally a problem, taking jobs and services, or do they strengthen the country through hard work and talents?

In our May survey, about half of Americans (51%) say immigrants strengthen the country, while 41% view them as a burden. (These opinions have fluctuated over the years, but in the mid-1990s, majorities said immigrants to the U.S. were a burden.) However, Republicans (63%) are far more likely than Democrats (32%) to say immigrants are a burden. And the share of Republicans who regard immigrants as a burden jumped 15 percentage points, from 48% in March 2014.

Declining immigration: The latest immigration debate comes against a backdrop in which the number of unauthorized immigrants coming to the U.S. has leveled off. That number peaked in 2007, especially for those from Mexico.

As growth of this group has stalled, there has been a recent sharp rise in the median length of time that unauthorized immigrants have lived in the U.S. In 2013, unauthorized immigrant adults had been in the U.S. for a median time of nearly 13 years – meaning that half had been in the country at least that long, according to a preliminary estimate. A decade earlier, in 2003, the median for adults was less than eight years.

Despite the renewed focus on immigration, it’s worth keeping in mind that immigration has not ranked high in our annual poll on the issues Americans see as a top priority for the president and Congress. Even among Hispanics, immigration has not been a top priority; a 2014 survey found that Hispanics rated education (92%), jobs and the economy (91%), and health care (86%) as extremely or very important issues but fewer said the same about immigration (73%).

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  1. Sharon Ramsey1 year ago

    I have no problem with anyone born on American soil becoming a citizen. But the rest must be deported and deportation has to mean leaving the United States, not being shuffled about. We have tolerated illegal immigration for too long, which is why it has become a problem. Illegal immigrants are criminals and should be treated as such.

  2. Anonymous1 year ago

    The ones who were born on American soil I have no problem being given citizenship. But any family of those must leave the country. We have tolerated illegal immigration for too long. Illegals are criminals and should be treated as criminals.

  3. Juan Guillermo1 year ago

    I think every illegal immigrant (after background check)already in America should pay a fee and receive residency or citizenship. America pays off some debt,families stay intact… Everybody is happy.

  4. Anonymous1 year ago

    Either enforce the laws or open the gates to all….

    May as well pull the bandaid off fast… At this rate the country slowing suffers with its citizens going through a change that needs not happen.
    Sad leadership selling out the very people that put them in office.

  5. Anonymous1 year ago

    l said goodby to my mother on 1980 in the airport of Havana-cuba,l am citizen American from 1987,lam a tax-single lndependient,vote registration,l worker a small business with all the keys from 1995,l never be back cuba,my mother to died on 2012. l have taxes deductibles from 1995 phone 1-973-504-6215,what can l do with the Citibank,if l don’t use that credit card,and they approved on oct-2015,by the social security and gross taxes,l don’t leaved u.s.a only worker in my business and holly mass the sundays,where l to go from 1982,only for foods and a coat of winter,my brother to born in union city new jersey 07087 richy ramos,therefore l to fall in usa,they to go for me kennedy airport in new York on nov-1981,from lima-peru to new York brannif airline. 9pm.

  6. Anonymous1 year ago

    Hundreds of millions of aliens, especially those residing in countries stricken with poverty and violence, would eagerly come to live and work in our country if permitted to do so. The U.S. Congress, recognizing the need to impose realistic and humane limits on immigration, has enacted and repeatedly amended immigration statutes that (1) limit the number of aliens who may be admitted to reside and work in the United States and (2) determine which aliens will receive those privileges. In every case, these statutes were signed into law by the incumbent president of the United States.

    Our current immigration law, the Immigration and Nationality Act (“INA”), protects the wages and job security of American workers from excessive immigration by limiting the number of employment-based immigrant visas to approximately 140,000 per year. With some exceptions13 the INA also limits the number of employment-based nonimmigrant visas to approximately 150,000 per year.

    In the 1970s it became evident that the numerical limits on employment-based visas were being undermined by large numbers of alien workers entering the county without a visa or overstaying a nonimmigrant visa. In 1986 Congress reacted by enacting the Immigration Reform and Control Act (“IRCA”).14 As amended by IRCA, the INA makes it unlawful for any person to hire an “unauthorized alien” and requires job applicants to present employers documentation of their identity and of their authorization to work.15 Aliens not authorized to work by virtue of their immigration status must present an “employment authorization document” (“EAD”), issued by the Department of Homeland Security.16

    Illegal aliens covered by the president’s deferred-action program enjoy the most important privileges of a nonimmigrant employment visa: the privileges of residing in the United States, of traveling to and from the United States without a visa, and of competing for work with American citizens in the U.S. job market. To qualify for the programs, an alien must “have no lawful status.”17 Thus, if two aliens with a U.S. child are working side by side, one with a legal work visa and the other working illegally, the alien who has been authorized by Congress to work in the United States must leave when his visa expires, while the alien who has been forbidden by Congress to work in the United States is permitted to stay.

    In effect, the president’s deferred-action program constitutes an alternate immigration system authorized by a cabinet secretary’s memoranda. While the statutory system limits the number of employment-based visas to several hundred thousand per year, the presidential immigration system in a single year allots comparable privileges to several million illegal aliens. In light of the many Supreme Court rulings on the “plenary,” “complete,” and “exclusive” authority of Congress to fashion immigration policy, an alternative presidential immigration system that nullifies the limits of the statutory immigration system is plainly unconstitutional.

    Written by Jan C. Ting, who teaches courses in citizenship and immigration law and tax law at Temple University Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia, where he joined the faculty in 1977. He served as Assistant Commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service of the U.S. Department of Justice from 1990 to 1993. He is a graduate of Oberlin College and Harvard Law School, and received a graduate degree in Asian Studies at the East-West Center of the University of Hawaii. He is a member of the Center for Immigration Studies board of directors

  7. Anonymous1 year ago

    I. The Statutory Immigration System

    The Supreme Court is the ultimate judge of how the Constitution divides the power of government between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution empowers Congress “to establish an Uniform Rule of Naturalization.” Concerning Article I, Section 8 and U.S. immigration policy, the Court has held that:

    “Congress has plenary power to make rules for the admission of aliens and to exclude those who possess those characteristics which Congress has forbidden,”7

    the “formulation” of policies “pertaining to the entry of aliens and their right to remain here” is “exclusively entrusted to Congress,”8

    “over no conceivable subject is the legislative power of Congress more complete,” 9

    “the power to exclude or expel aliens … is to be regulated by treaty or by act of Congress, and to be executed by the executive authority according to the regulations so established,”10

    “Congress supplies the conditions of the privilege of entry into the United States” unless that power has been “lawfully placed with the President” by Congress,11

    The exclusive authority of Congress to formulate immigration policy “has become about as firmly embedded in the legislative and judicial tissue of our body politic as any aspect of our government.”

  8. Anonymous1 year ago

    Every american must have their basic needs met before one illegal gets in or is given anything.
    It is beyond ignorant to think flooding the country with foreigners is helping our failing economy.
    If we stay on this path of gender bending, bathroom controversy, toletance for everyone but ourselves, and open borders we are finished as a nation.
    Every single american first. We spend billions on foreigners while the number of jhomeless americans explodes.
    This is inexcusable.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      So true!

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      Thank you!

    3. Anonymous1 year ago


  9. Anonymous1 year ago

    For people grouping immigrants and illegal immigrants together for emotional fallacy appeal smh. illegal immigrants are undermining simple laws…but we are all immigrants in the normal sense so you have zero credibility when you group the two together.
    Limousine liberals i.e. Obama, Hillary et al are only supporting illegal immigrants for their children’s votes so they can get their hands on more of your money in order to payoff the union leaders that help finance their campaigns.
    Those who support illegal transportation are supporting human trafficking, prostitution, and drug trades that cost millions of lives, trillions of dollars, and countless dreams.

  10. Lynda Greene1 year ago

    When people are allowed to stay here and they did not get the proper documentation they almost always lie about all kinds of other things. They become dishonest employees, most of whom don’t ever educate themselves. I kno because I work with all Hispanics whose parents came here illegally. They are the ones who got amnesty 30 yrs ago. Most of them had more than 2 kids from different fathers who don’t pay child support. All their children have now taken jobs that many of our homeless people could have had. (which I believe is another problem that’s worse than ever.) Our economy has not improved, our social security is bankrupt. They get tax breaks. They get food stamps, free child care, free health insurance, sec 8, they have even paid to help other people come here illegally. All the schools in the Hispanic neighborhood I live in got a lot of money to expand the school here. When I went to school you had to come to school with your own supplies. Now in the last 30 yrs because of illegals getting amnesty they get free school supplies. The higher income neighborhoods don’t always get those same free supplies. In 30 years the only thing that has happened since the last time illegals were given amnesty is the fact that the rich have gotten richer and middle American has shrunk, and the poor are now more poor than ever. I also think rather than a wall there should b a moat along the border to make sure that all tunnels are discovered and no more can be built. What part of the word illegal don’t any of you understand. Those are our laws.

    1. Roberto Leeva1 year ago

      I’m one of those people who got amnesty 30 years ago. My father worked hard in the fields making 13k year supporting a family of 5. And getting zero help !! None! My parents worked hard to provide very little. I’m very proud of my parents for showing us that good values and hard work will one day pay off. Now I work hard and pay plenty of taxes! trust me! I employee 9 long term employees. I’ve offered jobs to homless white folks on the street at good pay – $18 per hr. All the white people I’ve offered to give me excuses of why they can’t work. Mostly don’t want to loose their welfare. The few that take the job call in sick more than they work. Trust me, mexicans don’t take anyones job. If you think they do, well then go right ahead and head to the fields in 100 degree California sun and take those jobs back.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Our country agreed to grant amnesty to those who qualified in 1986, under the condition that we would NEVER be faced with more illegal immigrants in the millions, messing up our system of doing things. We are quite dedicated to the rule of law. It is our reason for living in the USA. Your family was not a burden and that is worthy of respect. But you must know, today’s illegal immigrants come here to game the system. They get welfare once they have a U.S. born baby. At the same time, the husbands are illegally employed. They make MORE money than a white American or black American who can’t game the system because everything they earn is on the books. That is WHY Americans turn you down when you offer them employment.

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      Lynda, what you say is the complete truth…I want to give you a cyber hug…

  11. Anonymous1 year ago

    Most of you sound ignorant, saying that illegal immigrants don’t deserve anything, that don’t help the economy, and other bs. They do more to our country than the person who spends their time trying to debate something that is unrealistic by building a bigger wall, deporting them, and not giving them resources. They work in jobs where most natural born people don’t do, where most natural born people sit in their couch, beg outside the freeway, complain, and so on. They try to do the right thing by getting on a path to citizenship, but the U.S. makes it difficult that they give up. They spend so much money to fingerprints, paperwork, lawyers, all those in with aren’t given back, and they still get denied. Get real. So, the better option for them is to not try anymore and hope that a decent President will give them the right path to naturalization or citizenship without any hate.
    Plus, assuming that all Latinos are loud, disrespectful, and rude is unreal because anyone can be loud, disrespectful, and rude. Everyone is an immigrant here, picking on a group of people that are just looking for job to protect their families and themselves is inhumane. There are more white people that commit crime in the United States than any other group, they are just as bad, lets come to a conclusion that lets deport them back to Europe.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Not everyone is an immigrant here. That is an ignorant comment for you to make. Mexicans have european blood too, so lets send all the mexicans in mexico back to europe too.

