report | Sep 9, 2004

Religion and the 2004 Election: A Pre-Election Analysis

Correction: Two of the tables (27 and 28) from the original survey have been updated. Please download the revised version of the survey summary, as well as the full report, below. Survey summary (.pdf) Full survey report (.pdf) Much has been said in recent years about the growing identification of religious conservatives — especially Evangelical […]

report | Aug 26, 2004

Playing the Game

As the GOP heads into its nominating convention, two new features on the president’s campaign web site warrant attention.

report | Aug 12, 2004

Public Faults Bush on Economy – 55% Say Jobs are Scarce

Summary of Findings With three months to go until the presidential election, the American public remains largely dissatisfied with economic conditions and with President Bush’s stewardship of the economy. Two-thirds rate the national economy as “only fair” or “poor,” while just one-third judge it to be “excellent” or “good.” Accordingly, Bush gets low ratings for […]

report | Jul 27, 2004

Democratic National Convention 2004

As the Democratic National Convention began, the presence of several dozen accredited bloggers reaped the lion’s share of attention from reporters on the Internet beat. But a two-minute cartoon parody of the presidential race has reaped the lion...

report | Jul 26, 2004

Democrats Gain Edge in Party Identification

The Democratic Party has achieved a small gain in party affiliation and holds a 33%-29% edge over the GOP in Pew surveys conducted in 2004. This represents a modest shift from the two year period following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, when the Republican Party had drawn virtually even with the Democrats. The current […]

report | Jul 23, 2004

Bush Holds Modest Advantage Among Veterans

Despite Sen. John Kerry’s military background and his campaign’s concerted efforts to court veterans, he runs no better among this group than Al Gore did four years ago. Based on surveys conducted March, May, June and July, men who have served in the armed forces favor Bush over Kerry by a 49% to 40% margin. […]

fact sheet | Jul 22, 2004

The Hispanic Electorate in 2004

The rapid growth of the Latino population has been a subject of intense public attention since the 2000 Census reported a 58% increase over the 1990 total and later Census Bureau estimates concluded that Hispanics had surpassed African Americans in number.

report | Jul 21, 2004

Democratic Party Image Improvement

Summary of Findings Sen. John Kerry enters the Democratic convention next week bolstered by a number of favorable trends in public opinion, although he remains locked in a statistical tie for voter support with President George W. Bush. His party is dominant on key domestic issues and at least competitive with the Republicans on every […]

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