June 26, 2015

5 facts about same-sex marriage

Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony, Florida
Partners Kevin Foster (right) and Joey Thibodeaux place wedding bands on each other’s fingers during their same-sex wedding ceremony in Florida. (AP Photo/Alex Menendez)

The U.S. Supreme Court today issued a landmark ruling granting same-sex couples a constitutional right to marry. The 5-4 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, legalizes gay marriage throughout the country, meaning that the 14 states that currently do not allow gays and lesbians to wed will now need to do so.

The decision rests in part on the court’s interpretation of the 14th Amendment, stating that limiting marriage only to heterosexual couples violates the amendment’s guarantee of equal protection under the law. Writing for the majority, Justice Anthony Kennedy states that “no union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family.” Kennedy goes on to say that gay and lesbian couples “ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.”

Here are five key facts about same-sex marriage:

1Same-Sex Marriage Support Across GenerationsThere has been a dramatic shift in recent years in Americans’ attitudes about gay marriage, with support for same-sex marriage rising from 37% in 2009 to 57% in May 2015, according to the most recent Pew Research Center polling. Among the groups most likely to favor same-sex marriage today are Millennials (73%), Democrats (65%) and people without any religious affiliation (85%).

2There are some notable differences in how groups feel about allowing gays and lesbians to marry. For example, a majority of whites (59%) and Hispanics (56%) favor same-sex marriage, compared with 41% of blacks. Religion continues to be a major factor in attitudes as well. Fully 85% of those who are religiously unaffiliated favor same-sex marriage, as do 62% of white mainline Protestants and 56% of Catholics. Among black Protestants, 33% favor same-sex marriage (57% oppose), and 27% of white evangelical Protestants favor it (70% oppose). Adults in the Silent generation (ages 70 to 87) are the only age group in which significantly more oppose (53%) than favor (39%) gay marriage. Americans who live in states where same-sex marriage has been legalized by the legislature or popular vote are the most likely to favor gays and lesbians marrying (68%); 59% of people in states where a court has legalized the practice favor same-sex marriage, compared with just 43% of those living somewhere where it is not legal. (To see more comparisons, explore our detailed tables here.)

Same-Sex Marriage, State by State

3Prior to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, same-sex marriage was legal in 36 states and the District of Columbia. In 19 of those states, including Florida, Pennsylvania and Utah, gay marriage became legal (starting at the beginning of 2014) after federal courts struck down laws or state constitutional amendments banning same-sex unions.

4Partisans Agree: Legal Recognition of Gay Marriage 'Inevitable'In the recent Pew Research survey, nearly three-quarters (72%) of Americans – including half of those who oppose gay marriage – said they saw eventual legal recognition of same-sex marriages as “inevitable.”

5With the Supreme Court’s decision, the U.S. now joins 20 other countries that already allow gay and lesbian couples to wed in all of their jurisdictions. The first nation to legalize gay marriage was the Netherlands, which did so in 2000. Since then, several other European countries – including Spain, France, all of Scandinavia and, most recently, Ireland – have enacted laws sanctioning gay marriage. Outside of Europe, same-sex marriage is now legal in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Uruguay, as well as in parts of Mexico.

This is an update to a post originally published April 27, 2015. 

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    is a senior writer/editor focusing on religion at Pew Research Center.

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  1. Anonymous10 months ago

    because same sex should be legal because u should be happy for who your with

  2. Starfighter 121 year ago

    I agree with David. Gay marriage should be allowed. Gay people may not be able to have intercourse, but other people can. Many still populate the world. It may be against god’s word, but we are all sinners. Every person has sinned at least once or twice, and I won’t believe anyone who says they haven’t sinned ever in their life. Even in the early times, people have sinned and gone against god word by being gay. Even the Constitution goes against god’s words a couple times. These gay people are being beaten up by words, and physically. Gay’s should not be harassed because they like a person of the same sex, the Constitution gives everyone equality, so we shouldn’t even debate this topic anymore, and leave these people be.