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      the people who beg with signs at the side of the freeway are homeless people who have been in jail and when they were released back on to the streets, on probation, they have to have an address, so they get set up to live in halfway houses that make them pay a daily fee to live there, so the person who runs the house drops them off at freeway exits to beg for the money to pay that daily rent.

    3. Anonymous1 year ago

      Every study of the displaced lower income American work force has proven that the Americans will work the jobs illegal immigrants are doing. The PROBLEM is the employers prefer to hire the cheaper illegal immigrants.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Then, wouldn’t a path to citizenship solve that problem? By having undocumented immigrants earn citizenship, employers can’t hire them cheaply anymore so it is fair to other Americans too.

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          We don’t have enough jobs for citizens AND foreigners who are working without permission. When the employers pay the legal wage all of the American citizens are willing to work the jobs illegal aliens are doing for less money. All of the research has already proven this.

      2. Karen Adams1 year ago

        That is exactly correct..

    4. Anonymous1 year ago

      they don’t deserve to be supported by US workers, absolutely not…

  12. Anonymous1 year ago

    Always remember that life is full of errors,forgiveness and mercy, if you fail to forgive not give mercy, you can’t get all these from God.

    1. Jessica Gizzi1 year ago

      Always remember that the USA is a constitutional republic that mandates all people are to be considered equal in the eyes of the law. Said another way, this means: No one is above the law. Mercy and forgiveness are feelings. Our country cannot operate fairly for all people here, if we are controlled by feelings (of mercy) instead of facts (the rule of law).

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Thank you,Thank you. You made alot of sense with that.

  13. Anonymous1 year ago

    So our immigration policy should be that people can immigrate by way of violating the laws that would otherwise limit the numbers of people who can do so? For decades, polls have shown large majorities who want immigration limited. You might think that Pew would seek out coherence in immigration policy choices. But you would be wrong.

  14. Anonymous1 year ago

    my parents or both immagrants and they have been hurt and i am glad that they are not gonna get hurt anymore

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      why would you support imagration? whould you rather have your money put on finding a cure for cancer or letting them come over for free and rising the californias debt which is alredy a billion dollars?!you decid

  15. Claudia Splick Larson1 year ago

    Reuters poll: Majority of Americans want most illegal immigrants deported

    More than 60% of registered Hispanic voters do not think a pathway to citizenship for illegals would benefit the country, and most do not see it as the best way to solve the country’s immigration problems, a new poll shows.…

    Deport them! It’s cheaper than subsidizing them!

    1. Anonymous1 year ago


  16. Anonymous1 year ago

    FYI…the 14th Amendment does NOT grant birthright citizenship to anybody that happens to be here when they deliver. The wording is clear, though the meaning has been deliberately obfuscated: FAct: Only children born to US citizens currently residing in the US are natural citizens—and only these natural citizens have the Constitutional right to the seat of the presidency, any legal maneuverings of treasonous politicians and bureaucrats notwithstanding.

    1. Brent Harrelson1 year ago

      “FAct: Only children born to US citizens currently residing in the US are natural citizens..”

      NOT a fact! by this argument, any child born to U.S. parents serving overseas would not be a legal U.S. citizen because the parents were not currently residing in the U.S. at the time of birth. that is, clearly, stupid.

      1. Jessica Gizzi1 year ago

        Tell us how you feel Brett? Are you defending illegal immigration?

  17. randall sprayberry2 years ago

    Unless you live in the border states with Mexico, you do not understand the severity of the problem. Come to Texas, or Arizona, you will quickly understand. Any illegal immigrant in prison, or is a felon, state jail etc,, should be deported immediately. Let Mexico pay for the wall, 23-30 billion $ is sent to Mexico from people in the USA to families in Mexico. Tax it! 40 billion $ goes to Mexico from the USA from the illegal drugs, stop it! Take the $ and use to build the wall.

    1. Brent Harrelson1 year ago

      you do realize that all that money being sent to families in mexico is also preventing more people from illegally entering the u.s., right? why come here when a family member in the u.s. is helping them to survive in mexico? and how exactly are you just going to take all the money from drug lords? i’m pretty sure that if it were that simple then it probably would have already been done.

      1. Jessica Gizzi1 year ago

        Brett the money they send back home is being used to build houses for them to live in when they either return to retire some day or when a relative gets deported. It’s like a brand new vacation home that is often quite large and can house extended large family groups.

  18. Zulqarnin Abbasi2 years ago

    From all over the world people move to america but only few people know the best immigrant in America is the people from Kashmir they top doctor engineer and the most peaceful people of world they zero crime record.kashmiri struggling for freedom from last 60 year these intelligent people are badly genocide by India

  19. AKINTUNDE ADEJUMO2 years ago

    in my own opinion as an illegal immigrant who entered the u.s with a visa documentation and decided to overstay my visa to study in the U.s, I/we recon the u.s in my country as a country that God as blessed to bless some developing countries, we see the united as the God to the developing countries and a sole provider/ life saver and protector. I think what should be done to illegal immigrants like me is to set the salary/income below the minimum wage till we actually get it together and have proper documents. deporting an immigrant is like a sentence to death especially to developing countries with political oppressions, majority of people who migrates from their countries to other countries are the set of people who find it really hard to survive it in their own countries due to some challenges like, lack of employment, family issues, life threats etc… THE UNITED IS A BLESSING TO OTHEr COUNTRIES” as greater percentage of illegal immigrant owe the united state their life as it has greater helped to fulfil their life dreams and given them a better life style and a reason to be alive and thankful

    1. kimball wilson2 years ago

      Why don’t America just let all people of all countries to just come to America… Let’s give our jobs to these poor people and our houses too. Since we aren’t going to obey our laws, we all can commit rape, murder, shoplift, rob banks, and etc…

      America says we are a Nation of LAWS, then we must obey all laws!

      Illegal immigrants who have committed crimes MUST go back and never to return!

      Two options: (1) Illegal immigrants go back and reenter with documents and then can become citizens. (2) stay and meet requirements to get green cards but never get citizenship unless you choose option 1.

      Illegal immigrants must have a penalty for violating the law by coming here illegally!

  20. Amy Stone2 years ago

    We live in the southwest and have for almost 30 years and loved our neighbors in the past. Now our home is surrounded by those who have come illegally. Let me tell you what it is like:
    –They have no respect for others
    –They are very rude to anyone who approaches them. (My neighbor has tried)
    –They break all kinds of laws–they are very noisy and play music much, much louder than is permissible by law. When the police is called they stop only temporarily
    –They throw garbage over fences on to neighbor’s property
    –Breaking the law they plant vegetation in front far higher than the law permits
    –We have a water shortage here and authorities ask us to limit water use but the illegals planted 200 plants and do not stop water run off and waste
    Our quality of life has been destroyed. We feel they should respect others are be forced to return to their native country.

    1. Anonymous2 years ago

      Thank you for speaking up about what is really going on. I live in a border state too, so I also know.

    2. John Addey2 years ago

      It sounds as if you have only a few experiences with Hispanics but, typical of the racist you are, you paint the entire segment of the population with one broad brush. In fact the broad accusations you make do not hold true for the vast majority of Latinos.

      1. kimball wilson2 years ago

        How do you know! You don’t know Amy Stone but you have the nerve to call her racist! You are part of the problem in America. Don’t get so angry at people and call them terrible names just because you disagree with them. She as a point and it should be respected! Some Hispanics ned to go back! Some can stay. Learn respect!

        1. Brin Hall2 years ago

          i agree with kimball you have no right to call amy racist. And she does have a point all the illegal immigrants that crossed the border illegally should go back to their country unless they being naturalized or are born native to america. My mom is hispanic she and i hate illegal immigrants and she does not like them either.

      2. Cesar Favela2 years ago

        I see the side that you both are coming from and want to just clarify that John Addey is just saying that the reasons Amy Stone are just for those few Latinos living around that area. Not all of them are like how Amy Stone mentioned. I am Hispanic and i don’t do any of the things that Amy Stone mentioned in that comment but I’m not siding with John Addey just because i am Hispanic, no, i am siding with him because not all Hispanics act the same way, not all of them are rude, play loud music, or throw garbage over the neighbor’s fences. I may also agree with Kinabll wilson for part of that comment because i do believe that some Hispanics are better off being sent off back to their foreign country.

      3. Brent Harrelson1 year ago

        so, she’s a racist for having an opinion based on her experience? wow. the word must have gotten a new definition.

        1. Jessica Gizzi1 year ago

          Thank you Brent. It is not racist to not support unlawful behavior.

    3. Anonymous1 year ago

      They are In Alabama too and every where. Most of them live where others moved but when one moves in then you know 5 more will move quickly. I have some Guatemalans who have moved into our neighborhood in the last 6 months and although my son if friends with one of their kids who speaks perfectly good English they have 7 kids the momma and daddy. All the kids speak English but the mama and papa they all were born here except the oldest daughter and she just went and got her pass port green card last 2 weeks but mama and papa are still illegal. They work with no license I expect because how can you get a license if you do not have a legal passport? Well the daddy works mom stays home taking care of babies. They are nice fixing up a old home they bought with cash money. I’ve over heard the boy say that they send money back home to their relativities and $500 in USA dollars is like $1500 over there. Well I got asked a question the other day about their people wants to know if any housing or land for sale around here. I said NO quickly because once they start moving in the value of our land goes down. NO problems with disrespect YET… but they may be a bit different than Mexicans I do not know but I agree they have to go. GO back make their government take care of them dictators and all. I know the boy told me that they cut off their heads in Guatemala and that drug lords are very bad over there and that they were considered middle class over there. He said it was pretty bad over there but why does America have to make it our problem. There are a lot of other countries they can go to.

      1. Brent Harrelson1 year ago

        so, they are fixing up an old house, but they lower property values? how does that work? and if they moved here because guatamala is dangerous, how does that make it an american problem? sounds like they left the problem, not brought it with them.

    4. Brent Harrelson1 year ago

      these are just some bad examples and, believe me, i can relate. i had some mexican neighbors that tried to steal my dog. on the other hand, i had a mexican neighbor that was a very hard worker and a good friend. hispanics are no different than whites. some are nice, hardworking, law abiding people. some are trailer trash.