    1. Anonymous10 months ago

      Sinning and living in sin are two very different things If you clam you are a christian then you know that the key to God’s Grace and forgiveness is Repentance
      Acts 3:19 NIV
      Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, God Bless

  3. Truth1 year ago

    Adam And Eve.

    1. Kassy the otaku11 months ago

      Adam and Steve

  4. Mathfreak1 year ago

    To be honest to me gay marriage okay because as long as someone is happy with thatg other person (same sex) then i think they should be with them. Because a girl maybe doesnt want to be in a relationship with a guy because they are sometimes jerks and girls understand the pain they are going through. also a guy might want to be with a guy because he might love playing video games like he does… it really isnt anyone right to say who other people want to be with. so tbh just let people be happy.

  5. TheTruthOfAll1 year ago

    Well the lesbian population has sure increased over the years

    1. Anonymous12 months ago

      No remember they were “born that way” it wasn’t a choice obviously

  6. ashlyn1 year ago

    my name is ashlyn and I agree that its there life they can choose what they want to because its there life not yours and

    1. kimberly1 year ago

      you go ashlen

  7. Nayda Threh-nan-nan2 years ago

    Please don’t bother going down there, don’t bother posting a comment, its all the same “its not what I believe in, so its wrong and no one can ever do this ever”, just don’t bother commenting, no one will see it and if they do no one will care. Fact is: the ruling is made, you can’t change anything about it, its a constitutional right, its none of your business, not everyone has the same beliefs as you, and you don’t control the world, if you think gays are going to hell, then I guess they’re going to hell, dosent matter, its none of your b

    1. Rights-Really?2 years ago

      Oh, Gay Marriage is a constitutional right? That’s funny, because two years ago almost every state in the country had it listed as a Constitutional BAN. It’s funny how much one administration can damage society. ‘Times are changing’- No, the weak are changing with the intent of the New World government. It’s in their objectives to confuse the young, depopulate society, and create chaos- if they don’t, they can’t create Ordo ab Chao.

      Problem, Reaction, Solution.- The Hegelian Dialectic. The worst part is, you think that your thoughts are original because you’re so desperate to seek support in what’s fundamentally unnatural and wrong, with no realization that these ‘crowd movements’ and ‘protests’ are nothing more than mind control and comfort to the confused. Sure, some are legitimate, but I’m here to tell you that these are organized the same way that the Rockafeller family funded Women’s Liberation so they could tax the second half of society and indoctrinate your children. Think for yourself.

      1. alex1 year ago

        It is a constitutional right for everyone to have EQUALITY. Look it up- 14th amendment.

      2. Tammy Stinedurf1 year ago

        Listen. What would you say if your child was gay? Would you sit there and prosecute them because of who they are? Yes, most states did ban it a few years ago, but they had to fight for that ban to be taken off. Shouldn’t you respect that? You know who else had to fight for a right to have a say in this world? Women, African Americans, people with different religions. None of those people had rights. Honestly, the only people who were only really normal, were white, straight males. Do you really need so much satisfaction, that you have to come online and say bad things about other people? You try to come on here and sound smart with your facts and statements about the Constitution, but really you just sound dumb. Whether or not, you think same-sex marriage should be legal, it is and you don’t have a say anymore. Just like you said about 2 years ago it was banned in almost every state. Well guess what now 2 years later it legal in ALL states. So next time you try to say something and you include the Constitution, make sure your argument is valid.

  8. BJ2 years ago

    Our founding fathers would be turning over in their graves at this recent Supreme Court ruling. The laws of this country are a farce, God’s law trumps all other laws. Our country was based on this. You would believe otherwise if you have not read the actual statements, writings of our founding fathers. Here is an example of many sites who quote what they wrote.
    God be merciful to our country, please. There are those who still follow His word and don’t pick and choose those passages to suit our own purposes.
    I love all people and don’t hate anyone, so please don’t just lump me in a convenient group of “haters”. God calls us to hate the sin and love the sinner. That includes every one of us. BJ

    1. Nayda Threh-nan-nan2 years ago

      I’m glad you’re not yelling ” FAGS NEED TO LEAVE” like other people, and instead you’re being respectful, but its none of your business what other people do, not everyone follows your religion, you don’t control other’s lives, nobody is hurting you, its 2015, times have changed since the Founding Fathers created this country, slavery is no longer legal, you’re saying just because it was here when we started, its okay now?

    2. Alvaro2 years ago

      I’m agree with what you said, and even is not my business to see other people lives, I can see the confusion of the world is giving to our children and to ourselves too, and yes time has been changing but not in a good way, we have been destroying what God gave us. we are destroying the world in every single aspect. It’s really sad.

    3. Ryan Gunn11 months ago

      They would be turning over in their graves at the recent decision? Well, they would be turning over at the decision to give women equal rights or abolish slavery, or lift explicitly racist immigration bans on specific countries. Our nation has a long history of screwed up treatment to misunderstood groups, gays being one of them. The founding fathers lived in a time when electricity was not yet discovered, people owned slaves and thought the moon caused lunacy, and so many other aspects you can’t even imagine because modern times have covered them up.

  9. Rachel2 years ago

    I’m just asking this our of curiosity. Has there been a study on what percentage of gays and bisexuals and transgenders that actually oppose gay marriage? I just think it’s a fascinating topic because the majority of people think 100% of the LGBT community support it but that’s not so.

    And also how men vs. women support and oppose it? What can I say, I like demographics.

    1. Anonymous11 months ago

      I agree , stats please

  10. JohnMoo2 years ago

    This is sad, if nature knows the difference between male and female then what is becoming of us humans? hey, they will still need heterosexuals to make the babies WHO they will have to adopt. here is a thought, lets stop putting up our children for adoption.

    1. Danny2 years ago

      Interestingly enough…homosexuality is not just the province of humans. In some sheep, up to 8% of the males live a homosexual lifestyle. There have also been numerous studies showing either bisexual, or homosexual behavior in significant portions of populations of a variety of vertebrates, from dolphins to chimps to birds. It is not a matter of humans living outside of nature. Indeed, it is in fact natural that a percentage of humans are gay. There are many many theories as to why non-human animals have significant numbers of gay members of the species. But all of those reasons relating to Darwinian advantage and natural selection, means nothing when a sentient, adult human, is asked “Do you commit yourself to this other person? Do you marry yourself to them?” That, can only be answered by the sum product of who they are, the experiences they’ve had, and the love they have built with that other person…regardless of gender.

      1. BJ2 years ago

        What sets us apart from other animals is our intellect. That is what enables us to reason that it takes a man and woman to form a union, have offspring, and continue the family.
        Dumb animals don’t have this ability, so if they are confused and group together in homosexual couples, it is entirely understandable. Aren’t we higher on the ladder than that?

  11. Holland Jones2 years ago

    Leviticus 18( see verse 22)read the whole chapter……..

    1. Anonymous11 months ago

      The bible contradicts itself often. If this is your only argument, I must say, do more research. This is a disgusting way of looking at things. It is none of your business what goes on in other people’s homes. People are BORN gay or straight, or any other part of the LGBTQ+ acronym. GOD MADE THEM THAT WAY! If you believe in God, but hate gays, you don’t truly believe in God. Back off and examine your religion more closely.

      1. Kameron Weaver11 months ago

        How are you going to tell me, what I do and don’t believe. This something is stand up for and cherish, to honestly tell me that God made them into a sinner, God doesn’t force the sin upon us, we sin because we are human. Gays are sinners, straights are sinners, both need Jesus for repentance, a true Christian doesn’t hate anything but sin. How about you actually read the bible more and understand it instead of only reading the parts you think honestly and truly justifys the sin of homosexuality and say things about what God did and didn’t do when you don’t even know God. Like you said it’s our religion so we have been studying it and you haven’t we wouldn’t have said any towards gays if weren’t against bibical nature. Its disgusting for you, who doesn’t even try to know God claim he bestowed sin on his children. I pray for you and your children.

  12. Eric Mival2 years ago

    Oh dear, oh dear. As belief in the Bible diminishes so the totally crazy notion of homosexual marriage increases. Does not anyone think of the children of such”marriages”?
    How selfish can you get. Even that wonderful word “gay” has been stolen, and now means something entirely different.