  21. Evil Nick2 years ago

    Granting an illegal citizenship when they have been staying here undocumented is like giving a drug dealer credits towards his pharmaceutical degree!
    You are rewarding people who trounced on the system and more often did harm than good. Im sorry but for every illegal that is hired that is a job taken from a citizen and now forced into a lower bracket because the business owner will just hire another illegal rather than pay an american wage. Aside that most of these illegals are hired by their own. I have worked with businesses that are owned by one documented hispanic who has 7 illegal ones under him. How is that fair? How is that not reverse racism? If a white business owner had 7 white guys working under him he would be sued!
    People also LOVE to preach this one “oh but illegals do the jobs american wont!”….
    1) thats not true. Many blue collar examples
    2) well many of those jobs are now stigmatized as “jobs for Mexicans” and American’s feel ridiculed for taking them.
    I would say sure to give the child status but their parents, NOPE. The kid must either live with some family here or go back with the parents until he is of age or THEY get status.

  22. Tim kearns2 years ago

    Illegal aliens, (they are not illegal immigrants, that is just stupid and undefinable) should be id’d and allowed to stay if they are working and that’s it. If they want citizenship they should apply and get in line like every other person wanting citizenship. There should be no benefits for any non Citizens whatsoever.

    Political parties need to treat this as a legal and protective measure and not a grab for future votes at taxpayer expense.
    As for Birthright citizenship, the idea was part of the 14th amendment to give children of slaves immigrated to the U.S. Citizenship not some yes “Anchor fucking babies” to allow there families a bunch of benefits at TAXPYERS expense. A vast mojority of countries do not have such an idiotic policy. The intent of this law is far surpassed its intent and needs to be repealed.

  23. Number1mom2 years ago

    I am a mother, a veteran and was raised poor—-had to pay for all of my $60,000 (minus my GI Bill that I contributed too while serving)school debt with no help from our government because I am not a minority or an immigrant—why is it so harsh for folks from other countries to fight for this country—-it wasn’t too harsh for me (American born and raised). I sat beside immigrants that were paying nothing for their education—took me 11 years—thank God (yes God) I graduated and landed a great job so I could pay that student loan back. We aren’t even taking care of our own people–we can’t, yet some want us to pay for and welcome more across our borders—-wake up, it only takes one terrorist to kill many Americans and yes it can be a woman—-women are terrorists too and they use babies as smoke screens because they have no respect for human life—–it may be possible that the entry below is from a very sheltered person—take a trip to the Middle East see for yourself, I did. I will keep my weapons, I will fight for this country and its people for the rest of my life and I will never vote for or support open borders or any leaders soft on immigration.

    1. kimball wilson2 years ago

      You are so right!

      1. kimball wilson2 years ago

        Thank you for your services!

    2. Brent Harrelson1 year ago

      do you hear yourself? you got no help from our government? that military job was a check from our government and that GI Bill which you, rightly, credit was a BENEFIT from our government. You probably also benefit from police protection, provided by government, and you probably use public roads provided by government. whether you choose to admit it or not, our government has probably done a lot for you. and THAT is a BENEFIT of being an american citizen.

      if you don’t believe me then visit somalia. it has no functioning government. see how much you like it there.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Did you read what she wrote? She is an American citizen born to American citizens, and a woman too, but because she is not a minority and not an illegal immigrant, our country refused to cover the entire cost of her education, the way that they do for non-Americans just because they are “minorities”. By the way, hispanics are the majority in the country now. When is all of this free stuff for the majority hispanics going to stop?

  24. Andy2 years ago

    Go Oakland is what I always say when I get into a debate like this one. It seems to lighten the mood… GO OAKLAND #(*)

  25. Anonymous2 years ago

    The illegals who want forgiveness should be given an option to earn citizenship through mandatory time on our front lines as a soldier. If you want to be a citizen, give us two years in Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Korea, etc. rather than my son over there protecting your illegal status. If you are too young or old, a younger family member can add two years on top of theirs for your citizenship. If you don’t like that deal, you get deported.

    1. Who Cares2 years ago

      You’re a heartless person. Maybe every person that requests state assistance or that has a criminal history should be sent to the front line too. I’m sure you’d be among them seeing as most of those passing judgement are the ones who need the most forgiveness.

      1. kimball wilson2 years ago

        Why don’t you stay a few years illegally in Mexico? Yeah that’s right, you will get 10 years in Mexican jail! But asking these people to go back and re-enter with documents or to defend America in Military Service is heartless? I’m a USAF retiree who served 20 years. I grew up very poor in South Carolina and military was a good option for me then why not for them? If they do these things, go back and re-enter legally or joining the military, then I would forgive them!

        1. Daniela Ramírez2 years ago

          Why would you want to go to Mexico if so many people want to get out and come here? Mexicans are doing the same thing the United states are doing to undocumented immigrants trying to come to the United States in search of a better opportunity.

          1. Anonymous1 year ago

            Because Mexico is smarter than we are. They don’t put up with people walking all over the laws they have in place to protect their citizens.

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        maybie they couldnt afford there heart because they had to cash it in to support those imagrant

    2. Amaan Shaik2 years ago

      These are women and children, where is your humanity?

      1. WOMEN POWER2 years ago

        Women are not helpless. #sexequality

        1. Andy2 years ago


          1. Anonymous1 year ago

            I am a woman with children and not a freeloader. Having children should not be an excuse. Support your own children, don’t expect another country, or even your own country to support the children you chose to bring into this world.

      2. Evil Nick2 years ago

        well where are their men to help them? Okay we can let Women and Children in provided they work for their keep. We can find them jobs, cleaning up parks, government facilities, ETC. The children do NOT get a free ride but the men must stay back in their own country seeing that they are the ones who messed it up anyway.

      3. randall sprayberry2 years ago

        The very best reason to do something regarding illegal immigrants coming and staying is WE CAN’T AFFORD IT! we are 19 trillion in debt! 19 trillion in debt people! A big % of that 19 trillion is owed to social security, govt pensions, and private pensions.

        1. Alexis Renteria1 year ago

          But a lot of the time, undocumented workers still pay income taxes but are not allowed to claim any benefits. Therefore, they pay into a system that will never help them. Furthermore, undocumented workers do the jobs that most of us would never consider and for pretty crappy pay, on top of that. We outsource millions of jobs around the world as well, some of which we actually do want. So the issue isn’t so much with “illegal immigrants”, but with big companies and corporations outsourcing middle-class jobs.

          1. Anonymous1 year ago

            March 16 2016:

            The Senate heard testimony Wednesday that examined the impact of immigration on U.S. workers, and one of the more stinging rebukes of current U.S. policy came from an unlikely source – U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow.

            Kirsanow testified that blacks have been hurt more by President Obama’s immigration policies than perhaps any other subgroup of the U.S. population.

            During that period, the U.S. has been importing about 1 million legal immigrants per year, along with 350,000 to 400,000 or more immigrants who hop the border illegally or overstay their visas and never go home.

            “The evidence that we gathered shows that, unequivocally, the wage and unemployment levels of black Americans are disproportionately adversely affected by illegal immigration, particularly when it pertains to the effect on black males,” Kirsanow told the Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on immigration and the national interest.

          2. Anonymous1 year ago

            There was an Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid in October of 2008 that came in and found 300 undocumented workers at the Raeford Farms, Columbia Farms processing plant in Columbia, South Carolina. And Raeford Farms was presumably spooked by that as they had been hiring undocumented immigrants for all their plants. And they systematically began firing all their undocumented workers in within less than a year. What had been an 80 percent Latino production line became a 70 percent African-American production line.

    3. Alethea2 years ago

      You are the most heartless person I have ever seen online. I happen to have many family members stuck in Mexico. How could you be like this? Children loose their parents through deportation. CHILDREN! They become orphans. ORPHANS! Where is your heart?

      1. anonymous2 years ago

        Mexico is not a bad place to live anywhere! I go there regularly to visit my deported boyfriend. He loves it there. He is so happy to finally be living a legal life in his own country. His parents did him a disservice by forcing him to live illegally since childhood just so that they could give birth to his younger brother in the USA. They live here. They basically said “Too bad for you Son, it was nice knowing you!”.

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        you need to ask that to you parents as they 100% knew that being an illegal in america and having kids family would be broken up and to your parents it was worth it iam tired of americans being blamed for breaking up familys and they broke up there family when they left mexico so what now

  26. Kenneth Harlan2 years ago

    I believe United States should go ahead and take over Mexico and set up a new sovereignty and could go away with a drug cartel

  27. breeze2 years ago

    Wow, I wondered who and where some of the misinformed people who are keeping Donald Trump up in the poles are. I found some! People who believe undocumented immigrants are taking their jobs are probably the people who always have an excuse for why they are not working. In reality, they probably rather watch T.V. all day and live off of SNAP.

    Further more, if you are living under the assumption that undocumented workers contribute nothing to the United States economy, you have probably been taught to do so by people who pass down this ideology to you. The truth is undocumented workers help sustain small businesses and they typically do a better job then the people who whine and complain about them taking jobs.

    Moreover, they do contribute in taxes more than you realize with each purchase they make. Do people even purchase anything anymore, or do they just put it on credit? We have bigger problems then undocumented workers. However, I do believe people who want to work and to become educated here should be able to do so legally without having to jump through so many hoops that are on fire. Documentation is key but it is damned there impossible to do so in an efficient manner.

    If undocumented, especially Mexican undocumented immigrants, where not discriminated against with such irrational hatred, they could probably assimilate quicker and pay more into college and health care.

    There are jobs being shipped out to many third world countries – that is probably a bigger issue in our economy. Those workers buy nothing in United States. People are not crying about those jobs are they?

    Moreover, if bone headed ideas like those suggested by Trump did happen our economy with take a beating if not collapse. If you do not think so, pull out some scholarly PDFs and check up on what trained economist have to say about deporting everyone and treating nonviolent undocumented workers like hard core criminals. Learn what kind of impact that could have on a country that is greatly known for being a “melting pot,” of different cultures. Ostracizing a country that we share boarders with promotes hate and bigotry. Our nation has been trying to move forward from such injustice, but some people would rather hold on to the hate that divides……….

    1. Jessica2 years ago

      You are saying buying something on credit allows the buyer to escape paying sales tax? Tourists pay sales tax too.

    2. Jessica2 years ago

      Sales tax is an additional state tax. Meanwhile citizens are paying sales tax and income tax.

    3. Ruby2 years ago

      Illegal immigrants make up 5.1% of the U.S. workforce. Our unemployment rate 5.5%. I feel offended at your statement of saying that we all complain about work. I work my but off. But they are illegal. They can apply for citizenship or visas. They also get aided by having their children here because their children are U.S. citizens. While we have millions of homeless people, we can’t support. Some of the terrorist in the 9/11 attack were illegal immigrants.