    It is hard to believe that once something that might have popped you into jail is now “celebrated”. After all these centuries and millennia, have we gone completely mad?

    1. Muyiwa2 years ago

      Yes ! The World is not only going mad, it is running madly down a steep slope into a bottomless pit of no return! Only the silent few who remain steadfast will be saved from the wrath to come.

      1. Anonymous11 months ago

        You people disgust me. These people were crated by God. Why must you be so driven by hatred and century year old mistakes?

  13. ronald2 years ago

    Why is it necessary for the court to rule on same sex union? Anything that is natural needs no judicial ruling. Bear in mind also that this was not a unanimous ruling. Our justices can debate about civil matters and make ruling on them as well. But they are not necessarily morally enlightened persons. We will not take their legal knowledge and skill to mean they are either spiritually or morally sound. Even judges have been sentenced to serve time in prison!!!

  14. Dane2 years ago

    Just because the Supreme Court made gay marriages legal doesn’t mean I have to accept it. It’s only because of our secular laws and the weak mindedness of our politicians and their desires to keep there jobs is this God forbidden Sodomite practice allowed. We used to only have to hear about it, then we had to witness it on our sidewalks and now we have to endure it on television and other public venues.

    1. Rob2 years ago

      Boo hoo hoo. Why not focus on those blasphemous adulterers..or people who divorce or remarry? Alternatively, you can always move to a theocracy. Some countries still punish gay people by death..throwing them from tall buildings, them if they survive, throwing large stones at them until they are decidedly dead. Surely, you can take some comfort in that. God help you.

      1. e2 years ago

        I think you first have to show us a Protestant theocracy before we can move there.

    2. Lacewing72 years ago

      No we don’t have to “endure” it on T.V. There is an “on” and “off” switch. I use mine.

  15. Ernest2 years ago

    I get sick to my stomach as I read the “life has no purpose” comments from those who defend the need for same sex marriage…… ie: what does it matter, ….. just let them be, etc. etc. I can’t imagine our country and the world in which my grandchildren and their children will be living in 75 years from now if this progressive madness continues to prevail to the point of Sodam & Gamorah. Some one bigger and stronger than me better stand up soon and let these cool aid drinkers know that there is no hope without purpose. Hope certainly will not come from atheism or Islam (a culture dedicated to hate of everything that is not condoned by the Quran). The uncontradictory Word found in the Bible (I know many will try to negatively argue this reality, but honest study shows them to be wrong), through Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, is one of love, hope and outreach. If we live knowing and accepting Him in our hearts as God almighty, incarnate, then we can have both a purpose and hope. This really isn’t a complicated/difficult faith to bring into our hearts and souls, since it is supported by real history found not only in the Bible, but from hundreds of well-known historians and archiologists from thousands of years ago up through today. The Quran can’t honestly make such a claim; and atheists must have even more faith than Christians do, since their lives are based on no purpose other than themselves (a rather hopeless outlook for 99% of them).

  16. Patience Elot2 years ago

    Legalizing same sex marriage is the most babaric decision of the millenium. Irrespective of its growing popularity, It remains abhorred by God, the creator of all men. Legalizing gay mariage is an act of rebellion to our creator. The world better look forward to a future of incurrable diseases that His Supreme Majesty may unleash on those who support or practice homosexuality. Then, those who now bask in the euphoria of freedom would be stung by the aweful realization that they had chosen bondage and not freedom.

  17. Carolyn Tanner2 years ago

    Nobody has mentioned age limits. Will the next thing be pedophiles can marry young
    boys, same sex?

    1. mfinca2 years ago

      Minors can’t give consent in any marriage, last week or this week. Animals either.

  18. jffryds2 years ago

    did I miss the section on how homosexuals view homosexual marriage? If not, why exclude this important bit of information; especially how male and female homosexuals (given that gender has little meaning) view this little bit of cultural depravity.

  19. Gary Thomas2 years ago

    Hey Phew Research you left out a higher rate of sexual transmitted disease, higher rate of mental illness, and a higher rate of suicides

  20. Michael Rogers2 years ago

    I don’t see why there is such a demand to become legally attached other than to fit into the favored box that allows legal benefits for married people.

    Anyone offering odds that the divorce rate will be lower than for Hetros–in the states that allow this?

    I’ll put money on that! .

    1. mfinca2 years ago

      Does your wife know you feel that way?

    2. Tim Sherman2 years ago

      Of course the divorce rate will be lower. They had no options to begin with! Why do you think most men go gay??

  21. KB2 years ago

    Whether or not one favors redefining marriage to include gay couples based on equal protection, out of fairness, multiple partner marriages must be protected as well.

    To favor gay marriage and oppose multiple partner marriage is hypocrisy in the extreme.

    1. Tionia2 years ago

      For those Christians saying it will lead to plural marriagies they better stop and think because there were MANY Plural marriages in the Bible. Many Christians who are against couples of the same sex marrying use the Bible to condemn it. What can they use to condemn plural marriages?

      1. Anthony2 years ago

        In the new covenant which was established through Jesus Christ, the Apostol Paul spoke of this topic (Plural Marriage) and stated in 1 Corinthians 7:2 – “Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.”

        The Word of God states in Leviticus 18:22 (NIV):

        “‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.”

        The reality of the situation is that all that is occurring in out society today reminds us that Christ is coming soon for his church. The word of God is firm when it speaks about what God considers sin and rebellion, and what the result of such behavior will be.

        1 Corinthians 6:9 (NIV):

        9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men.

        Everyone has to make a choice, reject Christ and live by there own standard, or accept Christ and live by his standard (the Bible). There is no in-between, what choice have you made?

  22. Asdd Alkk2 years ago

    When people who practice homo”sexuality” get “married”, they get benefits right? And who gives them those benefits? The government. And who is the government? The people. And those people include people like me and many others who are against “gay marriage”. So how is it moral, especially against the will of the governed, to force people to recognize, subsidize, and actually reward a meaningless “relationship” that serves no purpose in society and that some people are so vehemently against that we would rather be put to the sword than to accept if made to choose? Why are we being forced to reward this crap?

    I mean, we already have other limits on marriage such as the number of people who can be in a marriage, you cannot be a brother and a sister and get married, there are age limits, and much more. So to tell us we cannot limit marriage in any way we see fit within the bounds of the constitution is unconstitutional in it itself. Marriage is no where in the constitution which makes it extralegal therefore it is to be left to the states as according to the 10th amendment. I guess, anyone can marry anyone now. I mean, I can just “marry” my friend for like no reason other to just get a tax break and cheat the system. And then when I’ve finished ripping off the system, I can just get a “divorce” after making my quick buck off the people.

    And I find it funny when people, this is there only argument, invoke the 14th amendment as a defense lol. They try to invoke the 14th amendment A CIVIL WAR AMENDMENT to try to argue that apparently the people who created the 14 amendment after the civil war meant to include people who commit an action, homosexuality because apparently actions now define people according to their logic. I mean, is this some kind of freakin joke?

    This whole entire thing is just a mess, and God won’t take it much longer, the shift of power is already starting to shift to Russia and China anyway, who are rapidly Christianizing.

    1. Nayda Threh-nan-nan2 years ago

      It dosent have to be moral, its none of your business who others love.

    2. Anonymous11 months ago

      People are born gay, just as other people are born straight. Gad makes them that way. How can you say you believe in God, but hate gay people? Examine your religion, because God won’t condemn people for being in love. God will condemn people like YOU for being so hateful towards his children.

  23. Robert Brown2 years ago

    Its time for Christians to stop getting marriage licenses. Get married in your church. Reject state sanctioned marriage. It’s time to rename Christian marriage. I usually would never say redefine a word but the word marriage should now be reserved for statists. We can certainly think of a new thing to call what the Bible calls a picture of Christ and His Church. Then we will see the true motivation behind the push for gay marriage. Is it to visit people in the hospital or something else…?

    1. Mary2 years ago

      and what happens to all the government benefits and job married couples receive? One heck of a can of worms being opened here.