    4. Jessica2 years ago

      I’m still wondering what you meant when you wrote: “Moreover, they do contribute in taxes more than you realize with each purchase they make. Do people even purchase anything anymore, or do they just put it on credit? ”

      Do you understand how purchasing with credit works? It actually costs MORE MONEY to buy with credit because of the interest rate added. And even people who buy on Credit pay Sales Tax and Income Tax. Income Tax is paid to both the Federal Internal Revenue and also to the Franchise Tas Board in the state where the money was earned.

      There is absolutely not a problem with racism against Mexicans. If there was, they would not be here living illegally.

      1. Jessica2 years ago

        Franchise Tax Board

    5. Anonymous1 year ago

      I make a big income, so does my husband – we pay a ton of taxes to support people like you and your relatives and we are sick of it.

    6. Anonymous1 year ago

      What injustice are you referring to? Citizens are foreign countries are not our responsibility.

  28. anonymous2 years ago

    Terrorists are crossing the Southern border with the help of the cartels. We need our border shut down and we need the military deployed to keep watch. This is where enabling non-enforcement of borders and laws get us. Good job Liberals!

  29. Connie2 years ago

    I believe there are more that 50 million already of illegal people here. President Obama does not want to stop illegal immigration for good? The way he is handling, he is PROMOTING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Mr. Trump is the only one who is decided to FIX illegal immigration because as far I understood he wants that all illegal immigrants leave this country voluntarily and then return legally and for this he is going to accelerate the process in the American Consulates so this same people can return legally and work in peace. The only illegal people he wants to be deported are the illegal’s that are in jail and the ones that do not leave voluntarily and do not take his first and last opportunity for illegal’s that are already here.

  30. Wolfy2 years ago

    Honestly, I would like to see some punishment being dealt out to these so called “Undocumented Immigrants.”

    It dose not matter if they are good productive members of society or not, they have violated the laws of immigration and must be punished in some way or else there is no point to having any immigration laws at all. For any laws to hold any significant purpose a consequence must be enforced and or by trial by court of law.

    Demanding amnesty because you have been here illegally and working as a productive member of society is like a bank robber saying he/she’s entitled to amnesty because he/she’s been living honestly for a number of years. Doesn’t matter, the law has been broken and consequence must be enforced.

    Yes I’m aware that using a bank robber is a harsh example, but really my point is that laws are laws and something must be done to enforce them or they mean absolutely nothing at all.

    I’m not in favor of deportation, aside from it being costly, those whom are deported will no doubt find some illegal method of coming back and the cycle starts all over again.

    Personally, I would rather see a harsh yet doable fine imposed upon those whom are here illegally/undocumented and very serious fine imposed upon those whom hired them and knew they were in direct violation of immigration laws.

    Give the guilty party a temporary workers visa, documentation and so on for as long as it takes for them to pay off their fines and then start talking about citizenship. When the law has been reconciled with, order is maintained.

    Felons and very serious lawbreakers however, they should either get the boot or serve serious jail time.

    Seriously, it’s not right to address those whom wish to see installed laws being enforced as racists or bigots. All that is doing is saying these people are exemplary and it’s outright not fair to those whom gone out of their way to respect the laws of immigration and tried to earn their citizenship by the book!

    People screaming for deportation and building a wall, I believe anyway, are not really doing it out of racism so much as it is about frustration. All that is being heard in any action being done about illegal immigration starts and ends with a mild slap on the hand and a free handout. People are outraged in lawbreakers being rewarded and want something else done about it, even if it’s ridiculous or costly.

    1. Joseph Gates2 years ago

      There really is an easier way to solve thus massive immigration problem. Take away any and all government benefits from all illegal immigrants whom have never paid a dime into our social programs anyway, this is a giant tax burden to our legal citizen taxpayers. If these outlets of handouts are taken away, I think you would see massive self imposed deportation of the who are here for a free taxpayer funded ride. We probably wouldn’t even need a wall.

    2. Brin Hall2 years ago

      i agree with wolfy he makes some very good points i’m on his side about this their is a massive problem with immigration and frankly i agree that deportation is costly but it must be done or like he said there is really no point in having immigration laws if they are no going to be punished for breaking the law.

    3. Anonymous1 year ago

      I think they should have to pay a hefty penalty for every year they were here illegally. If each one paid say $10,000 for every year they were here that would be what 123 trillion dollars paid back to America. I’m not that good in math so don’t hold me to that number. I hope you get the just to what I’m saying though. Each illegal has probably been here for at least 10 years if not more so make them pay $10,000 for each year they were here on top of becoming legal and there ya go our deficit is paid back.

      1. Margaret Cabral1 year ago

        they don’t make enough to pay such a fine
        they only make $10,000. a year.

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          That is not true Margaret. Government subsidies count toward overall income amount. The husbands work with ss numbers that don’t beling to them, so the government does not know about that income. And the wives apply for food stamps, welfare and low income, HUD housing as soon as they have their first US born baby. In California you don’t even need a US born baby to apply for welfare for the children.

          1. Anonymous1 year ago

            So wrong…(supporting illegals)…I work in CA and they suck the life out of my paycheck for services I have never and will never use. Hate the welfare state CA has become

        2. Anonymous1 year ago

          That is not true Margaret. Government subsidies count toward overall income amount. Plus, the husbands work with ss numbers that don’t belong to them, so the government does not know about that income. And the wives apply for food stamps, welfare and low income, HUD housing as soon as they have their first US born baby. In California you don’t even need a US born baby to apply for subsidized welfare for the children.

  31. Cordula2 years ago

    I say no. Because if you give them citizenship they will triple in no time at all, they will bring parents and parents bring other children daugher or son in law bring there parents,etc them it will never stop. It will just continue. All my neighbors and friends are not happy with the immigration. I am a immigrant myself and read all the blogs of legal or illegal immigrants encouraging other to come. They are even on YouTube. I am here for almost 50 years and arrived with a blue card. But now even my nephew wants to come. I am trying to talk him out of it. He read all the blogs and YouTube. He also wants to bring his mother and her sister. I agree Mr Trump is right. Thank you.

    1. maria2 years ago

      your wrong!!

    2. Jessica2 years ago

      @Cordula What is a blue card? Don’t you mean a green card?

  32. anonymous2 years ago

    Immigrants strengthen the country but illegal immigrants hurt the people who live in the country legally.

    1. No one2 years ago

      Your wrong, its the people themselves hurting legal documented people who live in the country. But there just blaming immigrants for the stupidity that they have committed.

      1. anonymous2 years ago

        You’re wrong. It’s a fact that illegal immigrants drive down the wages of everybody else who is legally here. That includes legal immigrants. It’s a fact that only illegal immigrants and their activist buddies have the gall to deny.

  33. jennifer2 years ago

    Aren’t we all immigrants though, I mean come on lets be real. We discovered this land, we weren’t just placed here on American soil. We traveled to come to America, so there is no reason for sending hard working immigrants back to their “land” if we are technically all immigrants. These immigrants come to America to have a better future for not only them but for their kids so that their kids can have the best education. and its bs when the immigration wants to deport them and all the immigrants want is to have a better life and have a chance at a better life. And yea I get that there are immigrants that do bad things but don’t we all. more Americans are put in jail than Hispanics or Latinos, so think immigration is the LEAST of Americas problem right now. and this is coming from a 15 year old.

    1. Jorge2 years ago

      Black Americans did not come here as Immigrants, so no we are not all Immigrants in America.

      1. liv2 years ago

        Neither did white civilians who originally emigrated from places such as,Italy,France and Germany. Some were even ‘maids and others to the house owners’. This is based upon the Imiigration act of 1924.

        1. Jorge2 years ago

          There is a big difference between slavery and working as a maid for pay. Getting on a boat by choice and being brought on a boat in chains.

          1. Number1mom2 years ago

            Your own people put you on that boat—it was their idea to sale humans—nothing ethical about those buying either but they were originally sold by their own people. No winners in all that and many slaves were paid wages early on as well if they were sent to ethical farm owners—-stop being divisive–we are Americans or not, love your country or leave–slavery is over and women can vote—-that’s where we are now, we are fighting terrorist and need to provide for our own underserved.

          2. Jorge2 years ago

            In response to number1mom

            I am not even black yet you assumed I am because I respect my fellow black citizens enough to acknowledge their own experience as the descendants of people who were slaves. Black slaves did not get wages, they couldn’t walk around as free men in public in the South at that time. Just because Africans betrayed other Africans from different tribes by capturing and then selling them into slavery does not mean black Americans are immigrants. They aren’t. They were brought here against their will and oppressed for a long time. They are still not over it, they often see racism where none exists, but this is understandable and deserves sensitivity.

        2. anonymous2 years ago

          @ Liv:

          I don’t understand the conclusion you’ve reached about the an immigration act passed in 1924? The majority of French, German and Italian immigrants came way before 1924. The waves of immigrants from those countries happened long before the year 1924. All of my poor Italian ancestors came in the early 1900’s before World War I even began and they came by choice. I’m sure a few rich immigrants came from Italy at that time, but the majority were very poor and by the year 1924 America was already a fairly modern place…. I have no idea what conclusion you seem to be reaching about the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1924.

          SUMMARY: The 1924 Immigration Act set quotas that limited annual immigration from particular countries. The legislation identified who could enter as a “non-quota” immigrant; this category included wives and unmarried children (under 18 years of age) of US citizens, residents of the Western hemisphere, religious or academic professionals, and “bona-fide students” under 15 years of age. Those not in any of these categories were referred to as a “quota immigrant” and were subject to annual numerical limitations.

          For quota immigrants, the Act stated that preference would be given to family members of US citizens and to immigrants who were skilled in agriculture.

    2. Drew V2 years ago

      There are many problems with unlimited immigration. Here are just two of them …
      1) Without adequate border controls, the risk of new terrorists entering the country every day rises. To be secure, existing Americans must know as much as possible about immigrants before they cross ouŕ border.
      2) To remain sfrong, we need people who enter our country to become American. This means they must assimilate into our population. This country cannot survive if new arrivals do not learn American language, customs and culture. History shows that countries that do not assimilate, wind up with multicultural societies. When this happens the national identity is lost and eventually the society divides itself along different cultural lines.
      Right now there are too many immigrants to adequately assimilate. For this country to survive, it needs to slow immigration to allow time to absorb the new immigrants.

      1. Brent Harrelson1 year ago

        there is no indication that there are too many immigrants to assimilate. anyone that has been around them can tell you how the pattern always goes. first generation hispanic immigrants may not know much english, if any at all. then their kids attend american schools and learn english. they tend to speak it in school and with their friends, while speaking spanish at home. third generation children were born and raised in the u.s. and speak english as well as anyone. often times, their grandparents get upset because the “younger ones” are forgetting their heritage.

        in short, they assimilate. the u.s. has been assimilating for 100s of years and we’re pretty good at it.

        1. Jessica Gizzi1 year ago

          I don’t support rewarding everybody who has been using stolen ss numbers to work. Sorry….

    3. Benny2 years ago

      1. I am not an immigrant
      2. The issue is with ILLEGAL immigrants

    4. Jenderissuesabound2 years ago

      Please come back in another 15 years when you have some work and life experience.

      1. anonymous2 years ago

        But there was nothing juvenile about either of their comments. In fact, your comment sounds juvenile.

    5. anonymous2 years ago

      “We” didn’t discover this land–none of us were alive when the land was discovered. And it was discovered at different times by people of different cultures. But that was long ago. Not, we have nations with laws. And the US has the right to control its borders, the same as every other nation. The land in the US isn’t limitless, and overpopulation isn’t something we should strive for. People wait for years to get green cards and come legally into the US. Why should others who break the law to enter, or overstay their visas, be able to stay? The US should put a priority on welcoming people who are escaping genocide, those who offer needed skills, those who want to become US citizens. Those who come illegally, out of greed, may just be “trying to have a better life like everyone else”, but so are people who rob banks. That doesn’t make it acceptable behavior, and it shouldn’t be awarded with amnesty.

    6. Jessica2 years ago

      I’m not an immigrant. My parents are not immigrants. All 4 of my grandparents were not immigrants. My parents have never even left North America. They are native born American citizens who have never been to any other continent or island. They have only gone on day trips to Mexico and Canada back in the 1970’s. They are never going to go to Europe because they don’t care about visiting Europe. They are native to this land and my family has no memory of being anything but Americans.

  34. Blackfang “Raven” the alpha female2 years ago

    i agree that they should be able to work here and have good lives.
    why cant they they are people too they deserve a fresh start as well.

    1. Jennifer2 years ago

      exactly there just like everyone else trying to have a better life.

      1. Benny2 years ago

        Then they should clean up their own countries. Not come here and ruin ours. Go visit Miami or El Paso and tell me how much you like those places. They’re disgusting places on their best days.

        Also, believe me when I say that they hate you. The discrimination against Americans among the Hispanic communities is astounding.

        1. Everyone has rights2 years ago

          NO we DONT hate americans. We hate people like you, people who think they are better then us just beacuse of some papers!!!

          1. anonymous2 years ago

            That sounds like hate to me. You can pretend it isn’t hate but it is still hate. And it is hate for something none of us have any control over. Nations have laws. I can’t come in to your country and break their laws, why do you get to come in to my country and break ours? That’s not fair.

          2. Duhh u Idiot2 years ago

            Just go get your citizenship papers, like every other Immigrant with integrity does ‘Everyone has rights’.

  35. Matthew DiPiero2 years ago

    I think you need to brush up on your history. The fourteenth amendment as it pertains to birthright citizenship, was to legalize children born of slaves. The actual facts of salves is that, not all were from Africa. That is to say that Irish indentured slaves were first to toil, in poverty and inhuman acts of cruelty. The term”Moloto” refers to Irish slaves forced to breed with African slaves; to propagate more salves. A practice that was outlawed. The emancipation proclamation inferred black citizens, but there were Irish children born interracial, that complicated things for congress. I’m fairly certain that the fourteenth amendment does not extend to illegal immigrants when, it was proposed to give an Irish child slave the same rights that God intended, for everybody. In conclusion I know that U.S. history is told by those whom would have you believe there side of history, but the facts are that Irish slaves were the first slaves of the colonies and African slaves were second. Another fact is birthright citizenship was intended, for the Irish and African children of slave owners. And not illegal immigrants.

    1. Drew V2 years ago

      You are correct!

    2. Jenderissuesabound2 years ago

      Thank you for that, I wish more people would better educate themselves, this world would be a much better place.

  36. Lyn2 years ago

    I am opposed to giving citizenship to law breakers. Why do we want more people in our
    Country who broke our laws to come here? I do feel we should send more aid to those
    who are needy so they can remain in their native Country but have food and medical
    care from US. Our country is almost bankrupt. We cannot continue spending the way
    the Obama administration has without dire consequences for all Americans.

    1. Luis2 years ago

      What makes you “American?” Remove your birthright and tell me what have you done for your country to prove you deserve stay here. I have met many of these people who have gone through college (without financial aid), volunteered in their communities and served in the military to protect laws and constitutions that do not even apply to them. As far as healthcare and whatever else you think illegal immigrants get, it all depends on the state… Most of the time they do not qualify for anything because everywhere they go most applications request a valid social security number-so if they need medical care their best bet is going to a clinic which charges money or an E.R which also charges them money and leaves them last on their list.

      1. Jorge Ayala2 years ago

        so you’re admitting the laws of this country don’t apply to them, and that they are not subject to the jurisdiction here.

      2. Anonymous2 years ago

        Our forefathers sacrificed their lives for their descendants and that is why the American citizen children (this includes American citizens who have Native American Indian tribal heritage) have inherited the heritage of what our ancestors fought for and struggled to build from scratch in the wilderness of this country, fighting wars, working for no pay as black slaves, working as indentured servants, dying on the battlefield, through several wars, in order to preserve our union for the future children… and we are those children.

        Every other country on earth has given the gift of national inheritance to their descendents, including Mexico, and that is a gift no one has the right to belittle.

    2. Elisha2 years ago

      My friends, America has been discovered, it was empty, and the firsts inhabitants were the Amerindians. It is for everybody. we can conclude that there is no inhabitant origin American. we are all moved from differents countries to meet each other in American area. so, I think we must accept everybody to build a better world.

      1. Sam Warren2 years ago

        I’m sorry, did it was empty? North America was estimated to have a larger population than Europe when Columbus 1st arrived. But other than that, good point. 🙂

    3. Alaina2 years ago

      Right back at you bro

  37. Robert Casale2 years ago

    We should stop all immigration immediately and take a look again in 5 years as to whether to extend it. Also we should only at that point consider European’s of European blood.
    We should eliminate Muslims, Chinese and Africans for some time as it is an imbalance to the culture of America. We have enough Hispanics to last a long time so put a hold on them for now.
    As to illegals slowly start deporting them and at the same time let them register to come back some day.
    We cannot be party to people who say they are going populate and take over our country in this manner.
    Politically Stupid must be done away with.

    1. Hazel2 years ago

      Send everyone back to where they belong, and stop giving out handouts to non residents…as for helping other countries let them work it out on their own..and all prisoners who are here illegal should be deported once and for all , saves the US money!!!! No legal statis should be given and put that border fence ….

  38. Steve2 years ago

    Argumentatively, American born citizen’s ancestors migrated from somewhere in order to seek freedom from some type of oppression, in order to be part of a democracy. The very words written in the book that our Statue of Liberty holds attest to our compassion.
    Please allow me to provide what I think would simplify the issues we are having concerning illegal immigration.
    1. If you have been in the US for 5 years and have committed no criminal acts, aside from entering illegally.
    2. You must be able to provide a certified copy of your birth certificate.
    3. Single or married with a family or not and can prove stability
    4. You must pay a one time fee for entering illegally
    5. You are responsible for a full physical and immunizations
    The cost of the entry fee as well as the cost for the physical and immunizations are the responsibility of the individual and to be paid directly to the Government so that the money can be utilized in a way that would better our infrastructure in matters of immigration. This process would also reveal those who are weighing on our welfare system as well as those who wish only to commit criminal acts.
    The individuals who comply would then be considered for alien residency and would then be able to obtain a drivers license as well as a social security card. These individuals can then put back into the system by paying taxes, taxes that put back into the welfare system as well as Americas infrastructure.
    Yes, something should have been done along time ago and now were merely putting band aids on wounds. I’m in law enforcement and have seen over the years how some American citizens have ripped off the government and committed heinous crimes, and their here legally. So its simply a matter of identifying and contributing.

  39. Mike Steinberg2 years ago

    I suspect that if the public were made aware that the NAC estimate showed each low skilled immigrant costs approximately $130,000 they might be more skeptical about current policy. Especially when you look at the major costs California faces due to welfare dependency.

    Also the state’s inability to improve the educational attainment of its residents will result in a “substantial decline in per capita income” and “place California last among the 50 states” by 2020, according to a study by the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems. McKinsey for example found the achievement gap imposes the equivalent cost of a national recession.

    1. Alotta Miles2 years ago

      Thank you Mike for bringing this important information to light. I wish more people were aware of the negative financial aspects of illegal immigration.

  40. Jorge Ayala2 years ago

    American citizens do not support illegal immigration forgiveness. Pew is wrong. Perhaps Pew has been polling American citizens with foreign citizen relatives. Because Americans do not agree with Pew, unless they are very rich and out of touch with the common man, which usually also makes them huge liberals and racist against multi-generational American citizens. As if it is our fault we were born here, and our parents were born here, paid into the system for decades and do have more of a right to be here than illegal aliens. The truth is not always convenient. Coming into this country the legal way is not convenient. Illegal aliens don’t like anything inconvenient to what they want when they want it. I’m tired of it.

    1. Brandon Beltran2 years ago

      Thank you!!!

  41. Peter Chau2 years ago

    Donald Trump rise on the polls showed that the majority of American people agree with him about illegals, including the liberal media, but surprisingly, they prefer to remain silent on this issue.

  42. Harrison2 years ago

    Yes, Yes, Yes…. You speak the truth.

  43. Edward J. Shearn2 years ago

    99%ERS, WE WILL RISE!!!!!

  44. Paris2 years ago

    Until the media presents a complete picture to the American public, people will continue to think that there is no impact with these illegals. The sub-economy work that most of them do, is sent back home, southwards of course. Also, it is not taxed and the double whammy is, it is money taken out of our economy. At the same time, they are being “taught” the ways to take from the Entitlement Programs, never having been taxed, and therefore having put nothing to help pay for these Entitlement programs. Think of the impact for their free healthcare. The illegals will not be working at Apple with a Healthcare plan folks.

    And were are just now starting to hear about the criminal acts many of them are involved in. Innocent civilians being murdered by illegals, who have been arrested before but not deported. And even when deported, they come right back. It is essentially a catch-and-release program. Folks, our central cities have become a divided barrios: On one side the ghetto with the black community, and on the other side the Hispanics. The evening news in Milwaukee is nothing but a crime report: murders on the North side ghettos, and murders on the South side barrios by the Hispanics.

    I’m not sure who PEW is surveying, but the stuff above is bogus. At the very least it is not reality.

  45. Edmundo2 years ago

    The day we stop being an imperialist country we will have solved the undocumented problem. We like for things to be inexpensive, undocumented workers help us get cheap food on the table. Our, so called, American corporations like cheap labor too. They move their companies south of the border, and they pay poverty wages, they get 10 workers south of the border for the wage of 1 in USA. No wonder they want to come here.

    1. Jorge Ayala2 years ago

      The one thing you’re forgetting is that the cost of living is much, much less on the south side of the U.S. border. Paying those workers much less while they live in Mexico is still enough money for them to be living good lives, especially now that Mexico has free national healthcare for all citizens.

  46. Edie2 years ago

    Why does the article quote old polls – nothing after May 2015. When Donald Trump announced he was running for president in June 2015, he shone a big spotlight on the illegal alien problem in the United States. I would like to see some (fair and honest) polls since then.