    2. jason1 year ago

      Mr. Brown … I am not a Christian and I generally disagree with the morals and values of your religion; but in response to this comment, I completely agree. The government should not be involved in marriage, and should neither encourage nor discourage any kind of romantic or sexual relationship. If any two people want to enter into a monogamous committed relationship, call themselves spouses, celebrate their committment with a ceremony amongst family and friends, and sanctify that within the tenets of their own faith, that’s a great thing. I support gay rights, but I see gay marriage as a step in the wrong direction – giving more power to the government, rather than focusing on individual freedom.

      I don’t want to get married or have kids. I don’t care if other people do. And I respect my many family members and friends who choose to get married in the Christian church. But keep the government out of it entirely.

  24. Ashley Jones.2 years ago

    Some of these comments astound me. People who are still against gay marriage, are just ignorant people who are still living in the days when African Americans were used as slaves or women were only married to be their husbands slave. People should be able to love who they want, and who cares if they want a piece of paper to just have the same equal rights as you and I have. This shouldn’t even be a debate anymore, haven’t we grown as a country at all? Or are we stuck in the 1800’s? Letting them get married will not effect your life, you can still believe whatever you want to believe. By letting society not allow this to happen, you are creating a world where uneducated people will think it’s okay to beat or rape them for just being who they are. So, every time you see on the news another hate crime of killing or hurting homosexuals, I hope you realize you helped make that happen. And you could have done something to change it.

    1. Ruth Galey2 years ago

      Thank you! “….and the greatest of these is Love”

    2. WiseWarrior2 years ago

      Hello, you are correct in saying the violence toward such people is wrong. But what amazes me is the overwhelming perceived level of support given to the issue. Tell when has there been a support for the indigenous people to get there land back, for abused children, domestic violence, mentally disabled, and physically handicapped. What about the rights of those people who are consistently oppressed. When has marriage between men and women been taught in schools at a high level. People state the comparison to people of color ( very offensive) you can nevertheless ever ever compare the two never! If adults choose to live that way that’s their choice, but to manipulate and confuse the minds of millions of innocent children and people is WRONG! Is is about acceptance? If so why are elementary children taught in detail about the relationships. It’s wicked period, I personally don’t care what they do or how they live as long as they don’t disrespect me and my family I won’t respect that choice, just like I won’t respect a husband cheating on his wife and that is taught in schools a masked with the love conquers nonsense because to me that not love and yes I am a follower of Jesus, wasn’t raised in no church I was wildin out and ignorant to the true paths in life. This is a serious poisoning to our society, it’s teaches confusion and moral lewdness, it’s says live how you want to and be free to be want you want but that not reality, I don’t always want to wait for the red light to cross the street but it there to maintain order. Stop saying archaic like this is new this stuff has been in cultural for millennia, research the effects of people being lawless in any fashion it’s unhealthy to society and corrodes it’s very foundation, be wise, it’s deeper than these people, it’s what is promoted, it’s held at a higher standard than the original marriage, real marriage, true marriage ( which has be potrayed)as stale or boring in media). Don’t be wise in your own eyes, think for the children. Love protects, it does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. Truth is is not the way we are made, love is deeper than a feeling it’s an action, who am I to measure some ones love, but serial killers may love to kill, rapist may love to rape, adulterers may love to cheat, thieves may love to steal, pedophilles love to do what they do, you can love do something but that don’t mean it’s right. And to teach children that the behavior of a few so called genetically born individuals is acceptable at a stage in their lives when they are so impressionable is robbing them of their innocents.

    3. Nayda Threh-nan-nan2 years ago


  25. Lola2 years ago

    I think people should be able to marry who ever they want. why should that be taken away? A lot of people say because the can’t have kids… Who cares let them adopted if they want to. That’s like taken you rights away to have kids because you black. Or taking away you rights to Mary because you spouse is not you race. Let them be who they are and let them live the life they want to live. Is it hurting you any? If not there is nothing to worry about the day you get hurt by a gay then it need to be changed but they are getting beat and raped when they did not hurt you in the first place.