  47. William Fierro2 years ago

    I’m certain that if the American public was made aware on a regular basis of what illegal immigrants cost taxpayers and FBI crime statistics showing crimes committed by them, they would not feel as comfortable with the illegal immigration problem. Unfortunately, neither the US government nor our liberal media feels the American public should know the staggering cost. Example: about 3 years ago, a frustrated LA county supervisor said LA county had paid close to $60 million the previous month to undocumented parents of (anchor) babies. That was then, it must be much more now. Every month. Don’t you think the American public should be made aware of this horrendous cost? But they’re not. And if they were aware of the cost, would your survey responses be as mild as you report? What does PEW Research Center think?

  48. JEB2 years ago

    I favor lessening the benefits for those illegally transiting to the U.S and those already here illegally. Why should tax payers pay for illegal behavior? Maybe, if the trip is not as attractive, some may stay where they are. The politicians have pandered too long for the Latino vote.

  49. Trevor2 years ago

    When doing an article like this I would like to see the actual questions that have been asked by the pollsters this would be beneficial for many reasons. For example I’d like to critique how the questions are phrased by the interviewers. Next time please include the questions asked along with the data.
    Thank you, Trevor

    1. Bruce Drake2 years ago

      Trevor…In every survey we post, there is a link in the upper right hand corner that says “top line questionnaire.” This has all the questions exactly as they were asked. If you’re reading a Fact Tank post, there is usually a link in the text that will take you to the original report from which the data is drawn.

  50. Anonymous2 years ago

    Illegal immigrants DO pay taxes. They work under different names, and taxes come out of their paychecks just as much as they come out of any americans paycheck. The reason why there are so many unemployed americans isn’t because they can’t find a job because all of the illegal immigrants, it’s because majority of the people are LAZY, or don’t want to work when they can just live off of unemployment. Illegal immigrants with bust their asses for CHEAP. They will bust their ass just to make minimum wage. They will stand outside waiting for work and bust their ass doing hard ass work for any amount you offer to pay them. Now..tell me, will a born american do the same? NO. We expect more pay.. We won’t stand outside waiting for work, we won’t bust or asses as much as an immigrant for minimum wage. We take all of that for granted, and would rather just live off of the government. I am a white, born american citizan and I SUPPORT illegal immigration. There are millions of immigrants who were brought here as newborn babies. YES, I agree, their parents should have gotten them citizenship, but reality is..they didn’t. Majority of those illegals that were brought here as babies illegally, have never even been to their home country since, English is their first language, have no family there, have nothing in that country, yet they get deported and have to stay in shelters. A lot of those illegals will come back here ILLEGALLY because they get deported and aren’t able to get citizenship or be here legally for what like 10 years. They come back to be with their family, be with their babies. They come HOME. You can’t expect them to be taken away from their children, their families, their homes for that long! I here people say “well its just the ones that are committing felonies” well listen…ANYTHING an illegal gets in any kind of trouble for, even just a simple ‘drunk in public’ where any american would be out the following day, that is a FEDERAL charge for an immigrant. There’s more to the situation than just being here illegally. You don’t just ‘get rid ‘ of them and send them back.

    1. Randy2 years ago

      Illegal is illegal no matter how you look at it.

      1. Anonymous2 years ago

        You are right, illegal is illegal. But they come here to create a better life for themselves. They work hard for everything. They don’t just expect money or food to just be handed to them. Us Americans, we collect unemployement , disability, cash aid, food stamps..etc..that’s what Americans depend on. There are just as many american criminals doing horrific things as there are any other..illegal or not. These people have homes and families that they are just trying to support.

        1. john2 years ago

          Legal citizens should come first getting jobs. Don’t like jobs going overseas? then don’t allow the world to flood in and cut in line. saying people come here for a better life and get support, is like saying we should let jobs to go overseas for those people living over there that have homes and just trying to support there families. I would like to see the world drop all their anti illegal immigration laws. Mexico and the rest of south america first.

        2. Benny2 years ago

          Then they should clean up their own house.

        3. J2 years ago

          The majority of people receiving welfare benefits in this country are illegal immigrant-headed households as well as legal immigrant households. The percentage of American households receiving welfare benefits is lower than the percentage of foreign born households.

          So as hard as you think they work, illegal immigrants are still getting tax-payer funded benefits they are not entitled to. Those tax-payer funded benefits are for Americans not for foreigners and we have every right to claim them when we do, even though we do it far less often than illegal immigrants do… and the percentage of American households living n poverty has dramatically increased because illegal immigrants are taking the jobs poor Americans used to do.

          It doesn’t matter what nonsense you guys all keep shouting … it is nonsense. It isn’t true.

    2. Jorge Ayala2 years ago

      English is not their first language. I don’t know why you think it is. They learn english for the first time beginning in kindergarten, unless they already have older siblings who have been here for a while, and when that is the case, that means the kid is the youngest in the family and is the born an American citizen. And they do get government social service aid for their American citizen kid. Laws are not mean to be broken. Laws exist for very important reasons. Working with fraudulent documents is a very serious crime in the United States.

    3. Jorge Ayala2 years ago

      Are you aware of the financial problems they are causing hard-working, struggling, innocent, legal American citizens when they work under social security numbers that don’t belong to them?

      It’s actually a far worse crime they are committing, with real ongoing victimization of American citizens.

      Whenever any undocumented alien uses a social security number to work that does not legally belong to them, the fact that taxes are taken out of that fraudulently used ss number’s payroll checks just means that the victim is guaranteed to be getting an audit from the IRS when they don’t report those earnings.

      Sometimes Americans lose much needed disability payments or welfare payments or unemployment payments because all those payroll earnings and taxes being illegally worked, paid and taxed are at the same time being recorded by the government and the paper trail leads straight to the victim and disqualifies them for government aid that they need in a time of crisis and often destroys that American’s life, losing apartments, losing all their possessions in storage while they wait to have the huge mess the illegal alien caused them sorted out!

    4. Jorge Ayala2 years ago

      Legal immigrants get deported if they get in to any trouble while they are here. Why should it be any different for illegal immigrants? How can it be fair to remove that provision for illegal immigrants but not for legal immigrants? Does that make any sense to you? Do you see how that can’t be done?

  51. Gail de Lima2 years ago

    I was a resident alien before becoming a citizen & I loved the term alien.
    It’s amazing that so many people want to send undocumented people back. Why don’t you ask the real Native Americans to identify the real rapists & criminals? I bet they resemble Trump & many Republicans. They have no shame,

    1. Jorge Ayala2 years ago

      It’s funny that you have an opinion about things you know nothing about, since you are admitting to us you are originally a foreign-born and foreign-raised citizen of a different nation. Trump, and every other American citizen of black, white, asian heritage along with descendents of federally recognized american indian tribes, who have all been born here, and most of who do not have dual citizenship benefits of any kind, do not agree with you, and as the native born, we know more about our own people than an alien does.

  52. Warrina2 years ago

    Illegal immigrants do not pay federal income tax. Their illegal status represents a major expense to our taxpayers when legal citizens must foot the bills, while the illegals skate by.
    But when illegals make purchases within a state, they DO pay state and local sales tax. A lot of the hostility to illegals would be diminished if the US implemented the FAIR TAX in lieu of the income tax. The FAIR TAX is a federal sales tax that could be collected by each state tax commission and turned in to the monthly. EVERYONE who makes purchases would be paying his or her share.

    1. Joe2 years ago

      They definitely pay income taxes probably more than legal citizens. They often take low paying jobs and out of fear don’t file so they lose out on any tax return which they definately would have gotten some money back. They can file their taxes even with fake papers and they often do.

      1. Jorge2 years ago

        That is called fraud. Federal fraud.

  53. Dave Narloch2 years ago

    Anchor babies are not automatic US Citizens. 14th Amendment does not include them. Jacob Howard explicitly stated this in 1866 debate. You must listen to Mark Levin speak on this issue. Levin has spent his entire life studying the U.S. Constitution.

  54. April2 years ago

    We already have a Wall and strong Security on the Southern Border. So much so, that there are very few getting across there. Besides most of the undocumented didn’t sneak across the border but came here legally on visas and just stayed after those visas expired! Why is the news not reporting this fact?

    Could it be that building a bigger Trump Wall would be a windfall of profits for those who would get the construction contracts? The Defense Industry is just chomping at the bit to supply “systems” for deployment along our Southern border to add to the $18 Billion we already spend every year.

    And don’t forget that Big Business loves to hire the undocumented because they can force them to work cheap. If they had Green Cards then they could complain when their wages are stolen and they are mistreated.

    Wake Up America and stop listening to the charlatans on Immigration. Elect a Congress that will pass the needed Comprehensive Immigration Act. It’s the best thing for all of us.

    1. Michael Myers2 years ago

      You obviously do not live near the border or have been clueless about what really goes on! Hundreds per day have been, are currently and will continue to cross illegally. Cutting off jobs and entitlements will be the only thing that stops this.

  55. Matthew2 years ago

    I keep hearing arguments in which illegal aliens are characterized as people who “love America, respect her, and want to stay and continue to be ‘productive’ members of society”. What people don’t understand is that if you love something and respect it, take our country for example, then would you not want to follow it’s laws and become adherents to the American way of life? Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is only available to those who’re willing to make the sacrifices and follow the laws.

    Living in a border town I constantly see illegal aliens in my city being spoon fed avenues to obtain social security numbers, get on welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, etc by people who’re American only in nationality, while American citizens are turned away from help because ‘there is no longer any funds available’. This is the exact opposite for me, a ‘gringo’, who received no help in getting my out of state driver’s license transferred to a Texas license; Mexicans who spoke no English had special consultants who helped them get their license in less than half of the time it took me.

    Another thing I see is that my car insurance premiums skyrocketed 119% to cover un-insured Mexican drivers (who’re not required to have any), I have to pay for a state safety inspection and registration while Mexican drivers do not. How is it that i have to pay more money simply because Mexicans do not have to abide by basic traffic safety regulations?

    Drunk driving by Mexican nationals (both legal and illegal) is a *serious* problem here on the border, with most of them blowing twice or even three times the legal limit! Drunk driving deaths caused by illegal aliens and legal aliens in on the rise, and no one wants to talk about it. Here on the border there are city subsidized housing complexes that are only available to Mexican nationals whose children are attending the schools in my city (also generously paid for by the tax payers of my city).

    Despite being in Texas, my city seems to think itself more apart of the town on the other side of the border. This not only disgusts me, but at our ‘town hall’ meetings my concerns are being dismissed as the delusions of an intolerant white person who doesn’t know what both cities do for each other.

    I do know, however, I see a lot of my money being given away in a futile attempt to improve the lives of people who live in a 3rd world slum. This angers me because we have a lot of American youth who’re dropping out of school and turning to crime all before the age of 17. By 19 a lot of them are felons, and won’t find any decent paying job because of that. These youths need my dollars more than Mexican citizens.

    Every day when I drive on the border I see dozens of semi-trailers loaded with Mexican goods drive into my city, and only empty ones leaving. I see millions of dollars leaving my city, and only tens of thousands returning. I see Mexican children leaving housing my tax dollars built, walking down the streets that my tax dollars re-paved, entering schools and sitting in front of teachers my tax dollars paid for. Then as they grow up I see a lot of said children sitting in jail cells after having been arrested by the police officers my tax dollars paid for. And there is always one or two that get taken to the hospital for medical treatment that is subsidized by, you guessed it, my tax dollars.

    This is a disturbing trend, and the problem is it is only getting worse. Now illegal aliens openly march around the streets, proclaim their crimes loudly and proudly, and say that we should give them citizenship simply because they could hop a fence or walk around one. We should reward them for breaking the law? I don’t know what is becoming of this great country, but no other major country in the world has this type of policy, or tolerates this blatant disrespect. Not even Mexico tolerates this, they deport people as fast as they can, and in fact I’ve read a lot about the open brutality that immigrants from south of Mexico face at the hands of the Federales. Mexico openly threatens the state of Texas and the United States of America, and tells us, a more powerful entity, what we should do and tries to dictate how we conduct immigration policies.

    This needs to STOP. We need someone in the White House with cajones to end these kinds of hand outs to citizens of other countries, places a wall around the country to keep illegals out, and properly funds immigration authorities so that they can effectively do their job in removing criminals, and yes illegal aliens are criminals, from the country. No more should the United States be Mexico’s whipping boy. No more should the United States lose jobs and industry to Mexico. No more should federal dollars flow to countries that openly oppose the United States.

    There really are only two people that I can see fufilling this: Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. I would see a Trump/Cruz ticket performing really well.

    1. Joan94942 years ago

      I agree with you 100% except for your last sentence. The Homeland Security Dept needs to DO ITS JOB. The man in the oval office hardly matters. The bulk of these illegals came here while Bush was still in power. He did NADA.

  56. pk Briner2 years ago

    a wall.WILL HELP. 14th Ammendment for SLAVE CHILDREN ONLY…RULED THE Supreme Court in the 1800’s. MUST ALSO CONSIDER..WHAT TO DO ABOUT THE BELOW SURFACE. CAVES, AND WALKWAYS USED NOW , BY DRUG CARTELS? have to make illegals see that it does not pay for them to be here. they do not want OUR WAYS OR VALUES, only the Free everything they are taking from YOUR children and our society.

  57. Willis2 years ago

    The 14th Amendment is so misunderstood as to be almost comical. If it meant–anyone born here, it would have taken half the words to say that. It couldn’t be clearer, “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof,” means–here legally! People who say US v. Wong Kim Ark resolves the question apparently don’t understand that the case deals with parents who were here legally,(subject to the jurisdiction thereof.) But if you go on and read the case–in the decision the majority clearly states that subject to the jurisdiction includes “not taxed individuals.” (At the time the phrase was largely taken to mean American Indians) as they were clearly not intended even though they were all born on US territory–and were later added in 1924. The term illegal immigrant wasn’t known–but “not taxed” surely applies today. And they never were added by separate act. So it is the left that needs a Constitutional amendment if they want to authorize birthright citizenship–because today it is clearly not a part of the 14th amendment.

  58. Georgia1232 years ago

    As harsh as it seems we must deport all illegals. This does not mean that they cannot file proper paperwork to be able to immigrate.
    The government has several options from work permits to green cards……this isn’t a black and white issue. Each person coming in must be able to work and support themselves and their family. No welfare for immigrants….that means all the Muslims that are on welfare and do not work at anything. If we do not preface no welfare for immigrants the number will climb, without welfare or any other kind of subsistence the numbers will drop off. My ancestors had to make it on their own….they didn’t receive one penny from the government!
    It is imperative that each person coming into the USA can and will support themselves.
    This will save us millions of dollars that are being paid off the backs of Americans….we are tired of it.
    In addition, if the immigrant is not willing to swear allegiance to America no paperwork will go forward. Once you are here you must forgo your former country. This will eliminate all the people who want to fly their old countries flags, their former countries laws or practices. Perform genital mutilation and you get tossed out and can never come back! You are totally in agreedmentnwith this countries laws or you cannot stay
    That will take care of 90% of our problems!

    1. mark2 years ago

      Great write up Georgia. Thanks


  59. sashamanda2 years ago

    What percent of Americans support a one-party socialist state? Because, the demographics have reached the point that if there is no elimination of birthright citizenship (which does not require amending the Constitution) AND if most of the illegals and their children do not return home AND if legal immigration is not scaled back, we will be a one party state in a generation. It really is that simple.

    1. Esteban2 years ago

      No idea how anyone makes a jump from immigrants to one party socialist state? Not in any history books…

      1. chris hart2 years ago

        Its easy, actually. More people who want free stuff will vote for those who hand out free stuff. The socialist Democratic party. I hope this clears things up for you.

  60. phillip payne2 years ago

    I have not meet any of these people who think illegal immigration or immigration period is has any type of role to play in the 21 century America. Most well educated individuals except those of Hispanic decent believe immigration is a terrible burden on society. The influx of millions of peoples from all over the world is destroying the American Dream for the citizens that were already here. This nation has limited water,land, and mineral supplies and the environmental impact of all these immigrants is destroying our nation. These uneducated clowns that have been pursuing the immigration policies of the past fifty years should be arrested and jailed for selling our nation to the big international corporations and importing what amounts to modern uneducated indentured servants from Latin America and other third world countries to supplement their profits that they get from having trade deals that essentially make slaves out of millions of Asians in China and Southeast Asia all to pad the multinational bottom lines.

    1. anonymous2 years ago

      I haven’t either. No American citizen supports this. It’s the antithesis of what we are taught in school (to be law-abiding, to not reward law-breaking, no exceptions allowed).

    2. Anonymous2 years ago

      I haven’t met any Americans who think this either.

  61. Bernie2 years ago

    They don’t need to change the constitution,It already says the are not citizens.They should be deported as they are criminals living on our soil and in our country.There is no where in the constitution that says they are citizens. It’s just a lies the democrats use to keep them here.

  62. Petra2 years ago

    Skewed poll stats! Build that wall President Trump!

    1. rose5282 years ago

      no way, we don’t need to spend billions of dollars on a wall, I don’t want my tax dollars spent on a stupid project the whites want.. I am white but know that there will be no jobs if we deport the Hispanics from here. Alabama tried it and it didn’t work. The white couldn’t do the jobs or wouldn’t do them and the crops dried up in the fields. Wealthy people either illegally kept their gardeners or their precious lawns died. A waste of our money

      1. jorge ayala2 years ago

        I’m sorry but everything you just said is false and will be just as false in the future as it was in the past.

  63. Joseph2 years ago

    What a biased misleading piece. I dare you to do a poll asking the same questions with the words illegal aliens

    1. rose5282 years ago

      they aren’t aliens they are illegal immigrants. Aliens are from another planet

      1. petra2 years ago

        Do your homework rose528….
        al·ien /’eɪliən/ 

        1.a person who comes from a foreign country; someone who does not owe allegiance to your country
        syn: foreigner, noncitizen, outlander
        2.anyone who does not belong in the environment in which they are found
        syn: stranger, unknown

  64. Melissa2 years ago

    Need to read our Constitution a little more intently it does not say that illegal aliens born in America are naturalized citizens that’s a bunch of who Ha and I think if you’re here illegally you need to go back out and come in legally if our own citizens done something illegal we sure would not reward them so why reward an illegal immigrant this country cannot support the amount of people coming in here illegally

  65. Margo Maniatis2 years ago

    I do not support illegal immigration at all. We need to have legal entry into America and have the vetting process eliminate any gangs, drug moguls, and criminals. Our America is now out of control.

  66. txguy12 years ago

    What a fouled up, distorted survey. Talk about leading questions. Leading to the desired results.

  67. Mike2 years ago

    Many folks have trouble conceptualizing 11.3M million people (the estimated number of unauthorized immigrants). Put another way, if you assume a 5 foot arm span, all of these folks holding hands could form an uninterrupted chain over ten thousand miles long– enough to reach Antarctica from the southern border. That’s a lot of people, and a lot of consequences to consider (both good and bad) for any decision regarding citizenship.

  68. Norma Jean2 years ago

    I am sorry but I can’t believe much of this article by the Pew Research Center. I’ve taken surveys and the results I’ve seen afterwards is totally different than this one. I am not against Hispanics. The people I’ve met are good people. I have no idea who is illegal when I meet them and I do not judge them personally. BUT as a whole, I resent the fact that so many people (no matter what nationality) are entering America ILLEGALLY. At that moment, they have no respect for our laws. I resent the fact that our Country due to President Obama’s command does not follow our laws regarding illegal immigration. Many illegals who are deported turn around and come right back. It’s crazy to have someone deported 4, 5 or 7 times. I am definitely against “birth right” (anchor babies). I do know that Hispanics come to America to deliver their babies because they are automatically American citizens. The 14th amendment was not intended for that purpose. This amendment has been repeatedly abused. Plus these women do not have insurance and the hospitals have to “eat” the OB costs. I have been a stout democrat my entire life until President Clinton ran. Since then I’ve been an “independent”. I do not believe the Pew Reseach Center survey. I believe the editor doctored this survey to achieve her agenda. I have never seen a survey with these results.

  69. Doug2 years ago

    It may be impossible to find and deport all 11million + invaders but it’s possible to deport all of them that are found! Close the border to any more invaders. Stop anchor babies, permenantly. Stop funding sactuary cities, towns, countys and states that allow them.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      They are not that hard to find. If you get your neighbors to start and schools to call them in because if they go to school it doesn’t mean they are legal. Most of the time their moms and dads are illegal and aunts and uncles. People will have to report it’s called going door to door. If they take census they can do this as well have some undercover cops with them as they do the census and bust them.

  70. dulwig2 years ago

    send them ALL back !!!!!!!

  71. Richard Lovell2 years ago

    The illegal immigration problem has very simple solution. Enforce the current laws and add an amendment that has the result of incarcerating the CEO or owner of the business for 10 years with no time off for good behavior. Hiring undocumented workers would cease immediately, especially after the first CEO from a F500 does the perp walk on Fox News.

    1. Joseph2 years ago


  72. Steve2 years ago

    What a surprise! Another poll released using years old data. I would be willing to bet that if there were a more recent poll, like one taken this year, that the numbers for deportation and against birthright citizenship would be very different.
    I agree that anchor babies are illegal and all illegal aliens should be deported. I do not think there should be any way for any illegal person in this country to stay and circumvent the immigration process. Number one, that’s been tried before and it didn’t work. Number two, it isn’t fair to everyone who is doing the process right and waiting their turn. Illegal aliens should not be rewarded citizenship for coming here illegally – that will just cause more illegal immigration.