  26. Pól Ó Murchú2 years ago

    Issues for a generally rich class of people normally have a good outcome. Let’s think of more things where the rich feel oppressed. In fact, let’s use our now open-door to the media to convert heterosexuals to homosexuals. Let’s complicate people’s lives even more!

  27. Jamie Moseley2 years ago

    Go same sex marriage!!!!!!! In your face judgmental jerks

    1. Peaches2 years ago

      One doesn’t respond to such comments for vindication or to simply be right. It is evident that there will be an increase in evil, unnatural and animalistic behavior. Right will be called wrong and wrong will be established as right for a time. A respond is an effort to tell a dying, hell-bent generation that God, Alpha and Omega, that the Creator will judge such acts. He is not surprised by these things. He doesn’t care about being called “unloving,” “intolerate,” “judgmental,” etc. He who spared not His own Son or the angels in not intimidated by any. Only eight people were spared in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Until you accept that humans are finite and He is infinite, you will never submit to an all-powerful God, who declares that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess…” That is the only reason to exert an effort to explain why homosexuality is against the standards of God. However, it is not the only sin. May All see the light. “If the truth is hidden, it is hidden from those who are lost.”

      1. Ashley Jones.2 years ago

        Oh do you speak for him? I thought all of his creations were supposedly his, and that he could do no wrong? It’s not a choice. Do you think they chose to be criticized or different or ridiculed by society?

  28. Martin Birnbaum2 years ago

    The comments I read in opposition to same-sex marriage sadden me. I happen to be an elderly heterosexual male. My wife and I have no children; I know a lesbian couple who, through artificial insemination, now have two children. Is their ‘marriage’ more or less appropriate than mine? I also happen to be a student of language. Languages are the creations of man, and the only thing we can be sure of is that they continually change. There is no divinely ordained definition of words. That’s why we no longer speak Anglo-Saxon, why we need a dictionary when we read Chaucer, why Shakespeare’s poetry needs a glossary in order to be understood. That’s right, ‘marriage’ means what large numbers of people think it means. To speak of ‘illegitimately’ changing a definition is silly. And certainly, in the best of all possible worlds, a good mother and father would probably be best; though we’d have to define ‘good’ parenting. The reality is that most marriages end in divorce, which means that most children are raised either in single parent homes or with a step-parent. Divorce laws have become much less restrictive over the years, which has actually resulted in far fewer children being raised in abusive, conflict-ridden environments. Far better to have children raised in a home that has two loving male parents or two loving female parents that in a traditional home charged with hate, or in a single parent home. And besides, why must we demand that others conform to our particular lifestyle?

    1. Clod Hopper2 years ago

      Marriage existed before politics and religion. Marriage is not a creation of the state. It is anthropological and universal. The primary purpose of marriage is the perpetuation of the human race. If you reject the concept of god and religion and rely solely on logic and reason and accept the theory of evolution and natural selection as fact, then you have to ask what biological purpose homosexuality serves in improving the human race. If you accept as fact that homosexuality is genetic, then why hasn’t evolution and natural selection eliminated the gene for homosexuality in the thousands of years of human history? After all homosexuals by their very nature are not likely to engage in sexual activity that would pass on the gene for homosexuality. If natural selection is a mathematical and biological fact, then the representation of the homosexual gene should be less in each successive generation and in each successive generation ther should be fewer homosexuals. If homosexuality is genetic, then by now homosexuals should be extinct. Why should we change the historical model and definition of marriage to accommodate the ever changing winds and waves of pop culture. Homosexuals are free to enter into whatever contract they want to with each other, but it is oxymoronic to pervert the definition of marriage to incorporate homosexuality.
      Call it a union, a coupling, a merger, etc., but it is not and never can be ‘marriage’ and pretending it is does not make it so.

      1. Ronnie Tye2 years ago

        So a married heterosexual couple who chooses not to have children is really not in a marriage?

        1. Tim MacDowall2 years ago


      2. Chris M.2 years ago

        You’re wasting your time, Clod Hopper. This has become a purely emotional argument, reduced to harsh judgment against anyone who disagrees w/ a preposterous notion that someone has had something taken away from them. Marriage is a social status conferred by society, and society has a right to modify its definition. If society does this based on indoctrination sponsored by the legal industry and misery brokers, it still counts. Doesn’t mean institutions of faith need to follow, tho’.

      3. Kristen1 year ago

        Thank you for posting this, it’s about time we saw some logical arguments about this!

    2. george2 years ago

      are you saying that gays will not abuse their children like non gays do. sure they have and will.

    3. ABana2 years ago

      Of the couples parenting children that I know in my life, if I had to make a top 5 list, (with regard to their parenting skills and providing a loving, nurturing, consistent home), 3 in those top 5 are gay or lesbian. In the #1 spot is a couple, one of which is a man who reluctantly became a father, and who has overcome incredible obstacles reaching from his very abusive and violent family of origin. He fights with all he has (and with the support of his partner) to NOT become his parents. He emerges from this a magnificent human being who is the source of so much love and strength for his daughter.
      I read the posts here and I am grateful I am not one of you wrathful people with your wrathful god. There is more light shining into the darkness coming from Matthew and his husband and their daughter than from all of you combined.

  29. Rusureuwant2know2 years ago

    Only reason they managed to get it accepted is because they got Websters to illegitimately change the definition. Sorry, but they can’t just redefine words to suit their purposes w/o language losing its meaning. I think we’re way past that point – anything means what they want it to mean and traditional meanings have become meaningless (to them) Language is meaningless (to them)

  30. htsigie2 years ago

    I think this probably be the result of boredom in same type of marriage between man and woman, it isnt a mster of legal or right matters. we won’t be surprised if the future world insist for poligamous relationship?

  31. Daniel Kroger2 years ago

    I wish the Supreme Court would allow states to decide on this issue.
    I would prefer legislation by the people rather then the judiciary acting like legislators.
    Many views are out there and need to be settled. For example, why not take about gay unions instead of gay marriages?

  32. Bill Bohlender2 years ago

    As a Christian I consider this to be unlawful according to God’s Word. However, apart from that, it is completely unnatural. Most people want a child . Gay marriages cannot produce children. Children need a mother and a father. I believe people have consciences which tell that certain actions are wrong. Having laws to support their views makes these actions, to them, acceptable and normal. These laws will, in some cases, punish those who do know right from wrong and teach their children these concepts. And if a child should say something, however mildly, to a gay admitting child, they could be accused of bullying! Our world is getting more ridiculous, and evil, by the day. However, it won’t always be this way!

    1. Reddyred2 years ago

      Signs of the times

    2. Rusureuwant2know2 years ago

      It’s not only those things, but these people aren’t having intercourse – it’s sodomy. They cannot paint a new name on it and make it something else. It’s not only unnatural, it’s unhealthy. There is nothing positive or beneficial about it. If they truly “loved” each other, they wouldn’t abuse each other in such a way. factsaboutyouth.com/posts/male-h…

    3. fattoumata darbo2 years ago

      No. To gay marriages please people be real and know that you are in the world of God and he does not agree to it.

      1. Lola2 years ago

        Does it hurt you any? I did not think it did! Let them be who they want to be they are getting beat because of people like you.

        By the way DO NOT bring GOD in to this he loves you for you.

        Now I’m done here and thank you!

        -Lola (not gay)

    4. Doc2 years ago

      Bill, I for one agree with your comments. Sad how marriage can be defined when God is removed from the discussion. When you no longer have a nation under God..you have a nation gone under…Ronald Reagan

  33. Ron2 years ago

    Sure, tell me something I don’t know. Like what are the 5 likely impacts on religious freedom and the future of persecution for religious belief in this country.

    1. Michael Rogers2 years ago


      1. mom1 year ago

        im sorry

  34. DJ2 years ago

    Are they to pay the Marriage penalty on taxes like the rest of us!

    1. David Butler2 years ago

      Yes, we will happily pay the marriage tax penalty to get the many more important benefits! We want all of the responsibilities and benefits.

  35. Barbara Stanford2 years ago

    This is about Gay Marriage Laws…NOT Gay Marriages!