  73. judy2 years ago

    Does anyone ever think about the population? Does not seem like it. There are a lot of crimes going on from illegals that we do not hear about. President Dwight Eisenhower sent 11,000,000.oo MILLION back to Mexico.

    1. Anonymous2 years ago

      There are just as much crimes done known and unknown by born american citizens as there are by illegal immigrants..if not, MORE!

      1. Katie B.2 years ago

        That would still mean less Americans being victimized and less taxes wasted keeping them in our prisons.

      2. Jorge Ayala2 years ago

        So? That’s America’s problem and is none of illegal aliens’ business. America’s people and problems has nothing to do with illegal aliens (FOREIGNERS) who commit crimes here when they AREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  74. Sandra McLain2 years ago

    They need to go. They are a burden that we simply cannot afford. Automatic citizenship needs to be abolished. Those Anchor Babies “anchor” the whole family!! They come here with that plan!

  75. Jane Lemison2 years ago

    I believe that yes, there should be a way for immigrants to stay here legally. If they meet the requirements. I also believe that the law should change and citizenship should not be automatic if a child is born here in the U.S. They along with the parent has to apply for citizenship. There should be no expectations of automatic citizenship when coming to this country illegally. I also believe that those that have been waiting patiently to become citizens of this country and be allowed to come here legally should be first in line to be accepted and that those rules and regulations should be revised. Enabling people a shorter wait time. I am 70 years old, was born in this country to parents who were citizens and who were also born in this country and their parents and their grandparents. The laws that need to change are the ones that have been on the books for years and years.

  76. Diane Stewart2 years ago

    I say send them back. Sure the cost of deportation is lofty, now. But, we spend billions overall, on housing, medical and to teaching them our language. And, let’s not forget the incarceration of the criminal: which includes the whole penal process i.e. Jail, public defender, court costs and/ or prison, probation officers and reaclimation to the streets. The American citizen and those who use the right channels to be in this country, are VICTIMS to the illegal intruders.

  77. Chuck Letson2 years ago

    I find this poll information highly suspect. All if the mamy blogs and polls I have read are totally opposite of these poll results. Poll questions may have been loaded to achieve desired results.

    1. Leonard2 years ago

      I one hundred percent agree with you

    2. Katie B.2 years ago

      Do some digging and find out who’s really behind those other polls.

    3. anonymous2 years ago

      I’m going to go so far as to call these poll results: Outright Propaganda.

  78. Dave in Chicago2 years ago

    All you have to do is read the comments on any article about illegal immigration to know that the vast majority of US citizens do not want illegal aliens to be allowed to stay. This article is very misleading and I wonder where the author got these statistics from. Also, the constitution does not need to be changed in order to end birthright citizenship. Rather it just needs to be interpreted the way it was intended to be. It’s intention was to insure that former slaves and their children would be citizens, not the children of citizens from other nations.

  79. Eddie2 years ago

    FYI There are 30 million illegal immigrants in the US, not 11 million.

  80. Judy Contreras2 years ago

    Send them back to where they came from! Build a wall! Do away with anchor babies! No welfare or insurance. !

    1. Katie B.2 years ago

      A wall would only work if many of them didn’t come here by plane. They come as visitors and never leave. We should probably use ankle monitors for those people and countries that don’t abide or respect our laws, then send the bill to their government.

      1. Anonymous2 years ago

        I think you’re way off-base with your comment Katie B. Anyone who entered the country by plane went through customs at the airport and they are officially not undocumented immigrants.

        Once that legal immigrant overstays they become “out of status”, but it is much easier to fix that. In fact, a foreign national who has overstayed the time allotted them by their passport or visa can fix their status without leaving the country, because they went through inspection when they first arrived.

        Contrary to that is the illegal immigrant, who entered without inspection and cannot adjust status inside the country because they were never formally (legally) inspected by customs when first having entered the country.

        It’s really that simple.

      2. Anonymous2 years ago

        The only problem I see in regard to what Katie B said is that they say the government is not keeping track of who is in the country after they have been admitted, which is why they have no means of keeping track of who has overstayed. What a stupid government we have. Our neighboring country on the southern border keeps track why don’t we keep track too?

  81. Robert Dale2 years ago

    A fence will not be an effective deterrent. Strict enforcement of the law would make illegal immigration less desirable.

  82. vicki spleas2 years ago

    Now it is just revenge. We want them out of here because they broke our laws. But I feel the point is mute. Just make them pay taxes and English.

    1. Jorge2 years ago

      Americans are not a vengeful people. The problem is that if we let this go and forgive them for all of the fraud they have committed we are enabling their criminal behavior and that ensures we will be allowing people who have very little principals into our country to stay… and that’s not how America works. It’s not about revenge. It’s about the principal of the matter. It’s always illegal in the USA to use an alias, and they do that all the time, they use an alias or their real name and then they work without authorization, using a social security number that has been fraudulently obtained. These things due to principal cannot be forgotten and forgiven. It has nothing to do with revenge.

    2. Jorge2 years ago

      I meant to use the word principle not principal.

  83. Russell2 years ago

    I will go along whole heartedly with giving the illegals a pass if when I ever get into a court room for breaking a law the judge will give me a pass. No forgiveness for me….no forgiveness for undocumented illegal alien criminals.

  84. Susan Anthony2 years ago

    I think as the issue becomes widely discussed, view will turn more negative.
    People are starting to realize that growing income inequality, is pretty directly correlated to a glut of low skilled workers, both legal and illegal.

  85. taxed enough2 years ago

    We should not reward foreigners for breaking our laws. We should send them home and charge their home countries with the bill.
    As for anchor babies – the 14th amendment is currently being misinterpreted – According to the 30th article of the Constitution of Mexico, Mexican citizens by birth are persons born abroad of a Mexican citizen born in Mexico – those anchor babies born to illegals from Mexico are Mexican citizens and are not subject to the jurisdiction of the US.

  86. Cynthia Curran2 years ago

    Penalized the employers for hiring them but improved the work visa program. Farming could be made easier for work visas since the farmers don’t like the current system. A data based that can pick on the dates that the visa expires would caused people to return home since they don’t have a job. Also, a read an interesting job ad in a California paper that was a high pressure telemarketing job in Tijuana that pays the same as the US side. In fact Baja and Sonora could have further growth of an upper middle class that could hire people as landscapers and maids from rural areas of Mexico instead of going to the US. Its possible.

  87. Mark Jason2 years ago

    The solution to the problem is in fixing the scandalous “immigrant taxes”. Trump recently mentioned the ITIN fiasco where hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants game our taxes in excess of $4.2 billion annually, nearly 10 billion since the study was completed in 2010. This however is just the tip of the iceberg–most cash economy workers who received Social Security numbers post our 1986 Amnesty understate their incomes because unlike us, they are not required to submit W-2 forms with their tax returns.

    We need to make their employers share in paying a 10% tax to be used to fund real reform. This simple tax would yield $176 billion over a 10 year period.

    1. Matthew2 years ago

      No, we need to place taxes on all Mexican (and other countries’) goods coming into the country and lower corporate tax rates to bring back all of the industry that left for Mexico and other nations around the world. We do this in conjunction with destroying fraud in our entitlement programs and removing the estimated 11-30 million illegal immigrants in our country that are taking advantage of our benefits systems. Then we need to tax all transactions made between the United States and Mexico. All of these things will help us pay for the wall we need to protect our borders.

  88. Packard Day2 years ago

    If you are currently living in a bottom 60% household with job skills that can be easily replaced with two weeks worth of OJT, then you fully appreciate on a very personal level the appeal of Donald Trump and his stand on illegal immigration. Conversely, if you and yours are fortunate enough to live in a top 10-20% household, then unfettered immigration and amnesty is a wonderful thing. For the well off, there is nothing like a vibrant low skilled/low educated servant class to mow the lawns, prepare the foods, haul the water, and hew the wood…ehhh? [Oh well, let’s just party like it is 1788 Versailles all over again.]

  89. Karen Smith2 years ago


    Granting amnesty in the 80’s without doing the promised workforce enforcement was a national betrayal of blue collar workers. Citizens of this nation are simply not ready to ignore being lied to by our government. It is the elephant is the room articles like this ignore. Every serious solution must start with requiring e-verify for new hires.

  90. sam2 years ago

    Immigrants strengthen the country, yes they do, most of the legal ones do but it is the illegals we worry about.

  91. Bernie S2 years ago

    In this case it really doesn’t matter what the polls results are. Our countries original immigration laws had an intended goal, a vision if you will, about what the composition of the US would look like. That goal was not achieved because no one was stopping the illegal aliens and no one was willing to deport all illegal aliens. The right thing to do is to get back on track and undo the damage that was done and restore the enforcement component to get us closer to the original sensible plan.

    1. DGDeGriselles2 years ago

      Actually, the first statute passed by an American Congress in 1790 permitted immigration of “white Persons” only. There’s some US Supreme Court cases in the 1900s where persons from India and Japan were denied the ability to immigrate because they were “not white.” Is that the goal to which you refer? Is that the composition we want today? We’re not really wanting to return to that, are we?

      1. Jorge Ayala2 years ago

        Today’s Americans do not think in terms of skin color or race. But we do have every right to think in terms of what kind of people are eligible to come here. Law-abiding people are the ones we want. Skin color is not important.

  92. Herbert Napora2 years ago

    Deport them all. They broke our laws, they should leave. E-Verify for all workers, with jail time penalties for employers who violate the law. This will save my country hundreds of billions of dollars.

    1. Bernie2 years ago

      This policy of permitting illegal entries to the US did not appear overnight. For years the private sector in labor intensive industries sought low cost labor and did not worry about the immigration status of their workers.

      1. Jorge Ayala2 years ago

        Those employers did not put out help wanted ads in foreign countries. They merely hired from the pool of people who applied inside of the United States. While that was certainly against the law (hiring them after they were here) it has nothing to do with how they got here to begin with. And the only people responsible for crossing the border without inspection are the illegal aliens themselves. The 1986 amnesty along with the failure to build a wall on the border is the cause of the more that beget even more. They came in droves after the ’86 amnesty because it gave them the wrong impression that if they just sat it out and waited here, hunkered down, while working illegally, having a couple of kids and gaining access to section 8 and welfare for the birthright babies, – they’d eventually get amnesty too. And so, that’s what they’ve been doing. We’ve been passing different laws (like the 1996 3 year and 10 year and permanent time bar after 180 days unlawfully present in the country) – to get them to give up and go home. That’s why we passed those laws, but they decided to just sit it out and wait for another 1986 amnesty. This is outrageous. Reagan promised us we would never be forced to grant another amnesty or deferred deportation en masse ever again. This is why we must be allowed to simply say NO AMNESTY, NO DEFERRED DEPORTATION.

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      I soooo agree Herbert……..damn our government for allowing this….